recommend! A sideline with a daily profit of 2000 and zero cost.


To tell the truth, the current We Media does not earn as much money as video.

recommend! A sideline with a daily profit of 2000 and zero cost.

The projects shared today are mainly video:Text to video (introduction)

One click paste text to automatically generate video. This project is very suitable forNovice, and people who didn’t have much traffic in the early days.

Why is the video class better than the article classEarn a lot, even the income is dozens of times more!

Take today’s headline Wizard Finance as an example, and see the traffic comparison between his articles and videos!

Article reading

Video playback

The course saw that the number of articles read was 17000, while the number of videos played reached 280000, which means more20 times the flow—- It means that you have to write more than 20 articles to be equal to one video.

In addition, I noticed that his articles stopped updating at the end of 2020, and now they are mainly making videos, which also shows that video profits are indeed the most efficient.

Now all platforms publish works with recommendation mechanism, and noneWhether the account has fans or not, as long as the released video works are hot, it will be automatically pushed.

This isNoviceIt is an opportunity to counter attack by doing video we media.

It will be said that the article is simple and the video production is difficult!

Is that true? In fact, many videos that do not appear in the camera directly use text to videoThe function of, will automatically generate matching text and voice.

Of course, text content and pictures are also very important. Original writing requires a certain level of writing, butNoviceIt is not recommended to be original.

NoviceYou can start with short videos. The oral transcripts of short videos are basically free of copyright. Make short stories into videosIt is your own work.

Simple production without skills

Annual income exceeds one million!

This person on Tiktok introduced the stars by telling stories without losing face. The number of fans reached 1 million, and one of the videos had 1.32 million likes.

Mingming has stars on the Internet, but there is still so much trafficThis is the charm of video!

His ratings of each video are basically more than 100000, which can be achieved by the platform’s monthly incentive income aloneOver ten thousand

In addition, the original broadcast volume of Tiktok platform was not profitable, but today’s headline launched the “China Video Plan”, which completely opened up Tiktok Today’s headline watermelon video,Three party platform, so that the playback volume from Tiktok can be realized.

If the above case accounts play 100w every day, the likes will exceed 10w the playback will not be less than 1 million.

Video revenue in today’s headlines is generally 20 dollars per 10000 dollars$, then the daily income is 2000$

This alsoOnly one video is calculated. Now the blogger releases more than one video a day, sometimes several, and the amount of soul digging,The most conservative income of a day is estimated to be no less than 5000$

In the Toutiao platform, Tiktok now has the largest traffic. Once the video is synchronized to Tiktok, it is easy to become popular, and a video bursts outIt’s easy to play millions of videos.

In addition, the watermelon video is also good, with a considerable rural traffic, which is very suitable for video in the field of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

Some fans have hundreds of thousands of accounts, which earn hundreds of thousands a year. It’s easy to do every day. What you need to do is to wake up and go out to take videos.

How to make this kindWhat about short videos?

It seems difficult, but in fact, it is really simple!

The content of the video mainly includes: video of relevant people, voice accompanying text, and introduction copy.

The most important thing is to write a copy and then record it orally. A lot of video materials are searched online.

If the editing tool is used, Tiktok has a clip, which has a function of “image and text”As long as the text is copied, it will automatically match to generate a video, which is completed with one click.

You can choose both sound and background music. If you don’t like the video content material, you can replace it with the material you find. If you want to see it better, you can add a background board or get some special effects.

It is so simple and easy to operateGet traffic easily by showing up and combining some star hotspots.

Of course, not only star introductions can be done, but also movie introductions, project introductions, catering production, historical story explanations, etc., which can be selected according to your preference.

The production process of this video is very simple, with zero costNoviceIt’s the easiest to make moneyA way of.

When we got started in the late stage, we had to create original works, so that we could get more profits. We could produce exquisite videos and rich content, which would be easier to explode and play more.

in shortThe current trend is video, and text to video also makes it easier for many writers to successfully transform and make more profits.

VideoIt is also a form of communication, and its core is copywriting, so the basic knowledge of writing is fundamental. Learn to write, and then learn some shooting and editing techniques. It is enough to make money through video We Media.

If you can accomplish many things, don’t think too much about it.

recommend! A sideline with a daily profit of 2000 and zero cost.


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