The CPS project of voice dubbing artifact has brought me more than 2000 passive benefits


Cpa/Cps is a classic project of the Internet. As early as ten years ago, when I first entered the online innovation industry, the first project I contacted was Cpa. At that time, it was very popular to do this project. I went to the advertising league to register an account and receive promotion tasks. Generally, I promoted some rogue software and installed it until it was pushedPress 1 to 10 for each successful installation$Commission settlement with different money.

The CPS project of voice dubbing artifact has brought me more than 2000 passive benefits

Now, Google online disk is basically used to download resources. At that time, the world of online disk was 115 online disk. 115 online disk also built a resource network, where everyone could share resources. At that time, the traffic was very hot, so I putThe software in the advertising alliance was silently uploaded to the normal software and shared in the resource station of 115. At that time, the project also made tens of thousands of dollars, which can also be regarded as the first time I made money through the network in the real sense.

The difference between Cps and Cpa is that the popularized person of Cps has to payFor example, Amazon customers are a form of Cps. The promoted people generate shopping consumption, and we get commissions.

The voice dubbing artifact shared today is also in this mode. The QR code above can be self registered and promoted. This is a small program for intelligent voice dubbing, many of which are used for We MediaPeople may need to use it, but we have to pay for it. So we just need to promote this app to people in need. If someone else pays for it, we will get a commission.

The commission I received for promotion is more than 2000 in total. If you want to say that I have hardly done any special promotion for promotion, then how do I do itWhat about?

First of all, my goal is very clear. The people I promote are people who do movie interpretation. Most people have no real voice ability of their own and can only rely on machine voice. So I will promote this small program to those who want to do movie interpretation.

My operation method is very simple, that is, I recorded a set ofThe film commentary course is original and easy to spread, so people who see this course want to learn film commentary very accurately.

One of the courses is to teach how to do dubbing, so it is very justifiable to implant the QR code for the promotion of small programs, and the original courses are passed on ten timesBaijiu has produced the fission of natural flow and achieved passive promotion.

So I hardly did any promotion. The main thing is that I recorded a set of courses. Fission produces a continuous flow of natural flow. Of course, the premise for the continuous production of fission flow is that the quality of the courses is good, so that others will be spontaneous when they see it and think it is valuableSpread.

Of course, this is just my promotion method, which is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Today, I found that there is a promotion method of micro headlines.

As shown in the figure above, this product was promoted by micro headline, which was directly attached with the promotion link. The display volume of this micro headline reached nearly 40W, becauseHeadlines are precisely pushed, and most of his micro headlines are pushed to people who want to be We Media, so according to his display volume, it is preliminarily estimated that he also earned tens of thousands of commissions.

In fact, the promotion methods are different from person to person. The two promotion methods I shared are just a little inspiration for youWhat kind of methods you are good at, you should do the traffic that suits you. Don’t underestimate the promotion type of projects. Find the method that suits you. Many promotion type projects can generate automatic traffic and realize passive benefits without promoting themselves.

The CPS project of voice dubbing artifact has brought me more than 2000 passive benefits


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