Notes on teaching sideline project of social networking website: realization of 2W in a single month, no brainer way to get customers


Today I want to talk about the adoption ofSocial networking sitesThe project of selling virtual materials, that is, teachers’ materials. I believe that many people are rightSocial networking sitesVirtual projects are more interesting, so I’ll share our operating notes, which can expand your thinking.

Notes on teaching sideline project of social networking website: realization of 2W in a single month, no brainer way to get customers

Then teaching funds are strong demand,Social networking sitesPlay with skills, so the charge is actually a combination of information difference andSocial networking sitesSkills. As a character teacher, I found that most people likeSocial networking sitesIt is not surprising that there are a large number of female fans in the upper drainage area. After all, there are many girls who are teachers.

I also collected a large number of peer play methods. Overall, the threshold of the project is not highSeveral people can basically start the operation after reading it, which may also lead to strong competition. The first way to operate this project is to solve the traffic problem,

includeSocial networking sitesThe other is the access to information. A copy of information sells from 9.9 to 49.9, because the operation is relatively simple,

Only need to publish every dayThree or fourSocial networking sitesPictures and texts are OK, especially suitable for some friends who operate sidelines in their spare time. It’s easy to earn one or two hundred a day.

The teaching materials are all virtual sources of goods. No delivery is needed. One piece of materials can be sold for n times. The teaching materials selling project belongs to the minority. It is just needed and can be operated for a long time. In fact, the teaching materials project can be sold in anyThe platform can do it all,

recommendSocial networking sitesBecauseSocial networking sitesThe proportion of users who need teaching materials and training materials is high,Social networking sitesThere are too many female users on the Internet, and the groups who are taking the teacher qualification certificate are all women,

The proportion of newly graduated college students is the largest, because they are faced with employment options. This project is very simpleIs the product, traffic channel and traffic carrying mode.

Today’s project is divided into four points:

First, how to organize the data,

Second, how to publish high-quality notes,

The third point is how to achieve the best note,

Fourth, the traffic is brought to the private domain.

Let’s look at the first point, how to organize the data.

Data is OKIt is suggested to buy a handwritten note through platforms such as Pinxixi, Xianyu, and a treasure, so that you can have materials when you publish the notes. At the same time, you should organize these teaching materials in your own language.

How to select data,Social networking sitesUnder the search box, there are different areas of educational resources, which can be accessed through these categoriesLine preparation,

Such as primary school, middle school, subject one, junior high school, children’s subjects, etc., we can prepare them well.

Second, how to publish high-quality notes,

No matter what you do, you should first determine the location of your account, what you want to do, and who you want to see. First of all, we need to understand that the account fansThe more you have, the stronger your liquidity is. The wallpaper number of 100000 fans is not as strong as the household number of 1000 fans,

Therefore, the account positioning must be vertical, and it is not allowed to share some clothes and styles today. It is difficult to retain fans for fitness tomorrow and food the day after tomorrow. The account positioning not only lets users know what we doAnd let us know what we should do.

We can analyze the positioning from three perspectives: hobby, occupation and life. It is very simple to start with hobbies. Make up if you like makeup, dress if you like shopping, do something related to handwork if you like handwork, and do something related to food if you like food.

SubordinationStart with industry, that is, white-collar workers, we will do workplace communication. Professionals will do professional related work, such as lawyers, financial management, entrepreneurship and psychology.

Relevant practitioners are engaged in products such as household appliances and digital products. From the perspective of life, students will be the valuable related to students’ clothing, skin care and tourismWe do mother and baby, child care knowledge, mother and baby, baby complementary food, post natal repair and so on.

The third point is how to achieve the best note,

Many people are still worried about this problem. There is no traffic after the releaseSocial networking sitesNotes are composed of pictures, titles and texts. The titles and texts are the simplest,By disassembling and imitating the operation of the best note in the field of peers,

The most important thing is the pictureSocial networking sitesOn the other hand, ugliness is the original sin. A lot of popular notes are due to several pictures supporting the traffic. If you say your cover is not good,

Data cannot be good. Pictures are the finishing touch of notes. The cover of the first picture determines the quality of notesThe collection click rate and the pictures determine the collection rate of notes.

The first picture covers of the popular note are roughly divided into the following four types,

First,The cover of the tutorial steps is about the use steps of the product and how to use it.

Second,The effect cover is a comparison picture between the front and the back. The comparison effect is clear at a glance.

Third,Collection of productsSome books can be arranged in an orderly and orderly way, and then a detail is added. The main content is shown to everyone first, and then the subdivisions are separated and introduced separately.

Fourth, the display cover of the product directly shows the effect of the product. HereLet’s share threeSocial networking sitesMost covers of mobile phone mapping apps have not reached the point of non use of Ps,

Because PsNoviceIt is still relatively difficult. Mobile phone map repair software can easily handle it. Recommends several simple and practical map repair software, Meitu Xiuxiu: beautification plus jigsaw puzzle.

Light face camera: GodFairy filter. Butter camera: sticker, filter, text and template. In fact, the simplest technique is to imitate popular notes, because peers have already helped us test appropriate notes, so there is no need to think about it.

Fourth, how to drive traffic to the private domain traffic pool,

Through comments, formulate some selfSelf drainage speech skills. For example, if you want to have a little partner for three times, you have paid attention to sharing, and then take the initiative to say a word or make an expression.

This can not only guide users to privately trust ourSocial networking sitesSending contact information can also help users get more exposure for three consecutive times. The third point of the article is to like collections and comments.

tinyWeChat can directly use our private WeChat, and the circle of friends can publish some information about teaching funds, which can also be imitated by peers. They can send whatever they send.

In the early stage of preparation, no matter what you do, you should get your peers first, because peers are our bestFor the benchmarking account, some materials can be used directly. We will follow them to do what kind of drainage they are doing.

Finally, let’s summarize,

Social networking sitesSelling teachers’ materials is not only simple, but also does not take too much time. It is OK to send a few notes in your spare time, and the project has always existed,There is demand every year.

Usually, it’s 10$The transaction can be concluded in a few words. There are no after-sales problems. We can do it with some ideas and efforts. As long as we are willing to carry out the operation, we can make money.

Notes on teaching sideline project of social networking website: realization of 2W in a single month, no brainer way to get customers


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