Quora content handling Tiktok play method, novices can also enter hundreds of small projects every day, selflessly share to the predestined person!


The items shared today are:New players can earn hundreds of dollars a day by playing Tiktok with Quora contentSimple and small project. This project is also seen in the Tiktok video recently. The video operation is more interesting. In fact, it is to make videos of Quorashang articles in the form of screenshots, video recording and oral broadcast to TiktokOn.

Quora content handling Tiktok play method, novices can also enter hundreds of small projects every day, selflessly share to the predestined person!

Now the fastest way to make short videos is to move, but pure moving is no longer feasible, and simple re creation is required. The playing method of the course project shared today does not need to be so troublesome, and it is easy to operate, because it is more about the project, which is more friendly to novice friends. The content is divided into three points:First, show shapeFormula; Second, project realization; Third, precautions.

First, content presentation form

Divided intoVideo clip, screen capture clip, oral broadcast clipFirst, let’s take a look at the operation. First, turn on Tiktok, search for Quora, or some similar keywords on Tiktok. There will be many Quora keyword searches, and then click QuoraYou will find a lot of content, including oral editing, video recording editing, and screen capture editing. If there are not many, you can give priority to it.

Give priority to the form of screenshots and clips. Now all we receive are to show you some of its presentation forms. In fact, they are very simpleIf you do not need to write, you can find it directly on the Knowledge Base. You can record it yourself. The recording is not necessarily very good, very standard, and the traffic is also very considerable.

The content titles are @ Quora, with video tags, Quora stories, daily tweets, recommended novels, etc. We can also follow his method to create titlesYou can take exactly the same one and write the similar text “You and Spring Breeze are both passers-by”. You can do this. You can also go to Tiktok to search Quora and find some good peer accounts to benchmark, imitate and learn from.

If you want to read the title, you can directly find the popular stories on Quora, or take a look at the popular onesWhat are they? You can use these keywords, such as “short stories, Quora tweets, Quora good things, and Tiktok stories”. You can also find some materials.

Here, we should focus on some topics with high popularity. First, we should open Quora to select some topics with high popularity, likeThe more people you watch, the better, which means that the content is concerned. The recommended content is what you like to see. The focus should be on the hot list.

It will be updated every day and can be used. For example, the Tomb Sweeping Day is coming soon. Find a three-day holiday for Tomb Sweeping Day. What do you haveThe arrangement and where to go are based on the real-time hotspot. We can use its traffic to focus on these issues and check whether there are hot topics.

First, click in to find the content we need. Turn on the screen recording function of the phone. After recording, if the video content is long, it will be slowMove slowly for about 15~30 seconds. I suggest it should be about 15 seconds. The content can be basically completed in 15 seconds or even 7 seconds. After all, Tiktok is a short video, which we must be clear about.

There is also a screenshot clip, because some content is very long, one or two can not be fixed, and the screen recording effect is not goodEveryone must like it. We can take the form of screenshots, cut the content into several pictures, and publish the works in the form of pictures and texts. Simply add music.

II. Project realization

The first thing to do on Tiktok is to open the shop window, which must be opened, otherwise it is difficult to realize。 Secondly, we should go to Taoke because we can bring goods and make some materials, books, products, etc. For example, take out CPS, buy more vegetables, and even download some stretching activity apps.

When the number of fans reaches a certain level, some advertisements can be connectedThe reception was very good, and the effect was also very good. Finally, it can be channeled to private domains, such as official account and WeChat. It can be done as an emotional official account and open a traffic group. The creators of Tiktok can also benefit from it. If there is traffic, there is no need to worry about cashing out.

In fact, as far as transportation is concerned, we only use the simple help to know the high qualityThe content of quantity is also OK, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be carried on one platform. We can also find it on other platforms,

For example, there are many hot topics in microblog, so it is OK to find some materials to operate, or other graphic platforms, and make your own videos to publish. Because I’m making money onlineHelping hot spots, rubbing hot spots, trembling sound, Kwai,Social networking sitesAll are OK. As long as there is a short video platform, you can send it uniformly. This is free to play.

III. Precautions

Although the playing methods are relatively simple, they are very effective and can be operated immediately. They are friendly to novice friends. Many big V players did the same in the early daysNumbered.

First, do not carry directly

The era of intact transportation has passed, so we need to conduct secondary creation. Even changing a voice or adding a music is a simple secondary creation. If we can’t, we can also go online to learn video editing courses.

Second, try to choose the influence when carryingWorks of smaller authors

Some big V works should not be copied. Now all platforms are strictly checked, and there are also long-term watermarks. We need to find ways to remove them to avoid infringement. Although it may not be a big problem, we must pay attention to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Third, select multiplePeople carry

Don’t move to one place or one blogger. You can move to multiple places, or go to some works that haven’t been updated the year before last or the year before last. It’s OK to move some controversial topics.

Having said so much, we still need to be able to carry out the projectCome on, it’s no use talking too much and not doing it

Quora content handling Tiktok play method, novices can also enter hundreds of small projects every day, selflessly share to the predestined person!


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