A project named after making huge profits, Tiktok leads a single order of 300 , and selflessly shares it with you


Today, what we are dismantling is a profit-making project. Now Tiktok is very popular. Many people use Tiktok platform to make money. Whether it is selling resources, goods or training, it requires a lot of traffic,

A project named after making huge profits, Tiktok leads a single order of 300 , and selflessly shares it with you

The Tiktok platform has solved the problem of traffic. It is not funny to play hundreds of millions of times a day. Last year, we wanted to do the Tiktok project, butCan be confused, but this year all kinds of industries have led the way.

After a small amount of research on peers, the operational thinking has been very clear, that is, real people going abroad vertical fields to deliver an output and create personal brand IP, which has gradually become the trend of Internet marketing.

It’s a little difficult for most people to appear in real life, but nowThe threshold of the day sharing project is a little lower. You can make money by violence without appearing on the screen, that is, “baby naming”. Now the market is very hot.

The course is mainly divided into three aspects,First, small details of the project; Second, how to operate; Third, the direction of project expansion.

First lookFirst, small details of the project

withLine is our teacher, no matter what industry we are working in, we searched for the keyword “naming” in Tiktok, and found that there are many competitors, so we should not be afraid to understand our peers, take their essence, and sort out our own core project resources.

How do colleagues study it? First, from their names and avatars, because theyOur names all contain naming keywords, so we must also include naming keywords when naming, including the use of baby avatars directly. So we basically follow this pattern, and we also need to choose images that match the type of keywords.

Some users are worried that they will not do video, and the smartphone will always write a few words on the paper to take picturesWell, it’s not difficult to take a short video, so you can also use the form of peers to write unique and pleasant names of boys and girls or have moral meanings,

It is simpler for everyone to make videos of novel names in the form of peers. We can write the name on the paper, take a picture and send it toTiktok.

If you don’t know what to write, you can learn from your peers. Copying from peers becomes your own. Copying from peers is not a copy. Tiktok is now very strict in cracking down on videos of the same kind. If you write ugly characters, you can print them directly on the printer, and it is also OK to make videos.

How about the naming market? Maybe there are many peopleWell, the trend of Tiktok short videos is here. A video that goes up by more than 6000 will bring us big gains. So we don’t need to consider whether the content can be popular, even if it isn’t popular. We can earn ten hundred per day$The money is enough.

For sidelines, we should not have great desire for themWe need to find desire from doing. When did we earn 100 from doing sidelines$Money, after stability, we can find a way to break through 200$Money, 300$Money. It is unrealistic to make money step by step.

Second, how to operate

First, drainage method,ShakingIt’s OK to fill in the WeChat in the personal data of the voice account. Don’t leave the WeChat in the early stage. You may have to lower the right to the account. You should first operate the account to a certain extent, and then release the contact information, because it’s useless to put no traffic in the early stage.

Second, marketing scripts,Let’s pretend to be interested in customers and fill the top 30 peers, I believe that you will have no problem with marketing scripts after a lot of trouble. Many people may not know how to make money online. That is, after we communicate with merchants, we get the other party’s marketing scripts, and then we combine them to form our own special marketing scripts. In fact, scripts are not difficult.

Third, realizationpatternThe cost of naming varies from 199 to 499. It should not be too cheap or too high, just moderate. It is recommended to sort out the prices of the first 30 peers and take the middle value between the highest price and the lowest price.

Fourth, name the software,Names are not created by thinking, but by software. This is an itemOne of the keys to making money easily is to use software.

Third, project expansion

In addition to baby naming, you can also do some company naming, feng shui projects$It is also very violent. At the beginning of the operation, do not expect to be popular. The sunrise is 100It’s impossible, but as long as you send more videos,

Even if it is not popular, there will be a steady stream of fans. We must post videos of the same type. Verticality is very important. Don’t send this one today, and send another one tomorrow. This is bad for the account. Don’t change your own video type at will.

A project named after making huge profits, Tiktok leads a single order of 300 , and selflessly shares it with you


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