Will you work as a “matchmaking agency” to earn money in 2022? Analysis of Unusual Items


As we all know, the trader has always been the most profitable. No matter what business, it can be regarded as a plate, whether it is a capital plate or a pig killing plate. In this plate, the trader is the supreme king, controlling all resources, and the flow in the plate is the cash flow on which the trader depends for survival。

Will you work as a “matchmaking agency” to earn money in 2022? Analysis of Unusual Items

Today we are talking about a plate, which I personally call “blind date plate”. The trader who plays this plate is a real friend of mine. His plate has been quite stable, which can be said to have a certain influence in the local area,

Of course, it is no better than those listed companies like Baoai Baihe, after allAs long as a small county in the third and fifth tier has been thoroughly eaten by all industries, they will have no worries about food and clothing for several generations.

Next, I will comprehensively output the operation method of this friend to you

Market background: urban beauties, single noble groups, and a large number of lonely, single men and women who need to be accompanied are also everywhere,There are too many marriageable young people and their families are busy, but most of them don’t have a wide range of contacts. Their circle is only about classmates and colleagues, and their contacts are limited

Project tenet: What you have to do is to make rational use of these resources, which is to do a good job, play the role of the elder, and earn some money by the way

Reference occupation: “Matchmaker”, but “Matchmaker””Our circle is too narrow. We should become “matchmakers of the new generation” and use Internet thinking to operate

Team: 1-2 people

Equipment hardware: one computer (mainly used for sorting and saving data, and online drainage), more than two mobile phones, and more than four real name WeChat

Precise user group: marriageable single dog

Project overviewAfter the introduction, the next text is as follows:

It’s easy to understand. Anyway, the traffic we need is single dogs! Where do these single dogs go?

People’s websites are common, and such local websites must have dating models$Yes, when you find the corresponding area, you will see many single dogs who want to make friends,

As you can see, single dogs orQuite a lot, since we do this$For the business of resource integration, do not be distressed about money in the early stage. It is the best way to spend the least money and attract the most accurate traffic. Therefore, pay for the top and you must not miss it. What is the top? You can say that you have set up a single group communication group and organized offline parties in groups from time to timeThe similar scripts are actually not scripts. These are the profit points in the later period.

In short, it is just a sentence: lead the precise single dogs on the platform to your personal WeChat. (PS: Personal WeChat should be packaged in advance to give people the feeling that you have a lot of resources)

Where does this information come from? At the beginning of the offering periodYou can make some fake, but you can’t do that later! In the later stage, we will make sure that those who add WeChat will first send a self introduction

The template is as follows: age, height, weight, education, economy, family and other factors, which are convenient for the players to match

Attach a personal selfie. All the resource information needsNumber, put it in the computer and file it for easy sorting.

There are basically two drainage methods online

1、 Passive drainage: Posting, top pasting, top placement, VX retention

2、 Active drainage: those who left contact information will actively add friends

Drainage channel: Post bar, local websites, Q group ranking, or find those who play local streamingThe quantity of peers, pay them, let them promote,

Off line interception: Or you can find those offline dating corners. Every place has a dating corner, which is a place that everyone has agreed to date. It may be a certain park or a certain shopping mall. You can go to these dating corners to intercept, prepare some forms, and fill in personal lettersThose who go to those dating corners are all precise single dogs, so they can add WeChat to fill in the form.

Realization model$

1、 Community Basic Edition: With traffic, the next step is to attract groups. In the early stage, it was suggested that no charge should be charged for less than 60 people, and gradually became popular, starting from 10$The money starts to charge. The price rises little by little, up to 20More is enough.

This is the most basic way to play.

2、 Community Advanced Edition: start with classification, distinguish various groups, and do a good job of segmentation,

For example, high-end networking groups that distinguish economic strength, advertising slogan: there are all kinds of high-end people in the group, including the second generation of demolitions, graduate students, family business sons and daughters, housing, online car making, and depositorsScholars, 200 people will be charged for joining 30W+every year. Most of the people who join this group have good conditions, so they are willing to pay, but they should be careful. Those who do not conform to the group attribute should not be pulled

3、 The exposure package of the circle of friends: the traffic has increased in the late period, and the circle of friends is also a good place to receive advertisements, giving them more exposureLight, send 5678 friend circles a day, and charge 50 for each$The advertising cost of permanent exposure is a small income of several hundred per day in the circle of friends.

4、 Offline party organization: more interactions should be organized in the group, so that the group can not die. From time to time, interactive games should be played, or about a wave of offline parties should be held. Those marriageable young people are veryI love to go out and play, and I am willing to spend money, such as eating and KTV,

(1) Meet alone in the same city: organized by the traders to match the target reasonably

In the case of a normal appointment, men will charge 150 for tea and women for free. Then they will go on a normal date. If they succeed in getting the certificate, they will charge 3998 for the matchmaker

(2) Single meal for many people in the same city: organized by the traders, five men and five women, the men charge 300 service fees, the women charge 100 service fees, and the fund is 2K,

Go to a slightly high-end and clean place. If a table is normally served without drinks, the profit will be about 1K (ten people, ten dishes, 1000$

Those who participated in the activity also knew that not only did they pay for the meal, but also there was an introduction fee.

Then the traders don’t just accept the money, so they need to be prepared for matchmaking and interaction to avoid cold weather. After all, these five men and women were introduced by you. They don’t know each other, so they need to warm up and organize everyone toI introduce that we should prepare some small games, such as who is undercover, werewolf killing and ice breaking.

If you come to the same restaurant more often, the merchants will return more if they see you coming.

The above are all records of successful trading, which are only for reference. The specific situation is self operated. The most important thing in the project is execution, otherwise everything is whitePull!

Will you work as a “matchmaking agency” to earn money in 2022? Analysis of Unusual Items


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