The university’s brainless gold mining sideline project can be called a small project to make money quickly. Novice can start immediately after learning


Today, I teach you a small project that can make money quickly in college. In fact, many people are thinking about how to make money when they are in college. Even if they go to industry, they don’t want to eat the dividend of people flow,

The university’s brainless gold mining sideline project can be called a small project to make money quickly. Novice can start immediately after learning

Because I can’t put down my face sometimes. After all, I am a classmate in college. People are playing and datingDo something to make money.

Today’s content is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is to promote the innovation of CPA, and the second part is to discuss the cooperation methods of training institutions. The third part is human resources. First, let’s talk about the promotion of CPA,

In fact, I don’t know if you can understand CPA. It’s just a reward for downloading APPCommission, open a new account and get some rewards.

As soon as you listen to it, you can understand, for example, to fight for your help at sunset or to receive a bonus like this.

CPA recruitment is a common means of making money in universities. For example, most of the university student outreach departments rely on this to make moneyOrdinary students should either set up their own stalls, some universities can do it, and some universities can’t

You need to buy some gifts according to the situation of your school, which is equivalent to pushing them to operate. Or you can combine with the student union for sharing, because the student union hasA certain post can be used conveniently.

Student union: The student union will find some sponsors who want to sponsor you. They will give you these lists. Of course, they will also give you a lump sum of money. You’d better find some ones to put the list on, and the price can also be compared.

This kind of thing can make money very quickly in the university. It can be made in a few daysthousands of$Money is no problem. In fact, the easiest way to find the list is to start from the post bar, but the water of the post bar is still very deep. Here is a recommended place to push the team. There are a lot of lists to push, which is to find the project docking.

The second part is the cooperation of training institutions. Many training institutions in universities also need to learnThe school propagandizes, especially the current epidemic situation, because there is no access to outside institutions,

So we can only find campus agents to promote, and certainly won’t give much price, because after all, students are soldiers of water, and many training institutions are also pitted,

Many people may not give money until graduation, so we should be smartIt’s useless to work for others, but in the end, it hasn’t brought any benefits.

There are two ways to play. First, when ordinary students act as campus agents, they can develop their own organizations on campus, including clubs. Even two or three people are better than none,

Talk with the training negotiation organization about how to divide the interests, and everyone will take their own interestsThe main reason is that many training institutions do not give benefits, so the money must be settled in cash.

Second, the Student Union itself has some departments. It is very simple to make money. Compared with some powerful schools, the training department also has an entrance fee. Their profits can be imagined.

They want to get inThe publicity is all through self-study in the evening. There are no teachers in the university who will ask the student union to manage self-study in the evening$Give him 10000 first$The money comes in, and then recruit a person, and give him how much profit share. The profit is still relatively high, nominally sponsorship.

The third part, human resources, its carrierGenerally, the formula is QQ group. It is no problem for QQ group to pull a large group in school. If you don’t use skills, the most stupid way is to add them directly,

For example, for those who are in charge of self-study at night, there are some department members below. You can buy them a box of cigarettes or give them a free giftThere is no problem for them to help you get a group. They can help you to promote in the class.

For part-time or working businesses, you can find some part-time websites, or some cooperative businesses nearby will publish some part-time jobs and offer a percentage,

For example, 20$One hour, youYou can tell them to take a part-time job. Of course, don’t let them know the price. The simplest thing is to find a store to collect a guarantee fee. In this regard, you should consider more. You must not let students lose anything, or they may make a big mistake.

Be sure to keep an eye on some enterprises or part-time savingsIf you don’t have any experience in this field, you must learn the details first. What happens in the university is very serious, and everyone should be careful to make money. Well, let’s share it here today.

The university’s brainless gold mining sideline project can be called a small project to make money quickly. Novice can start immediately after learning


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