This demand can easily earn 300 a day through the chat recording screen. Learn about the love dialogue applet!


People should not be too lazy. I find that I don’t want to work at weekends recently. It seems that it is not interesting to go out and play. In the world of adults, life seems to be just work.

This demand can easily earn 300 a day through the chat recording screen. Learn about the love dialogue applet!

Only when I do things every day, I feel that time passes quickly. Once I am free, I will feel that I am wasting time. YesterdayBecause of the establishment of a group, the circle of friends has been closed for a week, and you can’t speak in the group anymore, but you can’t do anything. It’s a little strange and restricted.

Yesterday in a group, I saw a project I wanted to operate last year, but I didn’t go there because I didn’t have to find the right technologyYes, it’s a pity. This project is a small program for love dialogue.

The main demand of this project is to provide chat content dialogue for others. Generally, young people use this small program. Especially when boys are chasing girls for chat, they don’t know how to reply. They can use this small program to generateThe dialogue to reply.

In the process of using it, you can only use it once for free. If you want to continue using it, you need to open a member. It is also an automatic transaction. There are basically no after-sales problems.

At present, the small program I have seen is used for manual customer service collection, which may be due toIt’s a little more troublesome if you can’t solve the problem of payment. Someone needs to do customer service at any time. They can not only use this platform themselves, but also help you build it. That is, there are two ways to realize it.

The specific operation is also relatively simple, that is, a chat dialogue generator is used to simulate fake chat and attract eyeballs with pictures,Then we will record the method of how to use this applet on the mobile phone. The whole video is a chat conversation. Then we can add the method of searching the applet, and then we can publish the drainage.

The main channel is short videos. Last year, I saw many cases of this kind in Tiktok and Kwai. At present, there should be many cases. The video above isThrough the operation of the YouTube, the likes and forwards are all over 1000. It is estimated that the revenue of this video is at least over 1000.

The unit price of their members is not high, and the transaction rate should reach 10% or even higher, because I have operated similar low unit price projects before, according to a rough estimate, the lowest priceOne order is 38, and 10 orders a day is 380. As long as the traffic can go through, it is very simple to earn 300 a day.

The project operation logic is basically like this: register an applet, build a system, record the screen through chat dialogue, release videos to various platforms for drainage, and automatically close a deal.

Interested, OKTo operate this project, the most difficult thing is to solve the account problem, because there may be account blocking and current limiting. However, as long as you can operate several accounts normally, you can basically earn money every day. The above is today’s sharing, and I hope it will help you.

This demand can easily earn 300 a day through the chat recording screen. Learn about the love dialogue applet!


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