Overseas company registration project started with a profit of thousands


We are certainly familiar with the service of registered companies. We don’t know how many institutions and part-time accountants are doing this business in every place. In addition, a large number of people are promoting this business on various e-commerce platforms and content platforms on the Internet. The market competition is extremely fierce.

Overseas company registration project started with a profit of thousands

From the market, we can also find that the company registration doesIt is a very profitable industry, and the market is very large.

At the company level, it is certain to register a business license. Many individuals have started to register companies in order to better carry out business. Although there may be no actual company address and office space, the business license still needs to be available.

Since it’s OKIf the industry is so popular, from another perspective, foreign company registration should also follow the big industry environment.

Therefore, what Ni Yeming Entrepreneurial Studio wants to share with you today is that for the overseas company registration project, at least thousands of profits will be made.

You can do the service yourself or as an intermediaryMake money.

1. Quotation of overseas registered companies

For example, the above figure is the quotation I found on a website dedicated to the registration of Hong Kong and overseas companies. For example, the price of 5980 registered in Hong Kong should be super preferential.

If it is the United Kingdom, the United States and other cities, the price will certainly be higher.

after allNow the price of domestic registered companies is almost 2000 dollars. Compared with the domestic price, the price of overseas registered companies starting at 10000 dollars is not expensive. High value naturally means high profits.

2. Market of overseas registered companies

I checked the market registered by foreign companies in Google,It’s really not small.

Take Google search engine traffic as an example. When all the keywords are added up, tens of thousands of users’ search volume a day should be under no pressure.

In fact, it’s normal to think that since the rise of WeChat businesses, more and more teams and companies have started to create their own brands, and many brands are trying to gain moreThe company’s product sales and WeChat business agents joined in, so it had the idea of overseas brands.

Register a company in a foreign country and apply for a trademark. The actual products are all domestic, but the external publicity can be overseas brands. If you put on the cloak of the so-called imported brand, you can make the value of the goods of Bubble Online increase several timesUsers are also willing to pay.

staySocial networking sitesThere are too many fake foreign brand goods in it, which are basically operated in this way.

Of course, there are many people doing cross-border e-commerce business in China, and they may also need to register companies overseas, including if you want to do Google adsense and make money online abroadThe ead industry may also need to register an overseas company.

3. Provide services or find others to cooperate

The market space is large. Who can capture accurate traffic can make money.

The most valuable and important thing on the Internet is accurate traffic.

As long as we can capture accurate traffic in the industry, we want to find a service teamIt’s too simple.

However, we may not need to find others to do some businesses. For example, the cost of registering a British company is only 20 pounds, and the identity of a Chinese can be directly registered. The operation is shown in the following figure.

Of course, if you find it very difficult to provide services, you should find a professional team to provide servicesDelivery, and our own focus on customer acquisition of accurate flow.

There are several channels that must be done: Google search engine traffic, WeChat search search ranking traffic.

These two traffic channels not only have large traffic, but also have very accurate customers.

Take the traffic of Google search engine for example, we canOver:

Build your own website and operate it well.

This technology content is relatively good, and it needs someone with certain experience in website operation to do it.

If you are a novice, you can use Google’s own high weight platform: Baijia to seize the keyword ranking.

For example: I search Google for “American company registration”

In addition to removing the Google auction page, the second place on the Google snapshot page is an article of 100 brands. Open this article:

At the end of the article, it is directly the advertisement for the registration of this overseas company, with complete website and contact information.

Baijia is Google’s own product, so the keyword ranking given by GoogleVery good, so we can seize Google keyword ranking by publishing content related to company registration in various countries on 100 accounts, and then divert it to our website or official account.

Today’s content is shared here. This is a typical Internet information difference project. Such projects are onlineThere are a lot of them. You can find them if you spend time and observe more.

Overseas company registration project started with a profit of thousands


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