Red envelope cover, a profitable project that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars annually


During this period, you should be able to see a variety of featured red envelope covers. On Tiktok alone, a large number of short video recordings of red envelope covers have become popular.

Red envelope cover, a profitable project that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars annually

After all, it’s the end of the year. With the arrival of New Year’s taste, red envelopes are naturally more prosperous.

And it is almost conceivable that all kinds of customized red envelopes will beIt is necessary to continuously brush the screen.

Imagine that in a large number of conventional red envelopes, the red envelopes you throw out are different from others, so you will have a better look at your face.

In fact, this red envelope customization will be open to individuals in 2020.

Individual can customize various red envelope styles when sending red envelopes, and input the serial number to addRed envelope cover style.

Ordinary people only care that the cover is more interesting. For us, it is a good chance to make money.

At present, many teams have achieved an annual income of hundreds of thousands through the red envelope cover project.

The following is a detailed breakdown of the red envelope project.

Red envelope cover money making project

Market size:

Let’s go firstSee how big this market is

WeChat index:

The current WeChat index is more than 700000, and it is expected to reach more than 3 million in the coming New Year. Of course, this index is not all search index. It also includes official account, YouTube, webpage and other factors. Generally speaking, the attention is quite high.

Google Index:

At present, Google IndexAbout 8000.

The two indexes are expected to double in the next two weeks.

The Tiktok index is currently around 200000.

According to the analysis of several indexes, although the attention of red envelope cover is not as popular as “blind box”, it is also a word slowly emerging.

Sales scale:

On the Tiktok platform, the seal insideThe sales volume of noodles is tens of thousands.

It is also a best seller status on a certain number of products (it needs to be pointed out that the sales volume of a certain number of products can be modified, so it is not 100% true here)

But most of the sales on these platforms are terminal agents.

There are two ways to make money on this project.

1) Use source code to build a red envelope cover systemmerchant

Red packet delivery platform designed red packet cover

Function: independent background branch station or agent docking individual payment goods source import

Need to prepare: server payment

Technology: php mysql

After the system is built, start to recruit branch stationmasters or agents in batches.

This aspect involves certainTechnical factors, platform debugging, bug problems, etc. Those who are too troublesome can directly act as agents, which is nothing more than to make less money and stay idle.

2) Agent

Friends who will promote and drain are suitable to be agents directly.

At present, it is strongly recommended to set up an account for Tiktok Good Things Sharing, which only costs 500 dollars$Open the shop windowAfter recording some dynamic effects when receiving red envelopes, it is easy to become popular.

Because bringing product links directly may affect the video playback, here are two tips

1) Put guiding scripts in the video comment area

2) After being popular on the video, the link is forced through a software (black technology)

Project difficulties:

First: sealFace making and acquisition

1) The red envelope is made according to the official tutorial

You can go to the WeChat red envelope open platform to see

2) Find the source of goods

Most people have no ability to do design. At this time, we can directly find the source of goods on the shelves.

Suggest going to Alibaba for the cover of wholesale red envelope

3) The simplest way is to go to WeChat applet, Tiktok Select Alliance and other cps platforms to directly sell


As a regular project, it is good to consider the project cycle and the audience.

The problem is that for any project, if you want to make money, traffic cannot be bypassed.

For example, when Tiktok is promoting, the essence is how to play Tiktok’s good things. They didn’t do a good job. Dozens of videos didn’t come with themHow many$Money income, a good video can earn tens of thousands of income. You can refer to the article “Short term frequency band goods, 50000 dollars per day”.

As for the game of recruiting agents, how to make more agents bring us passive benefits is nothing more than traffic size transformation strength agent operation.

If you have a good oneThe promotion of personal IP number is relatively easy.

For example, I am now promoting this project. According to the previous promotion effect, it is a good profit.

If you don’t have an existing IP address, you can go to Station B.

Why recommend b station? Because there are many losers in Station B, the high price must not be acceptedYes, but it’s not a big problem to collect hundreds of dollars for one agent.

In addition, the account management rules of Station B are relatively loose. It is not difficult to make videos in the name of “sideline”. One video can directly lead to dozens or even hundreds

Red envelope cover, a profitable project that earns hundreds of thousands of dollars annually


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