Valuable: can the micro headline project earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Tutorial+Analysis!


Basically, when any project is on fire, you will find some people with ulterior motives who blow it up like a god!Some are reapers, some are followers, and some are sold to help others.

Valuable: can the micro headline project earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Tutorial+Analysis!

Originally, it is difficult to define the value of virtual goods.

You can say that there are thousands of xx communities$One year is a bad father, butTiefen said it was worth it, and he earned more money; You can say that the training of xx project is too rubbish, but a few people have done it, and the trainers have also paid their labor; You can say that xx course is to copy and paste after adding some shit. Haha, it’s reallySelling dog shit at the price of cat shit coffee.

I can’t help it. Just be humanIt’s such a rush. No one wants to cut you. Too many people give them the knife. Some people feel that telling the truth to him is preventing him from getting rich.

In fact, they are the same. Which industry wants to go deep and cannot pay some tuition fees? What you think is worthless does not exist.Of course you can save 2$Three stops for moneyBus, but what about 30 stops? Are you still running? A lot of people follow the rules!Because many things can not be as numerical as 30 stops!

For the growth type, small cost trial and error will become his sustenance; For closed type people, trial and error of small cost will accumulate into waste of large cost.

Adults should take the initiativeBe responsible for your mistakes and choices!Those who do not like thinking are more suitable for honing a valuable technology, and then finding those who love thinking to cooperate.

Most online projects are very simple if you want to explain them clearly. A look at the city is useless.Details! Details! Details! Say important things three times!

quite a lotWe need to test the details ourselves. It doesn’t exist to say that you have tested everything, and you can just execute without thinking.

There will always be accidents, there will always be things that can’t be solved by the tutorial, and there will always be questions that can’t be answered by the teacher.

I tested the recent micro headline project and found thatPretty good, you can do it by the wayYou can earn more or less by doing it, which is better than most wool rolling, and can also exercise your sense of net.However, some people just published several articles, and a few days when the income reached two figures and three figures, they began to fantasize about earning more than 10,000 dollars per month.To tell the truth: this is really not an ordinary difficulty.

Monthly income of over 10000 dollars, average daily income of 333$。 The data I tested is3000 Reading 1$Money, even 1w Read 1$money, the platform will float depending on the content. Earnings has a concept of “profitable reading”, that is to say:Not all reading activities will produce benefits, which can be seen in the background.

Let’s press 3000 to read 1$Money exchangeThat’s 300$The money is 90w/day. In general, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of readers will be paid. Therefore, one Hao only sends about 5 messages every day. To achieve the monthly goal, we must rely on Chaoduohao.

Chaoduohao is very troublesome in management. It also needs to make the devices, IP addresses and accounts different from each otherDry, to prevent one Hao from having problems, and the others will be uprooted! There are too many numbers, and people can’t log in at all, so they need some management software, and associated risks still exist.

In general, there are two cases of making micro headlines: one is to peddle his earnings, and the other is to give priority to drainage with arbitrary earnings. For smallBai Lai said, I suggest you try both of them, which will help your personal growth!

At the same time, I tested the income and drainage. I output 15 for 3 consecutive days, and one of them exploded. In three days, it rose from 100 fans to 250+, with more than 10 gains$Money. Of course, in terms of content, I focus on absorbing accurate powder+long-term operation, which is still an encirclementThe creation was carried out around the network without emotion or story. The direction determines that there will not be much profit.

Opening conditions of microblog:

Number of vermicelli: 100

Or: yellow v gold v

Note: If the credit score is lower than 60, the revenue will be closed.

Source of income from WeChat Headlines:

The micro headline is a column of today’s headline app, which is used as the micro headline incomeIn fact, it’s all about making profits from our media. It’s just that the headline is long and the micro headline is short, so it’s relatively easy to create. It’s still no pressure to get 5 and 10 articles a day.

The trend of content entrepreneurship in the future is short and pithyTherefore, micro headlines are very meaningful for platform strategy, and there will be some small profitsLi. Including traffic, including lowering the original requirements.

In addition to one of the benefits of WeChat Headlines, it is also to participate in some platform activities. I logged in the background myself to demonstrate to you[Growth Guide] – [Inspiration]You can choose your own articles and fields you want to do. There are many activitiesThe picture is just a small part of the first page$Look at the total bonus and the number of participants. In fact, it is profitable (the home page of the background will also automatically recommend activities suitable for you).

Precautions for micro headlines:

In my practice, I found that the headline app displayed 190000 readings, but actually this is just the display volumeThe amount of reading is subject to the backstage. This is because of the old version of the headline app. After the upgrade, the headline app shows how much. To understand the relationship between presentation and reading, don’t be too happy too early.

Of course, excellent data content can be displayed and read for several days in a continuous process.Because I wanted to record this process, this article was delayed. From the beginning of thousands, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, to more than 200000, up to now nearly 300000, the click rate is still more than 20%, and the data is still rising. Can’t wait, the article will be published first.

Pay attention to originality when writing micro headlines, and directly use plagiarism wordsNot recommended. If it is not your own original work, I suggest you do itOriginality test, andSearch whether there is similar content on the platform。 Original content should not be taken lightly. If you send it first on other platforms, you may be robbed!You can set up and bind other distribution platform accounts to facilitate your complaints and preemptive release of your originalRong Dahao.

General suggestionsAt the beginning of the day, you can send one or two. After a period of maintenance, you can send five every day. It is better to leave about 2 hours between each,I have tested consecutive posts, and the amount of presentation and reading is not ideal. Although it does not affect the sales, the sales are not responsive. At least there’s space for you not toLike a marketing number.

Popular models often have one thing in common, and the click through rate is very highAll kinds of supportive actions must be helpful for our content recommendation, butI think the click through rate is the most important! We must let them see the first sentence and want to point it in. After reading, they want to express their opinions, agree or disagreeAll favorable.

Content direction of micro headlines:

The profit isAs far as the eye can be drawn, all kinds of contents subvert the three outlooks and are various.The most common way is to take some stories about a certain sound, x event, and x, the older the better. In fact, many people know this, but there is no magazine content channel.

Like my high schoolThe most popular X event and online website Other magazines also have corresponding websites. Members of the Zhixing Club don’t need to use the website. The materials are ready for you to play the project until you die. Entrance: boutique books/017 magazinesClass.

As I said earlier, I did some flower work and told the story of the reversal of exotic flowers. Why it? Because I entered the pit a few years ago and went to Toutiao We Media today. At the beginning of 2020, I also tested WeChat Toutiao and wrote a tutorial on the drainage of WeChat Toutiao. I think this place is a good place for drainage.Portal:

A Amazon seller relies on WeChatHeadline drainage, 1000 monthly sales

Look at the bottom item of my background, 449632 shows, 63243 reads, 360 likes, 183 comments, which is a small test I did in December, 19. At that time, there was no micro headline income.

I really don’t recommend articles about money,Especially for marketing, project and drainage, it is easy to encounter adverse scale, deduct points and warn. The flow of valuable for key money writing is not much, and it is easy to break the rules. Even if it exploded, the measured income was still very small. So don’t write about earnings unless you are in finance, investment, entrepreneurship, etcBig v.

Apart from money, what do people pay more attention to? Gossip, hot spots, emotions, and things related to the masses themselves.

Let’s talk about gossip first. Isn’t someone breaking the Douban and Tiger Pound servers by himself recently? Where can I see melon? Weibo has a ranking, Google has a wind and cloud list, and the number is smallerNo. official account: Zuojia Huibo has also shared such melon eating aggregation websites:

Then there are hot spots. Hot spots actually live close to eating melons, such asRecently, [high-quality male Xu Qingen], his imitator [Tian Yiming, Daqing Oilfield] is more magical, pushing high-quality men to a climax.The micro headline of hot topics is generally event+comment.If your language skills are poor, then pure events are also possible, just like the form of news, which is less effective.

Copying the comment area is actually a relatively safe method,The comment area under the hot content of the whole network can be copied.Be lazy and look directly at the comments in the comment area. If you have many comments, use them directly! Remember:Without violating the platform rules, the more extreme the better, the more controversial the better.

Comment after posting micro headlinesThe discourse area can also be induced by one wave. You can even use Xiaohao’s divine comments and scripts to induce more discussion, likes and concerns in the comment area immediately after posting.

For emotional ones, the focus is nothing more than finding resonance and curiosity.Resonance is that you abstract the story into a framework, and the stories in it are also encountered by ordinary people, orThe ordinary people will experience that kind of emotion. The same is true of songs. If they resonate, we will feel very good. Don’t talk about curiosity,The more you destroy the Three Views, the more you break expectations, the more you can’t stop!

You’ve heard of the moving a certain sound, a certain meeting, or a certain person. Don’t copy the moving words in a long way, pick them out and summarize them wonderfully.Even moving bricks has technical content. Some fat friends who did this project were commented that the logic was chaotic and they could not make up stories.

The general technique is to induce people to pay attention, like, comment, and forward to help our works get more recommendations.No matter how the Internet changesThe law of universality applies to all new platforms.

The more project articles I have written, the more I like to talk about universal things. Because these things can really enlighten people. If you only like to read project articles, ok, in a small corner of my online disk, you can easily dump tens of thousands of articles, which is enough for you to readLife.

Look, you won’t make money, you will write, you will do, you will sell.

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Valuable: can the micro headline project earn more than 10000 dollars a month? Tutorial+Analysis!


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