Tiktok Blue Ocean magic video project, playing method disassembly


In Tiktok, whether it is funny, high face, cute pet, aerial photography scenery or even patriotic feelings, there is one thing in common:Mobilize emotions and arouse resonance.

Tiktok Blue Ocean magic video project, playing method disassembly

This is also true of the heart attack copywriting in the era of writing,What is “heart attack”? It’s about hitting the pain point! Every pain point must touch the emotion.

What are the emotions? Fear, joy, happiness, curiosity and so on. If you don’t have the ability to make people laugh, make people happy, then make people curious!

For example, the Magic Video project shared last year caught the curiosity and became a little angry. Some friends made a small profit just by selling software.

Speaking of curiosity, what do you think of? IWill think of magic! Magic, I believe everyone likes to watch;

The charm of magic lies in that you know it is false, but do not know how it deceives your eyes, stimulate curiosity, and keep your appetite up.

It is no exaggeration to say that magic video is one of the few good projects in short videos to turn pink into cash。

But some friends will say that I can’t do magic! The magic track is not the same as the previous magic video project, which can be operated as long as there is software that can edit. Relatively speaking, magic still has a little threshold;

However, I think it is good to have a threshold, which can persuade many people to leave and let those who want to make money eat the dividend. youWhat do you think?

How to operate this project?

1、 Transportation method;

1. Go to iQIYI, Youku, Station B and other video platforms, collect and download some magic teaching videos, and then re create the fake ones;

2. Scientifically surf the Internet, go to YouTube, ins and other channels abroad, collect and download someThe magic teaching video can be used directly after being moved. I suggest you change the dubbing so that the quality of the video will be higher.

2、 Original method;

1. Go to the magic forums or magic related communities and find some magicians to cooperate. You are responsible for shooting and making videos for him to perform on the camera. This needs to be discussedFor many novices, there may be some communication costs.

2. Self filming and production; I’m Jianhuobao.com and I suggest you use this method. Why? Because many magic tricks are performed with props, the difficulty of performing is very low. It only requires repeated practice and video clips in the later stageCreate original videos of high quality.

How do you do it? Search for “magic” on Tiktok, find out the magic videos of the blockbusters, and then spend tens of dollars to buy props. You can shoot as they shoot.

Don’t think that someone has taken it. It’s nothing new. The market is too big. There are still tens of thousands of videos on the same platformLike it, not to mention high-quality original videos.

How can the project be realized?

1. Video revenue;

Upload the video to some video platforms such as Tiktok, Watermelon, and Station B, and as long as it is played, there will be benefits.

2. Selling props;

As mentioned above, many magic tricks are done with props. Props are the coreTo have props, simple operation makes people look very magical, especially some magic tricks such as flirting, courtship and confessing are very popular.

3. Selling tutorials;

Attract some people who like magic through videos, and then sell magic teaching tutorials; Go to Amazon directly for the tutorial, and buy it at Pinduoduo. A few dollars can buy dozens of gigabytes.

4. Training;

The whole process of apprenticeship teaching is to teach others how to operate the project, sell props and earn some middle price difference.

The liquidity in the magic field is very strong. We can compare it with film and television clips. The traffic of film and television clips is really good, but it is difficult to realize.

And magic teaching is very widePan, whether teaching with goods or doing magic projects in other aspects, is a very good choice.

In the later stage, if you want to make it bigger and better, you are suggested to recruit some professional magic players. These players have strong skills. Anyway, they are very powerful in all aspects, and can be recruited directly as partners, and then started to develop, just three or five people, a small studio can pry this thing.

That’s all. I hope it can enlighten you!

Tiktok Blue Ocean magic video project, playing method disassembly


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