Simple and crude sideline, alternative quick income project: black card raising practice earns 5000 dollars a month play method


China’s history and culture are extensive and profound. Many foreigners are marketing. The great influence of foreigners in modern history on China makes people pay special attention to international friends. Enterprises also take advantage of these phenomena,

Simple and crude sideline, alternative quick income project: black card raising practice earns 5000 dollars a month play method

It is becoming more and more common to use foreigners with eyeball effect to create marketing events or topics. Actually, brand raising marketingIt is the introversion of Chinese people that makes the brand raising marketing a feature in China.

If the marketing is simply decomposed, the first thing is to attract everyone’s attention, the second is the communication content, and the last is the implementation of the publicity purpose. In the oriental cultural atmosphere, the act of raising signs is easy to attract onlookers, so many local marketing agencies are similarLike some service items.

A series of theme ads for the 15 year old Shenzhou special car, shot by the stars Hai Qing, Wu Xiubo and some experts in other fields, combines the two$Su, together with the controversial advertising copy, became a national topic for a while.

There is no doubt that these two marketing methods are used by black peopleWith the extension of combination, foreigners and raising cards, two points that touch the sensitive nerves of Chinese people, have more eyeball effect when combined, so that many large companies have also tried.

We can see from these marketing models that how to catch the eye of netizens has become a compulsory course of marketing, and this change has made marketing moreSymbolization of posts.

Today, I will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of black card raising and how to operate it. First, the advantages are obvious:

First, the profits are very high, which can be said to be windfall profits,Second, the single volume is very large, and the demand is relatively wide. Birthdays and other things are becoming more and more ritualistic. Third, the difficulty of getting started is almost zero,Basically, there is no threshold. Fourth, its cycle is very short, and we can see benefits in a short time.

This article is mainly divided into four aspects:The first point is to find channels, and the second point is how to layout the project. Third, the transformation and transaction of the project. Fourth, frequently asked questions about the project, give you a summary。

First, how to find channels,

In fact, you open the largest foreign Weike website, which is the freelance platform – fiverr. It is similar to the pig Bajie in China, and the service price is $5$Start, so it’s called fiverr. There are many foreigners on this website who provide card raising services,We search for fiverr in Google and can translate it into Chinese by right clicking.

There are many services in it. You can find such things by searching in it, or you can get such channels from Google, Amazon, or Tiktok peers.

Amazon may now shield more thanMore powerful. Now Ukraine has invested. There are many similar things like this, such as pet raising,

As long as you combine these ideas, you can sort out a new set of transformation projects. This is a subdivision field. As long as you play well in the subdivision fieldThere is no problem in making money.

Second, how to layout the project,

The preparation is very simple. First, prepare a WeChat, package it as an overseas agent, and send some works to friends. If you don’t have them in the early stage, you can go to your peers to pick them up. Add a few peers, and all kinds of materials are available.

Then prepare a Tiktok orFor other short video accounts, Tiktok has a lot of traffic at present. It is recommended to go to Tiktok, but it is not necessarily said that Tiktok can be done very well. It may be easy to do it on other platforms, but Tiktok is relatively difficult to say.

It still depends on how you choose. If there are some people who are good at making money onlineWe media platform, you can go to your own place to do this, and find some peers for materials, including video materials.

The practice is just for the purpose of drainage. In the early stage, we will edit some materials from our peers, and in the later stage, we can use our own customers’ materials. This project is a little more difficult in the early stageIn the later stage, as long as you play with something, it will become stronger and stronger. The drainage channels are short videos and post bars.

Third, project transformation and transaction

First, drainage is nothing more than dropping bait or leaving contact information to drain to our private domain and personal number. Just ask what words are written clearly. GenerallyNo more than 20 words, the charge is about 100,

The revenue depends on the price of some channels. Users like this are very accurate, so you only need to add your own to make videos. So you don’t need any scripts, just ask what content to write and ask them to pay.

Second, the franchise agent pays more at one timeHow much profit can you make by becoming an agent with less money? In fact, you can use the WeChat business model, which may increase your own income.

Fourth, summarize several problems of the project

First, do customers have requirements for video content? For example, can the site, scenic spot, elderly and children meet the needs of users? The site for video content is random,

Some venues are rented with money. The videos are all babies. They are not very big. Many customers go to shoot videos for the public interest. All my customers are very satisfied. I dare not say anything else, but I dare to guarantee that all customers’ after-sales services can be replayed if they misread their words.

Second, how to becomeAs an agent, how to deal with customers? Customers basically pay the full amount in advance. Retail sales are between 120~200. They pay to the channel provider according to your agency value. After the video is shot, the channel provider sends it to you, and you send it to the customer. The transaction is completed,

What we earn is price difference. How about the supply strength of channel merchants? sureThey say that some teachers in Africa can help to shoot videos, and they usually take hundreds of orders every day,

If the order volume is large, someone can expand the number of people to shoot, such as the Qixi Festival, which is a popular festival. The order volume on that day is about 1000,

Note: Only the project practical notes are shared, not the current articlePurpose training!

Simple and crude sideline, alternative quick income project: black card raising practice earns 5000 dollars a month play method


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