The project in the same city earns 5000 dollars a month, so master this skill and start on the same day!


Everyone’s cognition is limited. No one can fully and thoroughly understand the whole world. As long as our cognition can support our progress, it is actually enough.

The project in the same city earns 5000 dollars a month, so master this skill and start on the same day!

When I was in college, there was a girl I liked who studied human resources. At the school next door, she was my roommate’s classmateI knew each other for a chance to have dinner together.

I still remember that one day when I had a little too much to drink, I sent her a text message, which probably means to express my good opinion of her, because when I was in college, I worked part-time for the entrepreneurial team outside to earn living expenses, and I spent all my spare time at work. I felt that I had no time to talk about my girlfriendI stayed with others for a while, but later, I didn’t come back. A few years after graduation, I had an occasional chat, and I knew that she also liked me. So, sometimes, whether something can be done depends on whether you have the courage to take the first step.

At that time, I was thinking about what human resources really do. I felt that I had no ambition and graduatedIt’s nothing more than working as a human resource in the company. But two years ago, I had dinner with a senior brother of a leading enterprise in Guizhou. To be exact, he told me something in 2020, which completely overturned my understanding of the human resources industry.

In the first year of love, before the outbreak, one of our senior brothersAs a human resource, 5000 or 6000 people were sent to coastal cities to do summer jobs. Because of the outbreak of “Y”, they couldn’t come back, and the salary was still paid, so the elder martial brother earned 100 W every month.

In fact, when I was in college, someone was doing summer job recruitment, and some of my classmates went to Yanhai City through these channelsAt that time, when I worked in the city for summer vacation, I didn’t have the sense of making money through this. I was determined to take root in the Internet. Today, I want to talk about the project of recruiting workers in the same city.

In fact, this project is very simple. It is to send employees to factories and enterprises that need them. After graduation from the college entrance examination, I went to Houjie Town, Dongguan to work in the summer vacation for two monthsI went there with my high school roommate. Because his father was the second in command of the factory, I went to work directly. At that time, many factories were recruiting people all the year round. It was really hard to work that day. I couldn’t eat well and sleep well. I was still tired from work. My monthly salary was 1800. I worked from 7:30 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening.

LocalThe recruitment project mainly solves two problems, traffic and resources.

First of all, you should talk to the enterprises that need to recruit. Many people can’t connect with you. Then you can connect resources through some labor service companies, that is, you can do a backhand. You tell the labor service companies that you have resources in your hands and can recruit people, so that they can set the salary standardThey can also earn a certain amount of money by hiring a person to give you 500 or 800 commissions. Generally, a person can get 10% – 30% of the salary.

After solving the resource problem, the next problem is traffic. Where can I find people?

If you are a college student, you can recruit directly at schoolPeople, some people may think that many people are doing this, which is a bad street project. In fact, the purpose of my writing is not to make you have to do it, but I can write it. There must be some places that we can learn from, such as how to do traffic.

In the past, our traditional way of looking for people was to use 58 cities and BOSS direct recruitment. I used to use boss direct recruitment in the studio, which is very easy to use. In addition, I have no basic salary for recruitment, which is pure commission. Because I usually give high commissions, and the project is also quite lucrative, but I basically need people with college education or above.

If you want to workIt is obviously not appropriate to use 58 and boss to recruit employees. At this time, we need to develop a new traffic channel – Tiktok.

We can send video streaming in batches through Tiktok. The video is actually very simple. We can make some videos of factory workers’ daily work, which can be sent out, and can be accompanied by some copywriting or recruitment requirements,Generally, there is about 500 basic traffic. This traffic can be realized. People who need it will send you a private message or leave their contact information on the homepage.

If you want to play more advanced and have more traffic, you can find some beautiful women who go to work on the assembly line to take videos. In fact, there are many women in TiktokThe video of working on the assembly line is very popular, but the premise is that the heroine is either good looking or in good shape.

If you are at work, you can also take similar videos and send them to help the labor service company recruit people. One person is 500, and 10 people a month is 5000$This is an empty handed white wolf project,Easy to use.

The project in the same city earns 5000 dollars a month, so master this skill and start on the same day!


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