Conventional project adopts fission playing method, with a monthly profit of 20000 !


Today, we share a super simple traffic earning project –Charging of telephone charges

Conventional project adopts fission playing method, with a monthly profit of 20000 !

I believe that people are charging their phone bills on platforms like Amazon, JD, and WeChat, because it is convenient and fast, and there are also discounts, as shown in the figure below$Maximum discount 2$About money, the discount is fairly good.

From daily useIn terms of perspective and coverage, recharging is just needed. If there is a relatively high quality and low price, it will inevitably attract many users.

Therefore, this project is able to achieve continuous benefit generation. Now many WeChat official account are doing this.

But when it comes to doing thingsIn the recharge industry, many people may not know the profit model and playing method behind it.

In fact, it is very simple. Recharging the phone bill is just like selling lottery tickets. The operator will give a rebate to the agent, so that the person who recharges on behalf of the customer can get profits from it.

For example, the telephone charge of the agent is 45$Can recharge 50$, then he uses 50$To collect the call fee from others, you can get 5% from it$The price difference of.

The other is volume based sales. For example, when many universities start their studies, people will go to promote the charging activities of phone bills. For example, when there are more people charging, the commission can be calculated according to the number of people. GenerallyOne person can raise 10$about.

This is a common telephone fee profit model.

Another is how much to pre charge and how much to return. As a consumer, it seems that he has earned the call fee, but as an operator, this call fee is not the other call fee.

Broadly speaking, the phone bill you deposit can be used for some traffic, SMSPaid activities. But in fact, what you have saved can only be used for call service.

Operators use this gap to build a cheap communication platform to advocate consumers to pre deposit the phone bill, so as to achieve the purpose of making money from the phone bill.

(A call charge recharge official account is withdrawn from the background)

Speaking of which, you might thinkSince there is so much demand, is the wholesale price of the call very low? However, it is not.

I don’t need to say more about the status of the three major operators. Everyone knows that they are in a monopoly position. No matter how users can complain, you have to use them anyway. It is almost impossible to get low telephone charges from themMost of them are wholesale at the original price.

So you can’t earn much money by charging the phone, and some people even need to lose money to charge you. Punch 100$, if you can earn 0.5$, indicating that it is already very high.

In this case, why do those so-called low-cost official account on the Internet still work tirelesslyHold on? Did we meet live Lei Feng? Common sense tells us that what we buy is never good enough to sell, and no one can do a loss making business.

I wonder if you have heard a famous saying in the Internet economy“Wool comes from pigs. “? This sentence means that the Internet platform provides users (sheep) products for freeOr service, and other market entities (pigs) will pay for this part of the cost.

Take a classic example.

In the early years, anti-virus software was charged. If you want to use it, you have to pay money casually. This is the general thinking that the sheep’s wool is the sheep’s wool.

Later, I didn’t know where to kill a 360 antivirus softIt is not only free for users to use, but also quickly seized the whole market, almost playing invincible in the world.

360 uses the reverse thinking that wool comes from pigs. Users are sheep, but they don’t need wool. Advertisers are pigs, but they need to pay for advertising.

The phone charge shared todayThe profit logic of the value project is very similar to the 360 case.

Although recharging phone charges is a low profit industry, many businesses do not aim to make money by recharging phone charges. They just regard phone charges asDrainage tool, take advantage of the pain point of the demand of charging to make a profit online, and lead people to official account or WeChat for cash。

People who have done business and market know that it is difficult to develop alone. If we develop agency, people will be highly motivated. This is the principle of recharging the phone bill, and their ultimate goal is to find offline profits.

for exampleMark up shareTo develop the agency. ninety-three$, you add 3$,96$External and lower pinsSale; If it’s an agent, you can give him 94$, you have 1$Profit. In this way, the infinite cycle goes on and fission is fast.

As long as there are more than 3000 members, we can basically guarantee a profit of 20000 a month.

So even if the charging rebate is very low, you can still use them to make a lot of money because of the demandThere are too many households.

Take the official account I often pay attention to for example, users can not only register your personal phone recharge shop, but also those who have entered your shop will be automatically bound to become your members, and you will get a commission for their phone charges in the future.

See? Their fans are very sticky, almostThe reading amount of each picture and text is between 10000 and 20000, which shows that it is very attractive to ordinary people.

Even if other people do not recharge, they only open stores. There are hundreds of stores opened by dozens of people every day$Income. This kind of project can earn money after opening a shop. It is not difficult for others to open a shop and make their own profits.

youYou can set up a QQ group and WeChat group, and then upload the store opening tutorial. You can almost be a shopkeeper, and you can also post in places with large number of users. There are many such platforms, at least thousands of exposures.

Therefore, for ordinary people, recharging is a good choice.

For a long time,It’s really a good sideline with a long history. If you help a person, he will also find people around her to pay for the call. Everyone knows the principle of “one word, ten words, one hundred words”, so I won’t say more.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing

Conventional project adopts fission playing method, with a monthly profit of 20000 !


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