Pet number earns 10W per month sideline project thinking, which is suitable for novice matrix amplification and free sharing to the predestined person!


Today, I will share with you that pet number earns 10W per month, which is suitable for novice matrix amplification. The files of station b’s pet number are all from network collation, with large traffic, some of which are millions.

Pet number earns 10W per month sideline project thinking, which is suitable for novice matrix amplification and free sharing to the predestined person!

The video of cold knowledge of pets like this is very simple to make and has a very high playback volume, so today I would like to share this project with youHow to practice.

This kind of pet knowledge number generally earns traffic revenue by playing volume, with 10000 playing volume at 15$Around the world, there are many people raising cats in the cloud, and pets are cute, which can especially attract broadcast and attention,

For example, if the account is played for 30 million dollars, the conservative income is about 50000 dollars, and the fans are 70000 dollarsThe number of people who are interested in content has exceeded 30 million, indicating that there are few people who really want to see it, so they mainly rely on the amount of play to earn traffic income.

Today’s content is mainly about three aspectsFirst, how to operate it; The second point is that the income is constantly enlarged; Third, the projectPay attention to details.

First, how to operate

1、 Where does the copy come from

Is to goGoogle Search“The simplest way for cats to go to fleas”, such as this search intelligent selection, or some self media platforms such as Tencent. com, many people have given answers, and they can use the good questions and answers directly.

Peer videoThe colleagues went to Tiktok, Kwai, Toutiao, and Station B to find out about the extraction of Li Wenwen. There are so many of these things that you can get them by searching carefully. We can also go to the professional websites of pets, such as Potch and Funpet, to search for knowledge.

When doing Internet projects, most of themMany people are integrating information gaps. Many people cannot understand such knowledge. It is actually sorted out, so don’t think you don’t know how to tell others. In fact, you should be good at finding out when others have told you.

2、 Where does the video material come from

1. Amazon search for pet video materialYesMany templates can also be sold through integration, so the project is flexible in time, and there is a need to make money. Therefore, it is simple for people to buy what they have sorted out directly on Amazon, saving time and improving efficiency.

2. Search by copyFor example, if it is mentioned in the text that cats step on milk, you can find it in station b by searching for cats step on milkThe corresponding video materials, not only from Station B, can also be searched and extracted from major We Media platforms.

3. How to download the video,For everyoneHaw down softwareDownload, this self Google Ha.

4. How to make website dubbing,If you feel your voice is good, you can match it yourself, or you can match it in the HimalayasFind some dubbers in the sound market. Go to QQ group to search for dubbing, and find the dubbing staff in the dubbing group. Or using voice dubbing software, iFLYTEK can hear or cut and reflect the text in it.

5. Which platforms to distribute,You can directly participate in the headline video program, so that Tiktok and watermelon headlines can bringIn terms of revenue, the medium video program has very high revenue, so we can give priority to the medium video program. In fact, station b and Baijiahao can generate revenue from playing. Station B needs to meet certain conditions in the early stage.

Second, how to enlarge the income

In station b, you can channel traffic to your own official account, and you can rely on the traffic group to benefit, receive some advertisements or sell some products such as cat food and litter. Generally speaking, pet numbers are easy to start, and there is also a certain realization mode,

It takes some thought to make a profit online in editing, because we need to match the copywriting and find some targeted video materials. Each project has a certain mode, as long as we integrate this modeAfter passing, no matter what you do, you can easily master it.

Third, pay attention to operation details

The belief of many people is to make money. In fact, most people only spend money without making money. Making money is very boring. But if they can endure the boring training in the early stage, making money will be more and more interesting, because it goes beyond the pleasure of spending moneyIn fact, I believe you will find it.

Pet number earns 10W per month sideline project thinking, which is suitable for novice matrix amplification and free sharing to the predestined person!


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