Zero cost Tiktok money making small project, easy to operate, smart profit, full version of notes to share with you


With the development of the times, the routines and playing methods of the entire network creation industry are also being upgraded, so we have gradually optimized them, bringing a new playing method to the network creation industry.

Zero cost Tiktok money making small project, easy to operate, smart profit, full version of notes to share with you

Why introduce the zero cost Tiktok money making project that we want to share today,First, project ideas, we should know that in the projectWhat kind of thinking to perspective.Second, Tiktok supports playing methods, which is currently supported by the Tiktok platform,

Next, we will expand some new contents. As far as I know, many small partners may not have reached that level in their own understanding of the project, but they will practice step by step according to your instructions,

IWe should not just look at the surface of things, but practice in person. Only by doing so can we learn how to make money and profit. The real core is to master this realizable model. Don’t look at the product. It is deceptive or useless to suspect the project. Daring to act is the core point.

Next, let’s seeThe whole data is usually called a stroke in the line. The actual playing method is very simple. Use a finger to draw, coupled with a nervous audio, to find a comment and focus. Its powder absorption is very high.

After actual verification, there are hundreds or even thousands of such video likes. Don’tThere are so many questions, we need to do it first. The whole video and audio are very good. The tension is overwhelming,

The rhythm is very smooth. The title and the end are swaying in waves, which fits perfectly with the audio. After a stroke, the IQ is tested without touching the red dot. The direct guidance is given, and he directly tells you how to goDo, let users take action.

Many users left comments on their own test results in the comment area. His whole copy was designed, and the copy was hot. The overall rhythm was very strong, which led to the popularity of the video,

There are also some points that are not very important. First, they arouse the curiosity of the audienceI thought this video was very good. It didn’t waste a lot of time to click in and test. The user didn’t have to pay a lot of cost.

Second, the video copy was deciphered by a 9-year-old girl. Many people must be unconvinced. Can even a 9-year-old child fail? There will be a lot of people who want to try. In fact, a small video is popular,

It has a lot of details, a lot of likes, we must analyze more problems, and then know each point of explosion, and then you will have a very high probability of doing a video explosion.

The video caused the melon eating people to visit, attracting fans to like, comment, and the completion rate went up. The following number is 6.3One is a very representative colleague. Next, I will explain to you.

First of all, just click to see this video, and the completion rate must be high. Even if you do it yourself after watching it, you can hardly do it. We can extend this video, remember the part of their strokes, and then you can draw with your hands.

This video is not playingFrequently, there is no guidance, but it is too unusual, because it is difficult to remember how he did every step and every point after watching it several times. There are also many hot comments in the comment area, which are hard to remember,

This is because the video has a good rhythm and a high completion rate. Can such a video not be popular? Many people want to go there by themselvesIf you try, you may not know how to make these points, or how to do it with your hands, and the video will be played repeatedly.

As long as you see the key points in the video,First, audio; Second, video picture details; Third, the guide of copywriting; Fourth, fun and curious

It is easy to play tens of thousands of videos without accidents,The audio refers to the above example. A tense and exciting audio brings the audience a sense of liberation. Finally, it needs to be further sublimated. It will stimulate the user’s mood when it comes to the red dot.

Second, video picture detailsThe lines and curves drawn by hand are keyframes adjusted slowly in one second. Although the video is very simple, it takes 30 minutesWaves are used on the surface. The whole white paper is usually a book list, which is a template for searching the book list. You will find such paper,

Then use the painter in the picture to add it. If you shoot a fire video again, it is likely to be fire. If you shoot a non fire video, it will not be fire, because there are differences in how you view and understand the content.

thirdCopy guideAfter a stroke, do not repeat, do not touch red, test your IQ by clicking. Many people want to test their IQ when they are bored, and they are not satisfied. The audio brings a feeling of nervousness and suspicion. They feel that they are watching a detective play, and there will be pictures and lenses, which will be brought into the melody,

It is necessary to make the audience want to interact and comment,The Tiktok mechanism is like, comment, collection, forwarding, completion divided by the amount of play, and the interaction rate is about 3% – 5%,

Basically, it will be pushed to the next flow pool to eat hot food, such as the food number. Only 8%~10% of the probe number can be pushed to the next oneFlow pool,

Now let’s talk about the precautions,

First, pay attention to the smoothness of the pictureIt rises slowly from the beginning to a climax. It’s like taking a roller coaster. At first, it’s slow. Then the whole mood and state will be brought up. The background is usually not too fast, but some people want to choose a flowerDon’t do this with funny pictures.

Because everyone is completely different from funny and chaotic practices, what we should do is to make the audience see clearly. The purpose of brushing the video is to challenge, while funny and bubbling online is to bring joy to the audience. We want the audience to actively do it,

Put emotionIn the past, the audience wants to challenge. With the help of copywriting, each of our products and project packaging has its own characteristics. We must not expand two completely unrelated projects together to make people uncomfortable and unable to complete the broadcast.

Second, pay attention to the background and layout,Do not interfere with the content of the original painting.

Third point, bring in feeling, is to bring users to evaluate and comment.

Fourth, be sure to select the audio of the blockbuster.Fifth, emotional guidance, emotional guidance is very important.

Next, let’s talk about the realization method

First, starting number and selling numberAll points are connected to each other. Do not start the application in the form of cash, that isAfter the number, the number of Tiktok fans will be sold. If there is no cash product, you can bring it with you. The cash is systematic,

It is not a change line under a single node. Suppose a video broadcast on a number explodes by 100000 and 10000 fans are added, then what can this fan do.

Depending on your career direction, if the entityFor example, tea and jadeite can be directly used as product content. Tea makers can directly load tea stories, or stories, tell tea history, and popularize the origin, historical stories, and hype of tea. The label page is a tea house,

The label at the bottom shows how many years of working experience, tea, etcAppraiser. The cover uses its own professional image to find professional photographers. You can tell stories with tea to attract vertical fans.

Second, linked products and advertising revenueTo sell tea, you can attach high playback volume to small programs, and then get some profits. For those who are inclined to buy tea, they can be diverted to their private domainVolume storage,

Then we will give you a free tea bag, tea coupon and so on. It can not only sell products, but also tea training and tea techniques.

Third, live broadcast with goodsAccording to the process, it will be found that the liquidation method is a chain, and the systematic liquidation will be carried out in the nextStep by step to do matrix, positive matrix and reverse matrix. The positive matrix is to spread the whole tea brand,

From the story of a certain brand, the history of tea, the legendary experience of tea, the details of tea, how to taste tea, and the methods of tea.

Each one is a detail, which will cover the whole network of tea fans. The brands areAfter a small popularity, we will form a story of our own brand to give others a sense of trust from the perspective of customer witness and audience recognition.

There can be 2 or 3 main numbers, and the rest are all reverse numbers, forming a system as a whole to enable itself. Many details need to be constantly considered and arranged to knowHow to take this road.

In the future, more and more people will follow this path. The external traffic of the market is its access port. For example, when the access port gradually stops, the traffic in the pool will compete,

The bonus gradually disappears, and it is strength that you fight for. No matter which platform you are onIt will be found that the flow of foreign groups has become very low, and finally everyone is left with stock. In this case, it is more and more difficult to win the flow value, and the fan cost is higher and higher.

So much for today

Zero cost Tiktok money making small project, easy to operate, smart profit, full version of notes to share with you


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