Social networking website virtual moneymaking project, no technical content, daily income 100-200


Why do I always emphasize virtual projects?

Social networking website virtual moneymaking project, no technical content, daily income 100-200

Because most people start making money by doing virtual projects.

Many people have a vague definition of virtual projects.

I don’t know what products belong to virtual products. To put it simply, a series of products such as resources, tutorials, software, etc.

These virtual productsIt has always been the mainstream of the Internet.

As long as you master these virtual products, you can quickly rise on the Internet.

So, what is the more reliable way to play?

A tutorial on selling stable income.

With the development of society, many people have given up their dream of becoming rich overnight and started to recognize the reality.

Hope to have a stable jobVery good.

But a stable job requires education, skills, certificates and other requirements.

In the era of the proliferation of undergraduate students, many people have to go all the way up to graduate students and doctors in order to improve their academic qualifications.

It seems that the higher the degree and the higher the gold content, the higher the salary for starting out in the society.

Because most peopleChange. A lot of profitable industries have emerged.

The teaching materials and postgraduate entrance examination materials, which can bring us a glimmer of hope, are very easy to pay.

How do we know about this money making information? How should we start?

The people around me are doing it. They told me this information and I studied it,Only then did I find that people who make money always find ways to tap the flow channels and build a cash flow system.

Today, I would like to share a complete process of virtual resource realization.

It’s easy to start, just find the right crowd.

Project principle

Social networking sitesIt is a gathering place for female traffic, and female fans have a strong sense of payment. We just need to buildSocial networking sitesnumber,By sharing the content, it will become popular, and then it will be diverted to the private domain. Many people do not understand the private domain. The VX you use is your private domain. Finally, it is realized by selling virtual resources.

Operating principle

1. Prepare resources

2. Registered account

3. Write virtual product notes

4. Optimize notes

5. Drain to private domain

6. WeChat transaction

Basically, these six stepsTake the strategy, so a complete set of liquidity system has been built.

Many people may not know how to do it after the second step. This is simple.

How to find resources?

First of all, you need to determine what virtual resource products you do. Let me take the postgraduate entrance examination materials as an example. The postgraduate entrance examination materials can be collected online. If you don’t want to waste time, justJust buy a copy directly from PDD, a treasure or leisure fish, and search for postgraduate entrance examination materials directly. It’s better to sort it out by yourself when you have it. Don’t use it directly. It’s easy to involve infringement.

How to write virtual product notes?

Can’t write, the simplest and direct way is to imitate others. Imitation is not copying, it is toAdd your own things. Let’s see what others wrote.

How to optimize notes?

First of all, it is to optimize the title, so that people can see what you are sharing at a glance. Generally, the title should contain keywords, so that users can search it once. Secondly, content optimization can be used to grow certain types of products to cater to the platformDemand.

How to lead to the private domain?

The common practice of many people is to guide private messages. Send the contact information on the private letter.

It is a stupid way to reply to private letters, and the risk is very high. However, in terms of making money, it is enough to have another one. Just upload more data.

Be smart and guide othersLook at the home page. In this way, we can screen a group of customers who just need, just reply in the comments and look at the home page. Basically, everyone understands this meaning.

By guiding to the homepage, the intended users can see the contact information.

I don’t need to tell you how to make a deal at the last point. Since they want information, they sayIf there is a need, you just need to solve his needs and serve him well.

As long as the above problems are solved, one WeChat can add about 20-30 intended users a day to make money properly.

The key is that after the preliminary preparation, the later content will bring you a steady stream of trafficAccumulative.

Social networking website virtual moneymaking project, no technical content, daily income 100-200


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