Share a daily 500 Quora basic sideline project, as long as you do it carefully, you can do it


First, let’s talk about the principle of this project:

Share a daily 500 Quora basic sideline project, as long as you do it carefully, you can do it

The project is a regular project, which can also be operated by batch matrix, but it does not have strong executive power and can not earn much money. Therefore, I always emphasize that executive power is very important.

The principle is actually an incentive plan for Quora to create an original videoMany people should have understood a lot, that is, to earn income through reading.

As long as your video is played, you will have money. The higher you play, the more you will receive. Now the unit price of revenue of Quora is relatively high compared with other platforms.

Specific operation process:

To meet the revenue of video account, two conditions need to be met:

The first creator level needs to reach level 4

Second, at least 5 or more original video creators need to be released for upgrading

Personally, it’s not difficult to reach the level 4 account. It’s easy to reach the level in a short time. It’s OK to send videos every day. In fact, it’s OK to send soft articles. You can pay less attention to quality in the early stage. After allIt is to improve the level.

5 original videos: This is not to mention that you are already on the way to implement, so this condition does not exist.

Tell me how to make original videos:

In fact, when the creator level of Quora reaches Level 3, it will default to the Quora’s image to text video function. You canSelect some high-quality images and texts that you think are good to generate videos with one click.

Mobile phone: Video can also be generated from the article list with one click, and the beginning of the article can also be generated.

Web page: One click to generate a video at the bottom of the article.

I personally tested this function, and I think it is very good. There are many templatesThe effect after generation is fairly good, of course, you can also modify it slightly, which is generally convenient and suitable for beginnersNovice

It can automatically dub, automatically generate subtitles and intelligently match material drawings, which is more intelligent and practical.

Of course, you can also choose to use other video editing software to produce, such asMobile phone editing software such as clip in love can be used. This is completely up to your own taste.

Here are our precautions:

1) Video title: A good video title will bring you unexpected traffic, so you must edit the title carefully. GenerallyWe all use the three paragraph title, and it is not recommended to fill in the title randomly

2) It is suggested that the video duration should be more than one minute, so the traffic will be greater

3) You must remember to check “Original” when making a bubble online profit, which is a key issue affecting income

4) Give priority to the fields recommended by Quora system,The labels should be filled as much as possible, and the people who pay the most attention should be selected

5) If your creative content meets the current official activity requirements, you can contribute to the activities that meet the requirements, so that you can get more official traffic support. And the revenue will double

6) If you are moving bricks, you must go through the second creationIt has been modified into high-quality original content. If it is dubbed, I suggest that it can be dubbed in person


Now Quora has a large amount of long tail traffic for search. You have accumulated more video content published in Quora, and this part of long tail traffic will bring you considerable benefits.

As long as you are willing to work hard and have strong executionThere will be gains. Let’s just work hard and leave the rest to the time to verify.

Share a daily 500 Quora basic sideline project, as long as you do it carefully, you can do it


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