Subdivide the community in the field and realize 6W in a month


Many people have contacted the project we shared today, but many people do not know how much profit space there is. What’s more, I don’t know how to do it. Today I will give you a comprehensive explanation of how people realize 6W in a month through the community.

Subdivide the community in the field and realize 6W in a month

Subdivide the field community. This word is very broad, 360 lines, linesAll trades belong to one field.

Fitness and weight loss clocking community

Today, I would like to share with you how to achieve 6W monthly income through the fitness clocking community. It is also a continuous accumulation of income.

Her community is a community with the theme of exercise and fitness, which is to achieve the effect of weight loss through exercise and fitness and clocking every day.

Everyone knowsRoad, the weight loss group in the industry belongs to the sweet cake. The reason why most of the weight loss groups can’t stick to it is that there is no supervision and the individual’s self-control is poor. If you have good self-control, who would be so fat.

Her way of playing is to establish a fitness clocking community, charging 198. The content of clocking is very simpleThat is, take photos and upload your daily fitness videos and exercise data, and then complete today’s clock in.

And her registration fee can be refunded in full. The rule is that if you punch in all the time for one month, the registration fee will be refunded to you.

But if you are absent from work midway without calling, the registration fee will notWithdrawal is a punishment for your lack of self-discipline.

Where does her realization come from?

They come from people who are absent from work and don’t punch in.

According to their current data, only 50% of them can complete full attendance in a 30 day punch in cycle camp, that is, half of them can not achieve full attendance.

Now sheIn the clocking community, there are more than 500 participants every month. This account is easy to calculate. The registration fee alone is more than 10 W per month. However, the full clearance rate is less than 50%, and it actually reaches 6W in a month.

And how much time and energy did she spend in this community?

She didn’t pay too much, just an organizerNo, unlike our project practice incubation camp, we have to give training and lectures, follow up the progress of students, and solve practical problems for students.

By contrast, this model is more powerful. A group of people do a self-discipline and positive thing.

And the repurchase rate of this community is not low. As we all know, manyPeople in the same group, everyone restrained each other, and lost 5 jin this month. But I didn’t participate next month. I found that I had no motivation. I gave up after a few days, and my weight rebounded. So many people are very dependent on this.

So I want to join this community for another periodLaw.

I believe that many people have already understood this model, which is also a relatively mature model.

Where does the traffic come from?

She mainly gets traffic from the following three channels. Tiktok, Kwai andSocial networking sites

By sending some videos of running and fitness every day, we can create a vlog, similar to today’s fitnessXxx days, how much thinner you are today, such a video. To create a positive image for users, make the audience interested in this person, and then add her.

His Tiktok account has only eight thousand fans, but it is the number of these eight thousand fans. He has attracted hundreds of people to WeChat, and half of these hundreds of people have entered his accountCommunity.

And there isSocial networking sitesSocial networking sitesMost of them are women, and we all know that girls have high expectations for their own bodies. She sent some videos of fitness running, the matching of each meal and the calorie content.

Many people saw that she was so disciplined and then lost weight, so they asked her how she was thinSuch self-discipline. So they guide these people to their private domains, and then guide them to punch cards in groups.

She has only been working for 5 months now, and there are more than 500 people, and a large part of these people have re purchased, because these people see that this method is useful, and it really makes them thinner, so theyThere is no way to quit the community. Once you leave the community, your weight will rebound and you will lose weight.

Lawyer community

It is similar to the fitness clocking community, and the lawyer community has a small audience. However, the current market gap is also large.

For example, in the first tier cities such as Washington, Los Angeles, NewYork and Shenzhen, there are too many people involved in criminal disputes, commercial disputes, divorce disputes and contract signingLegal requirements are needed.

On the market, if you look for a lawyer alone, the price will be very expensive. Last year, our company spent more than 2000 years looking for a lawyer. We usually have new contracts and ask questions about new projects. It doesn’t add up many times in a year.

The most important ability of most lawyers is to deal with bills, they are not good at receiving orders.

The lawyer industry is seriously polarized. Many lawyers who earn thousands of dollars a month do not take over alone, and others are rich lawyers who are worth millions of dollars a year.

So if you are a community, you can provide one year of legal advice, free lawyer letters, and loopholes in business contractsIt is very valuable to many people, especially some startups.

There are many other subdivisions like this. If you can provide value, making money is just incidental.

Subdivide the community in the field and realize 6W in a month


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