Use beauty to play QQ group and stabilize small projects for a long time


Many people go to study marketing and learn a lot of theories. As a result, they have no money to make.

Use beauty to play QQ group and stabilize small projects for a long time

People who really do business learn, refine, summarize, and apply flexibly from practice. They don’t have much theory, but their moves are very practical!

Academic research and practical research are two schools.

The so-called wisdom is notWhat is profound? It comes from life. It is simple, practical and true to read.

Everyone is familiar with the story of selling oil on the street. If you work hard, you will become familiar with it.

Many things can not be understood by sitting there, but by doing.

Life and making money are the same!

Before the age of 30, men thoughtI’m a big shot but I don’t know what I can do; After 30 years of age, they got married and had children. After buying a house and carrying the mortgage, they became honest and worked steadily in silence.

When I was young, I was the first to argue. Everyone wanted to win him, proving that the labor and capital were the best in the world.

The first useless move after 30I don’t want to touch any more. I just believe in what I got.

When young people talk about love, real men talk about responsibility!

A She stays with her daughter-in-law in her hometown every day. If she has no income, she will divorce him.

A said to his daughter-in-law, do you stop loving me?

His daughter-in-law doesn’t speak

A’s father said to him, “Are you stupid?”?

Men are rightFor a family, it is food and clothing, and it is the pillar!

You have no income now, talk about hammer love! You can’t even do props. There’s no mother-in-law with you!

To speak rashly and not to reason rashly

A man should remember that he has a way to go, his family has food to eat, and he has a sense of security. He is a real man who is responsible and reliable.

Your tm is a Korean dramaI’ve seen too many silly domestic dramas about fresh meat. Do you love them all day long.

Do you know Maslow’s theory?

Didn’t you see that it says – first meet the needs of the bottom, then talk about love and respect?

Some people are just confused by the things in the market

The brain was complicated by “them”, which was very colorful.

I’m studying marketingEmotion is the most obvious. I originally learned marketing to make more money, but I didn’t expect to make more money.

I used to make a living by making money online and selling things. I can earn a little money to support my family. I can work hard and live a stable life. I went to schoolMasterOur marketing class is all in the sky, and I can’t get down any more.


Desire to be rejectedPeople zoom in!

We can sell ten million dollars at any time, capture our soul at any time, make a deal at any time, and make money automatically at any time

It is a good thing that a person’s desire is suppressed because he has enough power. But if it is magnified by others, it will be abolished, because it is only left to give money and be manipulatedThat’s it!

Why don’t they talk about hard work?

Because they know that no one is willing to pay for these simple reasons.

So they talked to you“heavenly”It allows you to bypass the needs of the bottom layer and directly feel the feelings of the top layer. When you hear it, you can pay quickly.

Or the above sentence:Do you know Maslow’s theory?Fly if you’re not full!

There are not many true stories in this world. A woman’s blush is better than a long dialogue. But with rouge, it is hard to tell whether it is true or false

Today, take apart a small project that uses beauty to play QQ group and earn 1000 a day for long-term stability

QQ group pays to join the group, many people thinkit is beyond logic and above reason! How many groups can there be in a day?

Only after entering the group can I hand in 1$Can someone increase the money?

Look at the case!

The average number of people who join the group of this otaku movie every day is 200

You are right! 200

Charge for one person 1$That’s 200$Money in!

Five such groups are one thousand$

I may not understand when I see here

Please look down

Cut 2 pieces at random and feel it!

Briefly, the project preparation:Need to optimize the group of 2000 people in the early stage. It is important to see the rules of QQ group first!

Need dummies, activeness, anything can be obtained from T-bagbuy

Those basic things will not be mentioned, and no one will build a group.

No, it doesn’t matter:Use QQ group ranking to earn 3800 a day? Multi word operation? Monthly income in millions? Received 20000?

There is nothing to say, because everyone is familiar with the QQ group. What many people care about is that the market is not big!

About human marketingEspecially there are too many beauties.

Pay groups: for example, SM, husband and wife XX are all markets!

As long as you operate, you can collect money!Red line

Kick people every day to ensure that the group is free.

As long as you have mastered the basic practical skills, the rest isJust find the right path to do it.

But the premise is that this path is correct, and we should ensure that we can make money later, because once the direction is wrong, all the efforts behind will be useless.

Therefore, from now on, you should not think a thousand ways before going to bed every night, and still walk the old way when you wake up the next day.

I have told you all about the methods. The wise people have already started to take action after my advice. The stupid people are still immersed in the story and think I am bragging when the story is over.

Don’t think this method is too simple. We are looking for gold online, and time is the most precious, so we don’t learnFlower fist and embroider leg, just for one move to defeat the enemy!

No,When it comes to capital, you have to go to hell first. With capital, you are qualified to talk about cooperation with others. In fact, it is so simple!

The more simple and simple things, the better!

Use beauty to play QQ group and stabilize small projects for a long time


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