You can do part-time sidelines in your spare time. You can earn pocket money by forwarding articles


Today, I share a thought of making money. I can do part-time sidelines in my spare time. I can earn pocket money by forwarding articles. I have done projects for so many years and know how deep the Internet projects are. I believe there are manyNoviceChives have been cut on the Internet, which is an inevitable processNovicetooI have stepped on countless pits and paid a lot of IQ tax to get here today.

You can do part-time sidelines in your spare time. You can earn pocket money by forwarding articles

First, take a look at the content directory. First, the project principle; Second, project operation; Third, the method of realization.

First, project principle

First, let’s talk about what CPC forwarding makes money. It may be very attractive in WeChat friends circleThere are various advertisements in people’s news information or videos. If you accidentally click on an advertisement or are interested in an advertisement, people who post advertisements will benefit from it. This is the CPC revenue model. First, add WeChat group, find CPC platform, and finallyThe information ads will be forwarded to various WeChat groups, and others will benefit after clicking.

Second, project operation

The first step is to find various WeChat groups

If there is no WeChat group, you can go to Google to search. It is not recommended that you send it to your classmates, families and colleagues. Others go in and see itWhat’s more, advertisements can hurt people’s contacts. Through Google search and WeChat search, we can find all kinds of small programs and WeChat groups.

After finding the QR code of the group, you can scan the QR code directly into the group. However, you should pay attention to that some people in the group are advertising in the group. You can ignore it directly and stay away from temptation. We shouldJust join the group and forward it to others to click. The first step is based on WeChat account maintenance.

Step 2: Find the forwarding platform

Also go to Google search and forward reading platform. There are many such platforms. You can look for them with a little heart, whether it’s salted fish orSocial networking sitesAll rightWe should insist on doing it. Now we all want to do a sideline. It’s easy to make money online, but we can never make money if we don’t work hard. After finding the platform that can be forwarded, click in to register yourself.

Step 3: forwarding test

For example, it is sent to your own trumpet, family, friends and colleagues,Explain that the purpose is to test whether the platform has any benefits. We should prepare to practice this small project. If there are benefits, we can forward them through automatic software. Some platforms may run away after a period of time

If there is no profit, you can directly change the platform. There are many platforms, which are all put by advertisersSimple bubble online profit project disassembly. The first is to collect WeChat groups, find the forwarding platform, and finally use tools to forward. You can make profits when others click. If you have a new account, it is recommended to stop forwarding for a period of time. Don’t send it every day. Otherwise, your account is easy to be blocked. This is the basic understanding of Internet projects.

Third, realization method

After you start, you can take others to do it. This involves precise drainage. No matter what project you do, you can sell your own services after you have relevant experience. After all, there is no free lunch in the world,

Remember to charge, not free. I used to give the project free of chargeThey have given it to others, but others will not cherish it. They give it up when they meet some problems. Charging can make them cherish the project more.

If you don’t want to use someone else’s WeChat applet, you can go to a treasure and find someone to build an identical platform. You can just put your collected WeChat QR code on it. The cost of early investment is very highIt will come back soon. You can either charge small programs or sell Cpc games. The combination of the two small projects is a stable new project.

You can do part-time sidelines in your spare time. You can earn pocket money by forwarding articles


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