Tiktok game issuer project, which can reach 3000 dollars per month by volume


Today, I would like to share a project in the game field. Only when the goal is clear, can we have the motivation and direction to update the video. This can be said to be an official cash flow channel of Tiktok. The principle is to record game videos and hang the game applet link in the game publisher,

Tiktok game issuer project, which can reach 3000 dollars per month by volume

Someone clicks your video to play the gameThis can be understood as CPC’s project that makes money by clicking, so the clicking amount must be large enough to make money, that is to say, the video posted is popular to make money.

As shown in the figure above, this is a benefit map of a guy doing this project. The first video he made was on March 9,

Till nowIt has been exactly one month since the day, and the total income has also earned more than 3000$Money, I believe that as long as he continues to do it, with the accumulation of time, the income of each month will be higher than that of the previous month, because this project is cumulative.

Then you can see that he has published 227 pieces of works in this month, which is equivalent to every dayHe has published seven or eight pieces of works and wants to make money as a game publisher project. Either the quality of his works is high, few and exquisite, but the number of works he has published on the Internet shows that he does not follow the high-quality route. Why do you take this as a case study? Because he is diligent enough, he can’t make high-quality products, so he always gives out seven gifts every dayEight,

Many people can’t do this every day. Although the profit is only more than 3000 a month, it just shows that this way is worth doing Tiktok’s clueless friends,

Many people can’t produce high-quality products even if they are too tall. It is precisely this kind of building that depends on quantity. As long as they are diligent, everyone can fuckMade.

It can be seen that most of the video works he sends have zero income, but the advantage of piling them up by volume is that he sends more in the vertical field,

Tiktok tagged his account. There will always be a few hits if he sends too many videos. Most of the hits that haven’t been hit won’t be profitable, but once a video hits, he will eat meat, which is alsoIt is an effect of quantitative change to qualitative change.

How do we operate this? It’s actually very simple. You can find the entrance by directly searching for “Tiktok game issuer” in Tiktok, and then you can play the game first, and then use the video recorder of your mobile phoneAfter the software was recorded, the game applet to be promoted was hung up when the works were uploaded. Someone played the game through the video we sent, and we generated revenue

Of course, the video$We should do a better job. We can’t just record the process of playing the game and transfer it directly,

There is little chance of being popular. We need to recordThe video is put into editing software such as clip screening for secondary processing, such as adding funny clips, adding other videos for comparison, adding other dubbing, etc,

In a word, it is necessary to process the video more abundantly. Only when it looks less monotonous can others have the desire to see it. Only when the completion rate is high can the chance of becoming popular be increased.In a word, this project is very suitable for novices, who have no subject matter to do. Because the project is not very difficult, it is a project that is more diligent and more lasting. Quantitative change can produce qualitative change.

Tiktok game issuer project, which can reach 3000 dollars per month by volume


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