The virtual cashing project of social networking sites that charges thousands of dollars outside will be shared with you. Newbies can make money sustainably


Recently, many people are charging more than 1000 dollars for publicity$ofSocial networking sitesprojectSocial networking sitesThe starting number of is relatively simple, and the traffic is relatively easy. Many people use itSocial networking sitesOf traffic sold virtual tutorials to gain revenue.

The virtual cashing project of social networking sites that charges thousands of dollars outside will be shared with you. Newbies can make money sustainably

Let’s talk aboutSocial networking sitesHow to make money? Making money is the ultimate goal. Only if you succeed in doing one thing well, can youCan get money.

So we use the backward method to determine what we can do, what we like to do, what conditions we need, and what are more suitable for our current situation. When you decide what to do, you set a goal.

The content of this lesson is mainly divided into four points:

First,Social networking sitesSome precautions for

Second, how do youMining products

Third, how to operate with the product. How to Landing Practice

Fourth, what are the means of realization

Let’s start with the first point,Social networking sitesSome precautions for

In factSocial networking sitesOn the platform, its search logic is different from the engine search logic we usually contact. staySocial networking sitesOn this platformHowever, its search logic is different from the engine search logic we usually contact.

For example, we upload an article on the Google platform. If our keyword is included in Google, we can search for it,

But inSocial networking sitesThe two aspects of this platform are independentThat means your notes may be recommended to others, but they may not be searched.

In other words, if we want to doSocial networking sitesThe search ranking of, provided that your notes areSocial networking sitesYes, so that we can do the next step.

You may be a little confused when encountering this problem, butCan lead to late failure. Keywords are the core of all search engines. Generally speaking, keywords can be divided into these categories: core keywords, related keywords and long tail keywords.

Let’s start with the core keywords. The core keywords are the basic words of our articles, products or website topics, namely searchWords with high index.

Relevant keywords are a supplement to our core keywords. For example, after we select a keyword, when we describe the article, product and website theme we want to do, the description of the core keywords may not be very clear. At this time, we need to add relevant keywords to achieveExtended effect.

Long tail keywords are equivalent to the expansion of related keywords, which can be composed of two or three words, or a phrase, including core keywords and related keywords.

Social networking sitesIn fact, there are weights. When it comes to weights, it is actually a complex system, such asWe publish the weight of the account and comment on the weight of the users who like it. It is really important,

Generally speaking, the higher the weight is, the higher the desired ranking is. The weight is formed according to some behaviors and habits of everyone. Don’t violateSocial networking sitesXiao Hong said that some drainage methods should not be put aside, as long as the notes are released normally, the weight will not decrease naturally.

In factSocial networking sitesThe more comments we like, the higher we rank. At the same time, it will increase the weight of our related fields and the notes of this article,

In the early stage, we can like each other, collect each other, comment on each other, and go for a run in a small amount, but don’t goMachine swiping is a zombie number. The weight will gradually increase if you use the account of a normal user.

Second, how to mine products,

I have selected the products for you, but it is still better. It is the anti roll in the workplace, which has aroused the resonance of a large number of workers. After a little analysis, you will understand,

This collarDomain is the field of the workplaceSocial networking sitesGoing to the workplace is very popular, after allSocial networking sitesThere are still quite a lot of young users. They have all kinds of roast about their jobs, their bosses and their colleagues. Therefore, the development prospect of the workplace is stillVery good.

Third, how to operate,

After we have selected a product, we will carry out layout and operation. How should we operate. The simplest way is to imitate. Imitation is not copying. The simplest way to do things is to imitate. You should learn to use other people’s ideas to do things yourselfProduct output.

For example, for the background picture of Chi workplace, we can use Tiktok or Omnipotent. There must be many platforms. The workplace experience uses the omnipotent Du Niang, and Tiktok is also omnipotent, and can be found.

It’s still a simple thing to use others’ experience to do our own thing. Let’s see how others do itDo not do this kind of workplace pictures, learn from it, and then add your own analysis or feelings,

Sort out this set of your own things, and then publish them toSocial networking sitesOn the other hand, we must not copy, we can go to see the creativity of others for a combination.

Social networking sitesPay more attention to the platform specificationThere are still many sensitive words,Social networking sitesThere are also some auxiliary tools, sensitive word detection, to search Google for “zero gram words”,Social networking sitesWords can be used for query, but it is relatively convenient. The words are filtered, and some violations are basically accurate.

Fourth, means of realization,

Realization isaccording toSocial networking sitesTo extend the teaching resources, what we do is work. We can sort out some knowledge related to the workplace, or we can sort out a comprehensive work list, which depends on the diligence and laziness of individuals,

If you are diligent, I suggest you organize your own things. The price should not be too high. There is a lot of trafficA small profit but quick turnover, set a price of 9$9 or dozens$Fine.

Another way is to sell relevant wallpapers through anti roll wallpapers in the workplace. We should not be too rigid and choose a selling point when guiding the flow of words,

The other is used as a decoy for diversion. For diversionIn this regard, for example, we can use anti roll wallpapers to drain water, and we can also sell the workplace brochure and the information about workplace universities,

Or use the anti roll wallpaper as bait, guide fans to add WeChat to send wallpapers for free, sort out the anti roll wallpapers, and package them for fans who add WeChat, which is also good.

Actually, this idea isIt’s very simple. It depends on whether you have done it carefully. Let’s share here today. See you next time.

The virtual cashing project of social networking sites that charges thousands of dollars outside will be shared with you. Newbies can make money sustainably


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