Notes on CD repair profiteering project!


Today, we are sharing a CD repair project. Recently, a very popular Internet moneymaking project has a unit price of at least 300 dollars. That is, we can repair the old CD and play the contents.

Notes on CD repair profiteering project!

For example, wedding videos in the 1980s and 1990s, despite the small number of people, have a large market,The repair is very touching and meaningful, and the project is very violent.

Many people have already sent a lot of videos in this project. As long as they search for CDs to repair, many videos will appear, which are basically the same content. Short videos are channeled to private domains for transaction conversion, which is basically the same setRoad.

Now let’s take apart the specific CD repair project. It’s not as difficult as we thought. Everyone can basically operate it.

The video content sent is basically similar, basically including four parts,First, 1980s wedding video, second, nostalgic BGM, third, topic of title copy, fourth, guiding lightDisk repair

The wedding video of the 1980s and 1990s is full of memories, which is very interesting. The nostalgic bgm is matched with the classic background music of that era, which makes it return to the past.

It is good to write topics directly in the title copy. When publishing videos, bring various topics, such as CD repair, old video repair,The USB flash disk is repaired. The nostalgic title is printed on it, and other copywriting is unnecessary. You can write it on the video,

For example, I helped XXX repair a DVD of the 2005 wedding, and the CD was converted to a USB flash drive. This is more realistic. I feel it is a successful case, which can better guide the transaction.

The boot disc can be repaired againAt the top of the profile or comment area, this kind of business can be channeled to the private domain. Once the video is popular, orders will be issued very quickly, and the minimum income of a single order is basically 300$Money, and it can be done in a few minutes. If it is high, it will charge 8001000 dollars, but the information is poor, and the content is basicallyIt takes a few minutes for a video to show these basic points, which is very simple and rude.

Some people will ask where the video materials of the 1980s and 1990s came from? This is a commonplace question. When you don’t have anything, you can search some e-commerce platforms for “80s wedding videos”, which can produce a pile of very cheap videos$It can be done,

It is also a package of more than 10 gigabytes of videos. There are so many materials in it that it can be simply processed by the editing software. It can be accompanied by music and text, and then it can be sent out waiting for the explosion.

Don’t think that one video will explode, but stick to sending more than ten videos every day, so that’s the video material,The drainage is also introduced. The following is about repair technology. Generally, there are two types of repair technology on the market,Physical device repair and software repair

I don’t recommend physical equipment repair, because it is equivalent to practical technology. I need to buy a repair equipment machine, such as a recorder. It is professional. I don’t recommend it, becauseThousands for the device$With professional skills, not many people are willing to operate.

Software repairNovicePeople who can or really can repair can use software to repair, use computer software, download according to the corresponding tutorial, and step by step can improve the clarity and image quality of the contents in the CDMost people can operate it. I recommend software repair.

Sometimes, don’t think things are so complicated. It’s only a matter of two or three sentences. It doesn’t matter if you can’t repair the disc. Just learn how to drain. If you have a bubble in your hand, you can naturally cash in. Go directly to find the technical things that you really understandThe person who gets the disc repaired,

No matter physical repair or software repair, as long as you can, you can cooperate with him indirectly. For example, go to a treasure and find a bunch of people who can repair CDs. The price is very cheap.

For example, if you quote 300 dollars for a single order, you can earn hundreds of dollars for every price difference$Money, don’t worry about anything, just worry about itIt’s all right to guide yourself, make videos, master customer resources, and teach others other technical aspects. Any boss is a good salesperson,

If you want to be a boss by technology, the chances are very small. If you want to make a lot of money, it must be sales. So just do a good job in sales, learn how to lead, and learn how to master customer resourcesThey outsource all their technology and after-sales services. This is the easiest and wisest way. We recommend that you outsource directly and make a difference.

Notes on CD repair profiteering project!


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