The strategy of making money in baby sitter level sideline projects to meet the needs of sidelines and increase income


Today, I would like to share with you a strategy of a nanny level sideline making money project, which is suitable for office workers. There are many people who want to find a reliable part-time job on the Internet, but 99% of them have walked through the following seven pitfalls: order printing, a voice point reviewer, typist, manual part-time job, contacts, chatting, and questionnaires.

The strategy of making money in baby sitter level sideline projects to meet the needs of sidelines and increase income

These part-time jobs are not acceptedMembership dues are a draw. If you want to find reliable sidelines on the Internet, reading this article will help you avoid many detours and pay less unnecessary IQ taxes.

How to find a reliable sideline on the Internet? As a person who has experienced the main business and sideline entrepreneurship, I have seen various projectsThere are a lot of business projects for me, but there is a problem. Whether it is suitable for you or not is another problem.

For example, as a knowledge blogger, Tiktok is very profitable and reliable, but many people do not want to show up. The project is reliable, but not suitable for themselves. So next, we will share six sideline projectsIn addition to ensuring the reliability of the project, we will also help you to consider the factors that are suitable or not. We have made the following three categories, and you can choose the ones that are suitable for you. I suggest that if you want to make money easily, you can focus on the third category. The first two are practical types, and their stability must be better than the third category.

first kindTime based sideline

This kind of sideline has relatively low requirements for individuals, and is more suitable for most student Party members and office workers. Although it seems that the income will be slightly lower than that of other sidelines, we can win by volume. As long as we are willing to pay time, we can get a lot of income.

1、 Dubbing money

Divided intoTraditional dubbing, short video dubbing, traditionalThere are two main channels for dubbing: Princess and APP,Princess is more suitable for novices to take orders. The above tasks generally do not require professional equipment. A mobile phone and a microphone can record unfashionable love talk and funny jokes. It is easy to earn pocket money by dubbing facial expressions.

Short video dubbing,People will often be in TiktokAs for short videos like funny videos, this kind of short videos is a short funny video plus a short dubbing. This kind of video has a large number of hits. Therefore, some studios or companies will specially produce this kind of video to get the play volume, so as to get the rewards from the platform,

In this way, a new profession — video matchingSound. What you need to do is to read the manuscript sent to you by the other party in Putonghua. A manuscript has about 300 words. You need to make a 1-2 minute recording and send it to the other party. A complete recording costs 1-1.5$If you have enough time in the evening, you can earn 40 to 60$

twoAlibaba Cloud customer service

Hourly salary is 8-15$The most important thing is that you can choose the working time according to your own time, one shift per hour, that is, you can choose to leave work after one shift. The time is very free, and the salary is settled on the 10th of the next month. Alibaba Cloud customer service is usually recruited on the 8th of every monthIf it is official, you can directly follow the official account of a blog.

Category II: Skilled sideline

The income of these sidelines is generally high, but they often require a unique skill, which may be relatively high and difficult for most people. Therefore, it is easier for people to choose two sidelines, but the income is notTwo good sidelines to share with you.

1、 PPT production

The simplest thing is to help others do the PPT. At the beginning, 20~30 dollars per page can be increased to 100 dollars per page after mastering the PPT. If you haven’t even touched the PPT, you can go to see some blogger’s tutorials and start in three days. Order receiving channelWhat are they?

1. Receive orders on Zhubajie, Witkey and other websites. Generally, a 20 page PPT quotation is basically 200~400$If you can take one order a week, you can add up nearly 1000 dollars of sideline income a month.

2. A search on a certain treasure will lead to many merchants. I suggest you consult customer servicePrepare several PPT samples prepared in advance as resumes. Generally, the commission of a 10 page PPT is about 30~50 after being employed.

2、 Video clips

Now, what is the largest air outlet? I believe many people will say that short videos are the most relevantWhat are the reliable order receiving channels for editing? Search for video clips directly in a treasure and ask the part-time staff of customer service whether they need editing. Generally, the other party will let you add a group. You can send several clips prepared in advance to the other party for review.

Category III: information gap sideline

Such sideline requires a pair of insight to find business opportunitiesOnce you can profit from the information gap successfully, I believe you will have a new understanding of money. So what are the sidelines of this type of information gap?

1、 Map annotation

To put it simply, let the store appear on the map, that is, search the name of the store on the map and we can find it. There are many offline storesIn order to obtain more exposure traffic, businesses will mark maps. The service on a treasure is very popular. Each map will cost 50 dollars, and the whole set will cost about 300 dollars.

The map annotation is actually free. Each map has a developer’s entrance, which is operated according to the process without any thresholdHowever, many businesses do not know that it is free, and the shops that charge for certain treasure are proper empty handed white wolves.

Now let’s share how to do it. Before starting, you should first ask for five types of information from the online merchant: the name marked on the map, the merchant’s telephone number, the merchant’s address, the business license, and the merchant’s face photoTablets. Here I take the Gaode map as an example: Step 1: Open the Gaode map and find the report. The detailed steps are as follows.

The second step is to mark. The detailed steps are as follows: fill in the information according to the prompts, and then submit it. The whole map marking process is over. Is it very simple? However, most peopleIf you don’t know, you will choose to spend 300 dollars, or even higher, for others to mark.

2、 Recharge of low price VIP members

Today, the content is more and more valuable, and the members of Love, Youyou and Teng are also rising, but there is a magic website that gives away some business activities to members, or others do notRecycle the required members and sell them at a lower price,

The above price is much cheaper than going to the official store directly. After knowing the channel, you can completely recharge for others. For example, members with the original price of 218 can recharge for others for only 188 dollars, and the cost is only 140 dollars. You can directly earn 47% of the profits in the middleEmpty hands trap white wolves.

Finally, to sum up, it is the best to be suitable for yourself. If you want to make money quickly, you should choose a time-based sideline. If you want to develop more stably in the long run, you should choose a skill based sideline. If you want to catch bugs, you should choose an information poor sideline.

The strategy of making money in baby sitter level sideline projects to meet the needs of sidelines and increase income


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