Small projects of making money with zero basis, short videos of folk stories, and novices can operate in batches!


Today, I would like to share with you a small project that can make money on the basis of zero fundamentals. It can be operated in batches. First, I would like to introduce this project. The project realization in the field of short videos has always been a track that many people want to enter. Especially in the past two years, I have seen so many video creators make money on Tiktok, and I certainly don’t want to miss itThis opportunity.

Small projects of making money with zero basis, short videos of folk stories, and novices can operate in batches!

The content includes three aspects,First, project introduction; Second, project advantages; Third, project operation.

First, project introduction

We also saw a lot of video types and ways of expression on the short video platform. Everyone is tolerant of a new thingThe introduction of a book is a good way to create stories. When everyone does this, it will be a little utilitarian,

Today I want to share with you the creation and realization of Tiktok short videos, but we have chosen different segments. Recently, we found that some story-based videos have a large number of likes and commentsA good way.

Second, project advantages

The content of story video is mainly folk stories, and the video is in the form of story telling. Of course, these videos can be pictures, text, or even a static picture, because most of the time when users brush the video, they hear us telling storiesThings.

This kind of folktale video has many advantages. For example, the story video is more attractive, allowing users to stay on the video for a long time. In addition, the folktale material has a strong sense of substitution. As long as users listen to it for a while, they will basically hear it all.

In this way, there will be a good completion rate. If you talk aboutStories similar to those of the past in Northeast China, which are close to reality and decorated with some novel art, will cause heated discussions. The final form of these heated discussions is comments, which indirectly guide users to comment on our videos.

So it is very important to make short videos of such folk storiesIt’s promising. It doesn’t take too long to make a video in the early stage. Five or six minutes is the best because we can’t grasp the audience’s preferences for the time being. Another big advantage of folk tales is that there is no copyright dispute,

This is also the most important thing at present, such as film and television editing, which inevitably leads to disputes, transportation and originalityLow, limited flow, etc., and these folk stories are compiled by us, which are relatively original.

Third, project operation process

It will be explained in five parts.Part I Registration number; The second part, how to find material; The third part is how to make the video, and the fourth part is how to realize it,The fifth part, related precautions.

Part I Registration No

First, you can register your own account or buy an account. If you buy an account, try to buy it for more than half a year. Don’t buy some new ones. New ones need to be maintained. After all, different equipment and environments will have a certain impact if you want to make money online.

Second point, accountThe name of the account number and avatar can be related to the “XX Folktale Club”, which is conducive to the verticality of the account and the promotion in the later stage. However, you must not put your own WeChat in the early stage, which will affect the relevant weight.

Third, go to the creator center at the official backstage of Tiktok, and focus on 10 big V’sSome peers of the same type are conducive to our own account tagging.

Part II. How to find materials

You can go to GoogleSocial networking sitesseek. Image material website: Qiantu, Sumi, Tuchong Creativity, Chuangyi Stone, Panorama, etc. Search relevant keywords directly to find the image element you wantMaterial is enough.

The audio of the story can be downloaded directly from Tiktok, and some videos with high playback volume can also be found in Himalaya, but do not download those with copyright, because Himalaya is a copyright platform after all.

Part III How to Make Video

The video production is very simple. After the audio and pictures are ready, the video is cut and projectedJust do it. Use the clip to automatically identify the subtitles, and then add some special effects to complete the original work. Make a separate cover map, pay attention to the bold font, and the attractive title, so that we can better see our work.

Part IV Realization Method

First, the profit is relatively high, but training is neededTraining may take some time.

Second, advertising can cooperate with advertisers to implant some advertisements.

Third, you can choose some books to bring with you.

The fourth is the sales number, which is a mass production number, but we do not recommend you to sell it. After all, it is our effort, and we will have nothing if we sell it.

SectionV. Precautions

The first point is to pay attention to the upper and middle episodes when publishing videos. Two videos are published every day to guide users to pay attention.

Second, the Creator Service Center uploads videos with high definition.

The third point is to look for topics. We should find some positive energy instead of bloody violence at the beginning.

SectionFour, close to life, find something that everyone likes to listen to, is willing to listen to, and is relatively ordinary.

Fifth, the account should be more active. Don’t fish for three days or bask in the net for two days.

Small projects of making money with zero basis, short videos of folk stories, and novices can operate in batches!


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