Game playing sideline project, personal part-time earning project, also suitable for studio amplification


What we are disassembling today isGame playing itemsMany people are not strangers. This project is very simple. Both men and women can do it and earn some pocket money. As long as the voice is good or the game is played well, they can chat to operate this project and earn money$One hour, or dozens$Money is pureProfit.

Game playing sideline project, personal part-time earning project, also suitable for studio amplification

Girls are more popular than boys in this project, because most of them play games with boys, and the proportion of men who place an order to play with women is several times higher than that of men who place an order to play with women. Customers also have low requirements for women to play with, and girls will also find men to play with. Women still play with entertainment, chatting with the boss during the game,So as to obtain income.

However, male playmates mainly use games to practice, mainly to help the boss to brush the grade and divide the practice. Another way is to change the voice. Some people may say that men have no advantage in doing this project, but they still have inherent advantages in playing with others, especially the beautiful voice, young and lovely girls, and otaku men to play with girlsChildren have no resistance and are willing to spend money, so boys are really inferior to girls in this respect.

Today we will mainly talk about four points,First, the solutions that boys can’t do; Second, the item market; Third, detailed operation; Fourth, suggestions for the project.

First point, solution

First, sound card, The order receiving account should be packaged as a girl, and the photos must have the life photos of the girl. You can go to microblog to find, go to a treasure or Pinduoduo to buy a sound changer, and let the seller debug Luoliyin and Yujie Yin, because the other party is just listening to the voice. After you package yourself as a girl, you can go to various game playing platforms to register your account, hanging orders, waiting for players to place orders.

In the studio that operated this project in the early days, there was not a single girl. The script snatched orders in batches and made orders. The income of hundreds of thousands of dollars each was no longer available. The platform severely cracked down on this behavior, which everyone knew. I’ve been to a game company before, and I really don’t have a sisterAll the men turned on the sound changer and used the sound card.

Second, warm man, baby dog, including Cheng Yangguang, a handsome little warm man, who went to Pinduoduo to buy clothes with a strong sense of fashion, went to the barber shop to find Tony to design his hair style, took friends to the online celebrity store to have dinner, punch in and take photos,

Or go directly toBuy a set of pictures on the treasure, and then go to a treasure and a lot to buy a sound changer. After the seller has debugged, it will attract many cute girls and aunts of the imperial sister to play games with you. It does not require how good the game technology is. The purpose is to chat and pass the boring time.

Second, the project market,Place orders on these platforms to find people to play withThe actual income is not much related. People who earn 3000 and 30000 dollars a month have the same demand for games, but the money spent on games is different. Some people earn 3000 dollars a month and are willing to spend 1000 dollars on games. People who earn 30000 dollars a month are willing to spend 5000 dollars on games. Now there are indeed many people playing games,There are also many people charging money.

Some game players do not have friends who are interested in the game in reality. Instead, they go to the game and find some people to play with through the game playing platform$Money plays games while chatting, enjoying the feeling of being served. Some people don’t play games, but spend money to meet girls. What are their needsThere are all kinds of them,

At present, the market demand is not small, but it is not known to all. For example, Google bidding companies generally have a good production ratio. If the production ratio is not good, these companies will not advertise, so as long as Google bidding is availableThe market demand is very stable.

You can see from the previous pages when you open the Google search for “game playing”. In fact, the income of playing with games is only a small part of the auction advertising, but more is gift giving. After a long time, with a fixed boss, the income will be stable. If you want to earn more moneyIn order to prolong the working time, it is still up to you to make more money.

Third, detailed introduction,How to operate the project? First, register an account, fill in the account information, and then post an article. Many post platforms will recommend orders to novices. The platform will give benefits to novices, and you must be sure of it. Companion of the gameMany people don’t understand the platform,

I have summarized several platforms with good order receiving rate for you to make a lot of money online. There are many other platforms that you can compare to find out and see which one is better thanUse whichever is better.

Fourth, suggestions,There are many platforms to play with. It is recommended to register and maintain accounts for each platform just after the operation. You can widely publish the net and focus on fishing. Here, we focus on Bixin. Bixin now has 40 million users. It is recommended to operate with multiple accounts. There are too many platforms and we should do a good jobJust a few, item

In fact, it’s not too difficult. Many people are very nervous when chatting with the opposite sex for the first time. They don’t know what to say. In fact, they don’t need to worry. They can’t see each other anyway, and they don’t know who you are. Just make the users happy. You can accumulate experience slowly. Don’t be impatient in the early stage, as long asThe service should be as good as possible. It takes a long time to settle in, and the service is good, so there are more and more bills.

No matter what you do, you should carefully maintain every customer. The best way is to let the other party add WeChat, which is easier to maintain and communicate on WeChat, and even can be separated from the platform. femaleThe child should protect himself/herself and not play with him/her offline. If the online companion meets a pervert, he/she can directly make a voice complaint,

It’s troublesome to meet abnormal people offline, so both men and women should protect themselves. Even if you can earn a lot of money by playing with others, you should find your own direction in reality. along with

One of the InternetWith some development, young people are increasingly relying on the Internet, which is the spiritual food of people. There are more and more demands in this regard. We should take customer resources for ourselves in advance, and we will certainly do better in the future.

Game playing sideline project, personal part-time earning project, also suitable for studio amplification


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