Tiktok profit-making project sharing: Tiktok snack training realization project, a single profit of more than 1000!


Today’s project to be disassembled for everyone is Tiktok’s profit-making project. A single profit exceeds one thousand. There is a saying that “all businesses are worth rebuilding in Tiktok. With the flow, there is a business opportunity, and with the business opportunity, there is a profit effect”.

Tiktok profit-making project sharing: Tiktok snack training realization project, a single profit of more than 1000!

It’s like opening an offline store. If possible, you must want to open it in the most prosperous area. At presentTiktok is undoubtedly the most prosperous place in terms of the volume of traffic, and the cost is not too high. In some fields, there are still many opportunities to play the white wolf with nothing to say, so let’s get down to business and share profitable projects:Tiktok snack training.

I don’t know if you have any impression, but the snack training is notIt’s not a new thing. In the era when Google was the traffic leader, many people had snack training through Google bidding, such as crawfish training, Shandong cuisine training, Sichuan cuisine training, etc., including stores that also used training nearby. The two combined. For example, it was a fried string store, but it also had corresponding training。

Later, because Google’s bidding cost was too high, it poured into the short video track. Now, if you change the track, you can still become the overlord. Just like the recently popular CD repair, which also existed several years ago, it was not so popular offline a few years ago. You may go to Amazon and seeThere are many, but the market in Tiktok is still relatively blank, so it is said that these people who do training are derived to create opportunities to make money through the new track.

The project includes the following points:

First, project operation mode

First, the formula for selling snacks

The second point is to collect the trainees

The project has advantages, and the audience is very largeThe marginal cost is extremely low and the profit is full.

The daily fluctuation of the snack training index of 4000 to 5000 can be understood as the training of thousands of people searching for snacks every day. In addition to the active push of Tiktok, the potential users are very large. Therefore, if you want to do it, you will definitely get returns and gainsYou can enter “Snack Training” in the search box, and then click the first one in the default ranking. Remember, for Tiktok SEO, the weight of the collection is higher than that of short videos.

This lesson mainly focuses on three directions

First, six ways to leave contact information for Tiktok

Second, difficulties of the project

Third, how todrainage

First, there are six ways to leave contact information in Tiktok

1、 Tiktok number, WeChat or V mobile phone number

2、 The name of the collection is WeChat

3、 Introduction Leave contact information

4、 Contact information of mass sending

5、 Home page background picture leave contact information

6、 Contact information of private chat

The above six ways to leave contact information are:The family must operate the account after it has weight. Don’t just put the contact information, WeChat, Tiktok number and so on on the list. Wait until the account has a certain weight before diversion. Don’t be anxious for quick success and instant benefit. You can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry. It’s impossible to make money at the beginning. There must be a way fromPhase of 0~1.

At present, through our test, the first and fourth are the most convenient and safe ways to guide into the fan group. At present, Tiktok is very strict in the management of drainage outside the station, and the fan group is relatively safe. It is also very good for such fan groups to conduct diversion directly in the group. And directly in the backgroundThe contact information is left on the page, but it is not recommended that you operate with a new personal number. If conditions permit, it is recommended that you do a blue V authentication for the account.

In fact, there are more than ten kinds of products to be delivered, such as how to prepare chili oil and how to learn how to bake gluten. He just came to do training, but he may not know these things, and he may be with othersCooperation. When it is transferred to the private domain, we can see that business is booming, but we still need to cooperate with others.

Second, the difficulties of the project

First, how to choose words in videos

Second, how to obtain traffic

Third, how to implement after-sales service

You can go to these data word selection tools: Google Index, Huge Parameters(The association analysis or 5118), Google promotion (the planner or love war with keywords in the Google promotion tool center), you can go here to mine, and then operate around the keywords.

How to compete with peers for traffic and how to implement these two issues can be considered togetherQuestion: Do we have a strong delivery capability? In the above case, it is obviously impossible for ordinary individuals to directly copy the online earnings. If you are a practitioner in the catering industry, this is not a problem. If there are not two options: outsourcing and after-sales, just sell the formula rather than the field.

Outsourcing is easy, IWe are responsible for the introduction of how much a flow is worth and how much a deal is worth. As for how to position yourself, if you are just a novice, we suggest some differentiated competition at the initial stage, including two aspects: price differentiation and service differentiation. I only pay one of the 10 items that others pay, and I only accept 5000 items that others charge500. We sell tutorials when others do it.

So everyone has different things. For example, there are many leaders in the circle who teach a set of courses. Because of its very large system, it is impractical to solve after-sales problems one by one. For those of us who are small in scale, one-to-one is not difficult, so someDifferentiation shows that others only give one set of courses, and our courses are one-to-one services.

Third, the problem of traffic(Content interception)

The first is the secondary creation of teaching videos for various platforms of mixed shear transportation

The second is to find someone to cooperate with, find the beginning of the catering industry, and record a video every timeGive a proper commission, or find a special snack training agency to provide videos. Many people want you to shoot them, because shooting also provides them with some local traffic. A lot of things look very easy, but once you start, you will get stuck in many details. There are two ways.

First, endure deathTime, exchange experience through time

Second, find some fruitful people to study, which can reduce the time and cost. On the Internet, the most important thing for people engaged in training is to learn from others’ experience. Don’t just see one project, OK? If you buy only one project, it is not worth much,Because there are too many projects, but it is very valuable to buy after-sales services. It depends on how you choose.

Tiktok profit-making project sharing: Tiktok snack training realization project, a single profit of more than 1000!


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