Hot product handling projects earn 4800 a day!


I saw a news today that the delivery of takeout in the future needs to be affixed with a takeout seal. Without this seal, the takeout boy can choose to refuse the delivery and you can refuse it.

Hot product handling projects earn 4800 a day!

At present, this rule is only applicable to Zhejiang, but it will certainly be implemented throughout the country in the future, which represents the seal of the takeout, immediately become a hot and popular product. All offline physical stores that have delivery services need to purchase the delivery seal.

So it should also be an opportunity for us to make a little money with this product. It can still be realized. For those who are more sensitive to the network,It has already started to take action. At present, it sells well on all major platforms.

The unit price is not high, but the sales volume is booming. Hundreds of thousands of orders are sold in one day. The cost of this product can be said to be very low. According to the sales volume of the following stores, even if the difference is made, it will be at least thousands of dollars a day.

No. 1 shopkeeper, I enterI went to have a look. What I sold was not the takeout seal, but just to help set up the pictures of the takeout seal, help you set up the pictures you need, and then let you find someone to make them yourself. It can be said that they are basically net profits.

Just find a graphics software, then find a template, and modify the text or background image inside, basically one pointZhong, you can complete several template pictures. According to the above unit price and sales, you can earn at least 10000 a day!

So how should we operate this project? The simplest and fastest way is to open a store right away. You can search for a treasure, a fish, and a game of sunset, and then introduce the product of a treasureThe picture is carried to a certain fish, and then the picture is carried to a certain treasure at sunset.

Just now, I went to these platforms and searched. I found that the price of a treasure was 6.5, just like the product introduction picture on Pinxixi. Someone directly transported it to a treasure to sell 18.8, and the sales volume on that day was 400 !

Same product, the same picture, changed the introduction, and then the price doubled several times, a single price difference profit of 12$The sales volume is 400, which is 4800 dollars a day. This is the sales volume when I took the screenshot just now, and it is estimated that it is still increasing significantly.

At present, this product has just become popular. If you have a partner in the store, you can go there immediatelyAfter a wave of operation, the competition for this product is not very big now. As long as we set the unit price lower and optimize a product keyword, we can wait for customers to come and consult.

I went to a fish search, and found that the market is still blank at present. If there is no treasure store, you can go to a fish to operateIt is very simple to get a few accounts and occupy the top three search products in front, not to mention making tens of thousands a day.

If someone buys, they can go to the shop and place an order. They don’t need to purchase goods or deliver goods. They can earn a price difference. If they have more time and energy, they can also seal the design drawing of the takeoutAnd put them on the shelf together.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help you.

Hot product handling projects earn 4800 a day!


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