Information difference profit making project, a single profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars!


In the era of We Media, it must be the information gap projects that can make money, and the people who can make money are those who master the information gap. When we master the information gap, it will become much easier to make money. I don’t know whether you recognize this sentence.

Information difference profit making project, a single profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars!

The information mentioned tonight is very interesting, especially for entrepreneurial partners——Domain name reselling! In the website industry, there is a saying that “low price in – high price out” describes “profiteer”, which is similar to salted fish. The only change is that the profits are very high. Generally, the profits of domain names are hundreds of thousands$No, the partners who master this kind of resources actually make a lot of money. Take ourselves as an exampleWhen I buy many domain names, the price of a domain name is hundreds$Not equal.

First, I will give you a brief description of the types of domain names. We often use two types of “. com/. cn”. I believe that many people will choose. com as the first level domain name when they buy a domain nameGenerally, we choose “Alibaba Cloud filing and WeChat not blocking”. The so-called first level domain name is a global universal domain name, which is also a domain name with high price. And more than 80% of the project leaders will choose to buy. com. If you know the information is poor, and you register at a low price and sell at a high price, will you get a good onePrice?

For example, the latest “Xinnet” has a lot of preferential activities, and new users can get zero$Please refer to the following figure for purchased benefits:

First purchase is zero$The first year of. com is also 23$, and then resell hundreds$It’s not a big problem. Let’s continue to look at Alibaba Cloud domain name billing:

Alibaba CloudMore promotional activities. After the full discount, it will be 1$One year, don’t you like this domain name? I don’t know about others. I usually buy hundreds of domain names myself$One, I haven’t bought that expensive, good domain name for thousands$It’s quite normal.

Interested partners can go and have a lookThere are channels for resources to make a quick contribution, and the current promotional activities are really good. Of course, if you operate as a sideline, you still choose to register in batches. The cost of a single registration activity cycle has become higher in the past. At present, many websites are engaged in activities to make money online, and each platform can registerTo apply, remember that the market for domain names like “. com must be selected when registering” is high, and the price is also much higher.

At the same time, the domain name is charged annually. After registration, we only need to sell the domain name within one year. Moreover, this thing directly belongs to a “tiny”When you just need the market, Internet people can’t do without this thing, so can enterprises. As long as you have a group of Internet partners around you, you can negotiate with them slowly. A domain name can be priced at 2-300$You also earn.

Finally, I’d like to send you a sentence, “Internet industry, look more and more, someA little carelessness will make you a million years old! “

Well, that’s the end of today’s sharing. I hope it can give you some help and inspiration.

Information difference profit making project, a single profit of hundreds of thousands of dollars!


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