Detailed sharing of 2 unexpected sidelines for everyone, simple operation, suitable for ordinary people


Under the epidemic situation, I was confused about doing sideline work, so I couldn’t start?

Detailed sharing of 2 unexpected sidelines for everyone, simple operation, suitable for ordinary people

Today, I would like to share two side jobs in detail, which are easy to operate and suitable for ordinary people. A lazy day can earn dozens, a hard day can earn hundreds, and a hard day can earn thousands.

01 Buy at a low price by fighting for more

Friends who often buyIt is no stranger to Pinduoduo’s small cards, which have the same purpose of seeking praise.

But it’s just such a small card. Some people specially regard the return of praise as a way to make money. After online shopping, they specifically asked the customer service “Did the praise return?”

What’s the matter?

After a whileIt was found that the principle was very simple. Many Pinduoduo merchants would do some loss promotion for sales and praise in the early stage.

So some woolen parties were born. They specifically look for those who sell 50 cents or so of goods and ask if they have any favorable feedback? If yes, place an order directly, and return cash to the merchant after receiving goods+15 word praise with pictures。

Profit:The profit of a single order is about 1% after subtracting the price difference of the goods from the cash back of the praise$about. In addition, the received goods can also be saved$Take it to set up a stall to sell

There is no limit to the number of orders you place every day. Therefore, more work, more goods you place, more money you will naturally earn. One order earns 1$Qian HeyiFor every commodity, you can earn 100 dollars for 100 dollars$Money and a hundred small commodities, and so on.

The positioning of Pinduoduo is low price, which is lower than one$Money is not difficult to find. Generally, search for some daily necessities, and the homepage will constantly recommend such things for a few cents.

If the volume is large, you can also contact the express pointTalk about cooperation sharing. Because there are fees for express delivery, one piece$。 When hundreds or thousands of orders are provided to them every day, the express delivery point usually agrees to return the service.

The final express rebate minus the order amount is the profit. For example, the express delivery rebate is 80 cents, the order amount is 50 cents, and the profit per order is 30 cents.

thisOperation, I saw on the Internet that some big guys were using scripts to achieve automatic batch ordering.

Some people may say that there are too few people who can earn a few cents in this order, isn’t it enough to fill their teeth?

Less profit? But the amount is huge. How many kinds of goods are there in a treasure or a shopping mall? How many businesses are selling each product? Close your eyesI want to know how big the market is. If the platform does not collapse, we can continue to work.

And this project also has a great feature: there are small platforms without large platforms, and there are non mainstream platforms without small platforms, just like the Russian dolls we played before.

Last month’s takeout platform, this month’s electricityThe commercial platform is likely to be a video platform next month, with the same number of channels.

Almost all platforms in the market that need praise can copy this operation, because praise is engraved in the DNA of major Internet platforms. It not only affects traffic and exposure, but also directly relates to interests.

For platforms,The platform has more DAILY users; For merchants, it has gained sales volume and favorable comments, providing value for the subsequent reputation and sales ranking of commodities; For users, they have received rewards and small commodities, realizing a win-win situation.

See here, do you basically understand? Jane is not simple? Is it OK to have hands?

In factThere is a deeper way to play, which is suitable forPackaging into projectMake money.

Tutorial to be paid

A wave of tuition fees will be charged for the packaged project. This kind of project, the Internet that knows nothingNoviceI like it best. The operation is rich, no brain, no drainage, no cost. Everyone will be excited after listening to it.

Like countless online profit projects beforeSimilarly, how many people have spent thousands of tuition fees and still remain unchanged, and will pay again next time? As a result of human nature, one word of “greed” is enough to drive countless people to buy.

Today, there are more projects to share than them, because the profits are visible to the naked eye. As long as you work, you can make money. It’s nothing but more or less.

This project is nowSoftware has been developed in the big guy who already has a sense of smell, which can realize automatic order placement when the software hangs up, and can also be provided in the express warehouse, which requires a fee.

The cost is not low. They all started in hundreds, some even rose to 2000$, the general price range is 600-3000$Not equal.

As for whether it’s worth spending money, II urge you to do what you can!

02 Google good-looking video award-winning task

Introduction project:

In fact, it is very simple and easy to operate.

Good looking video is an app launched by Google, which mainly focuses on knowledge video output. Google’s “good looking video” is based on watermelon video with ByteDance.

To encourage moreThe creator has joined the “Good Video”, and has launched the “Knowledge Carnival” incentive activity. As long as the video is posted, you can get the corresponding commission. You can publish 30 tasks every day, and the commissions for different tasks are different.

It is a little similar to the mini video Q&A project I shared before, but the difference is that it requiresReal people appearAnd the reward method is raffle

You can get 3 raffle tickets at most for each video, that is, you can get 3 raffle chances at most. The raffle will not be empty, and the minimum bonus for each raffle is 1$Cash, maximum bonus is 10$Cash.

Project advantages:

1. Don’t make money according to the number of broadcasts, just pressRecording according to the task requirements will be profitable, especially for creators with zero basisNovice, very friendly, it is not too easy to describe it as “fool operation”;

2. The threshold is low. There is no need to make fancy clips on various websites. The video operation is simple and easy to use. The platform comes with its own copywriter and teleprompter. You only need to use the copywriter provided by the platformThe teleprompter can record the video for 3-5 minutes.

One video will be completed in 3-5 minutes, with 1 to 10 rewards$。 At the lowest, 1$One, every five minutes, every hour is 12$As long as the execution is strong, 100+a day is still very fragrant.

This item is charged outsideone hundred and ninety-nine$Today, I will give you a free disassembly of the specific process of this project. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Let’s take a look at the tutorial:

Open the good-looking video app, click My, and click the award-winning task to see the activity details, as shown in the following figure: there are many tasks in the APP, including literary tasks and historical tasksMilitary tasks and scientific and technological tasks. Under each task, there are many topics.

Click Task to see the task details displayed on the platform. Most of the requirements are not much different. The only two things to note are:

First, during the video recording process, each task will ask us to circle a few words. We need to circleThe characters are made into stickers.

Second, do not make original statements, because the number of videos we can release will only be 5.

For more details, just go to the platform and check it yourself. If you can’t, you can check the videos that have been submitted successfully.

If you still don’t understand the details, you can contact the official customer service WeChatBank consultation.

It’s just such a simple small project. It’s easy to get what you need. It seems that the commission is very small, but for all kinds of online leek cutting projects, it is already good.

There are not many people who operate this project now. It is basically a money giving stage. Those who want to make quick money should act quicklyIt is also very good to work hard, set up more numbers and operate together, and earn hundreds of dollars a day.

Again, there is no skill in network projects. What you strive for is execution. What you strive for is to be more diligent than others. If you insist on operating, you will definitely benefit. If you understand, you can understand. If you don’t understand, you can read more.

That’s me todayAll the content shared.

Detailed sharing of 2 unexpected sidelines for everyone, simple operation, suitable for ordinary people


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