Emotional consulting project, a super profit-making network project


Apart from making money, what are the most common problems people encounter in this society? It’s about emotions.

Emotional consulting project, a super profit-making network project

The increasing pressure of people in the current society has led to fewer people getting married, getting married late and getting divorced in China. Especially in the more developed areas, the divorce rate is higher.

More and more people’s love, marriage, marital relationship, etcThere are problems with the feelings of waiting. Thus, there is a demand for emotional counseling experts to solve their own emotional problems.

You can see the index of family, love, marriage and friendship

You can find that the index of emotion, love, family affection is very high. Prove that the person searching for these words isa great deal of. I am also TiktokSocial networking sitesThe users involved in the Quora search, especially the fans of Tiktok, can range from hundreds of thousands to millions. andSocial networking sitesAlthough HeQuora is subject to the influence of user groups, there are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. These fans are interested in emotional content.Think about how big the market demand is.

Therefore, a lot of money making models of emotional counseling have been extended.

The issue of emotion is related to everyone’s life. Emotional programs are also popular with many people. Many local satellite TV channels are doing this kind of emotional programs, the most famous of which isTu Lei, an emotional consultant of Jiangsu Satellite TV. He solved many people’s emotional problems.

Many people who do emotional signs are learning from his classic quotes and videos.

Now, there are only two modes of emotion signal:

1、 Video on camera

Find all kinds of emotional materials on the Internet, and then read them by yourselfYour personal image. Try to be more professional. Your professionalism will make users more trusted.

2、 Mixed shear

Find various variety emotional programs on the Internet, edit the materials you want, and control the time within 15 seconds before processing. You can take some good pictures and video clipsYes, the original audio can be used directly. It can also be done with pictures and emotional content.

If you don’t know how to make videos and select materials in the early stage, I will teach you the simplest way to learn from the current popular videos of this type on the platform and see how their popular videos are madeThey have gone to optimize and minimally innovate.

Of course, you can also do emotional projects on other platforms with large traffic, such as QuoraSocial networking sites, B station, microblog, etc

What are the main ways of making money in this emotional counseling project and how to operate it. Here is a brief analysis of the most commonSpecies.

1. Tiktok shop window sells emotional books and goods,

2. Do emotional counseling for charging, and provide emotional answers to users. The charging standard can be used to participate in peers. If you don’t know how to do emotional counseling, you can talk with a professional consultant about cooperation. How to divide it depends on your traffic conversion rate.

3. Curriculum changeNow, many boys don’t know how to catch up with girls. Many people are afraid of social networking, so you can do systematic training for them, or you can directly find online classes about flirting with girls and social networking and bring them to your own optimization, so as to make the courses available to users in need.

4. Lead to the official account as the main flow, connectThe realization of advertising or other various incomes.

How to drain?

You can add the contact information in the reply message, such as adding Vxxxxxxx, to consult your emotional problems free of charge. Just send him some materials you have prepared here.

Or to your official account, or to your private domainThen we can continue to carry out various subsequent flow fission operations, and we won’t talk more about it here.

This industry is a regular and sustainable operation, and people will pay more and more attention to emotional issues at present, so emotional consulting projects are also very worthy of our in-depth operation. You can also think about howTo develop other ways of playing. Learn more, see more and think more to make us stronger.

Emotional consulting project, a super profit-making network project


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