Jingdong spare parts warehouse project in Xianyu, with monthly income of 8000-1W


Last year, I made a lot of money in the spare parts warehouse project of Jingdong in Xianyu.

Jingdong spare parts warehouse project in Xianyu, with monthly income of 8000-1W

But now, with more and more people doing it, the competition has entered a white hot stage.

However, there is still something that can be done.

What we can do is to have channels to digest a large number of goods and commodities.

Another point is that the fund is abundant.

Amount of fundsA small number of individuals and small sellers are basically out of the game.

The practice of JD spare parts warehouse is actually mindless and simple.

It is to take a photo of a batch of goods. After the goods arrive, you can take a photo and upload it to the free fish.

Because the price has a great advantage.

As long as the price is in place.

No optimization technology is needed.

SendGo, it can be said that they were robbed.


For example, your shipment is 3W$I got it.

It is sold for 4W on Second hand goods trading platform.

Then you will earn 1W by batching goods.

It’s hard to play now.

However, if you want to play, there are still ways to play

Today, Nanxing will bring you a way to shop in JDLeisure fish project.

1、 Project principle

1. Buy goods in JD to become an Second hand goods trading platform e-commerce.

2. Go to the JD domestic sales platform to take photos of the goods and stock up the goods yourself.

3. Then release the goods to the Second hand goods trading platform for resale.

4. What we do is to earn the middle price difference.

2、 What is JD domestic purchase

1. Jingdong Domestic PurchasersAll products come from JD spare parts warehouse, which is also the domestic sales platform.

2. JD’s internal purchase platform is mainly for the welfare of JD’s internal employees, that is, the spare parts warehouse.

3. The price is 40% to 60% off the market price.

4. There are many kinds of products, especially housewife productsIt’s also very easy to make moves.

5. The spare parts warehouse is a source of goods with low price and high quality.

3、 How to register

1. WeChat to search for “JD Domestic” applet

2. Enter and register with your mobile phone number.

4、 Price comparison

1. For example, we take this “gb good children’s silicone pillow” as an exampleThe selling price in Dongnei is 79$

2. Let’s go to a treasure to see the corresponding price. Below is the price of the mall. One thing, one style, and one color. The price is 199, and the sales volume is still 1000 .

3. Of course, there is another C shop. The price will be cheaper for the same style and colorBut the price is 116$

4. We can check whether the Second hand goods trading platform is available. Then we can fill the vacancy. For example, our selling price is 99$, lower than other channels.

5. Our price is 79$, sold 99$It’s sure to sell well. In this case, the difference is 20$, that is, 20% of the profit, OK, don’t be greedy, you can fast forward and fast out.

5、 Play without hoarding

1. In fact, most people do not like hoarding.

2. This is also fun.

3. That is, we go to the JD domestic sales platform to find products, and then directly find pictures to release on the leisure fish.

4. Remember to use some commentsThe picture is more realistic.

5. If someone takes a photo, it can be explained that it is generally not refundable, because JD domestic sales have a rule that sales are not refundable.

6. After the customer agrees, let him place an order, and we will go to the JD domestic sales platform to shoot, and fill in the address of the casual fish buyer.

6、 Stockpiling

1. Of course, stock upThere is also a certain risk, that is, if you get the goods that are not easy to sell, you will hit yourself.

2. The products need to be tested slowly to see what is good and what is not. If you get something that sells well, you can get more.

3. When testing, you can take one first. If you can’t sell it, you can keep it for your own use, orThe price can be reduced to cost.

4. After the order is issued, it can be delivered directly.

7、 Profit analysis

1. Last year, a group of us were friends in the spare parts warehouse. One person made a profit of 3-5 W in one month.

2. The income mainly depends on your own funds and channels.

3. To do this, if there is 3-5W capital turnoverThere are still a few more free fish shops, 8000-1W a month. Because free fish is the same as Amazon, the buyer can only make money on Alipay after confirming the receipt, so there is a certain cycle.

Well, the above is today’s Jingdong domestic fish shopping project.

Even if you don’t sell and go here to buy thingsIt can save a lot of money.

Jingdong spare parts warehouse project in Xianyu, with monthly income of 8000-1W


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