PPT money making sideline project play: you can do the sideline at home! 1 single profit of 100 , suitable for all kinds of people


The project to be disassembled today isPTT part-time playA single profit of 100 , or even thousands, is possible. First, we will explain the project from three aspects.

PPT money making sideline project play: you can do the sideline at home! 1 single profit of 100 , suitable for all kinds of people

First, the advantages of the projectIt is suitable for online, and does not require drainage or various operations, but requires some basic and relevant professional knowledgeI haven’t heard of it. This project is suitable for operation.

Second, project income,It belongs to a single connection, with high unit price, and a single profit of 100 or more.

Third, project principleIn fact, it is very simple, that is, you can complete the task when someone gives you a task, and that is, you can help others do whatever PPT they ask you to do,The boss will give you a salary, just like this simple truth.

How to operate it,Step 1: Go to the platform to search for PPT agent

For example, Amazon, Xianyu, Pinduoduo, search for Pinyin PPT agent or PPT production recruitment, go to private chat one by one, pay attention to the evaluation of the store, and some may be engaged in recruitmentPart time job to cheat money, go to their customer service,

After applying for the job, we will contact you to help you join the group. We must prepare our own work in advance and find a template to cover it. In fact, the threshold for applying is relatively low. The higher the degree of originality, the higher the quality, and the better the effect.

Step 2: Get the PPT templateThis is simple. Go to Amazon and spellMulti searchPPT templateThere will be many, you can try;

Step 3: Modify the PPT template,It still needs some foundation, ifNoviceLater, we will talk about the simple shortcut, and modify the recommended four aspects,

First, word, we recommend Microsoft Yahei or Founder Lanting UltrafineSimplified, because the font looks comfortable on the computer, the default font of the software is Microsoft Yahei.

Second, change the picturePixabay is recommended for image materials. You can search this website. Why do you recommend this website? Some images may be infringing if used for commercial purposesClass,

If it is OK to receive private services, it will be used for commercial infringement and fined if it is large. This website saves the review step. It is free to search for offices, occupations or characters.

Third, color matchingIt is very important to change the color. The key is to be comfortable. The font should be clear. After all, it is to show peopleYes, the colors can’t be too similar. I put these two pictures below. I believe many of them have deep experience.

Step 4: TypesettingIt is very critical. Many partners find the template and find it in it. For example, it has three project classifications, but you need four project classifications. Each project classification has several steps or some boxesIf the need is not right, it is very painful. I don’t know how to add it, or it is troublesome to add it.

Here we recommend a free plug-in website, iSlide. However, there are some advanced functions that need members. You can try to have a look. If you think it’s easy to use, you can rush to members again.

There are high-definition image replacement, some keyword replacementAlign to get some small icons$For example, if a picture wants to change the background color of the characters, it will automatically pick out the characters and replace the background. It is very simple. Many children feel that they have no time or it is too difficult to be original.

It is more practical to carry, fake and original, no needIt takes a lot of time. These PPT needs are handed over to professionals to solve. We just need to act as an intermediary. First, we need to take orders. We can’t play without taking orders.

For example, you can pick up orders in Amazon shop and find another Amazon shop to do it. Salted fish or Pinduoduo can be used. You can look at the price and find someone else to do it for youAfter that, I will hand over some needs to the boss, who will then pass them on to my family. You will be the intermediary to earn the price difference.

Many small partners have a fairly good practical effect, once the profits are dozens$Money, two or three orders a day, one or two hundred. No matter what the project is, you must try it. No matter whether you earn money or not, you will know whether the project is suitable or not by tryingIt suits you. Even if you don’t do this project, you can also use PPT at ordinary times. Thanks for your support from your favorite partners.

PPT money making sideline project play: you can do the sideline at home! 1 single profit of 100 , suitable for all kinds of people


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