Share an old game console project, which is highly replicable, with daily flow of 6000


In the evening, I found that there was a live broadcast playing Russia$Game console:

Share an old game console project, which is highly replicable, with daily flow of 6000

Single player operation, game console 29.9$The price seems not high either:

Go to Pinduo and have a look. It’s only 9$Money, good guy, even if it is distributed on a commission basis, the median profit will be 20%$One order:

This project selling old game consoles can be recoveredVery strong control.

Last year, a friend in Shenzhen who was working as a new media said that the company was carrying goods live. The two products recently selected made a lot of money. When she asked her what they were, she didn’t say anything.

Later, I revealed a key word “old game console”, which should be this. At that time, they were doing live broadcast, bringing goods and selling old peopleWe recruit two anchors for the video game console, and broadcast it in turns every day without showing up. We just play the old game with you. We sell the video game console with a daily turnover of 6000. You can calculate the profit by yourself. This kind of project does not need live broadcast. Even if the anchor runs away, another anchor will continue to accompany the game and bring goods, which has no impactThe system is very high. If you are interested, you can do it without showing your face or even talking. Just concentrate on playing games live.

They don’t have to be game masters. Everyone wants to have fun. Just like watching others play cards with golden flowers and mahjong during the Spring Festival, many people like watching and eating melons.

In the field of nostalgia, the market is very wide. Many post-80s and post-90s people like the past, especially those who were unsatisfied when they were young, or those who went online to earn nostalgia, which gave them good memories.

Take the nostalgic games shared above as an example, there are many related game products, such as soul fightingLuo, tank battle, etc. When I was young, I used the “Little Overlord” game console most, with different game cards inserted on it.

If you are also interested in childhood games, you can make a similar number.

The video taken every day is a small video of playing various childhood games, which reminds everyone of their childhood memories。

Then, if you want to broadcast live, you don’t need to show your face. Focus the live camera of your mobile phone on the TV game and explain it while playing.

And bring goods with you during the live broadcast. In addition to selling products around the game console for cash, it can also sell some snacks, such as snack bars, soda and other leisure snacks.

It is important to explain whether you play the game well,People who eat melons have fun.

About the video$, you can record the screen directly, and then edit the highlights.

Or you can directly record the screen while broadcasting, edit the wonderful game clips in the live broadcast, and then send them in batches.

In addition to nostalgic games, there are also nostalgic snacks. We have a snack shop at homeThen go to Pinduoduo to search for “nostalgic snacks” and buy some of them. The scene of buying snacks in the village convenience store in the past is imitated to attract fans’ attention and bring goods in the window.

In combination with the live broadcast, we sell all kinds of nostalgic snacks, especially those recently pushed in the video, and fans are watching the videoAt that time, directly click into the live broadcast room to place an order:

As for delivery$It’s OK to go directly to a distribution, and it’s OK to search for more.

The same is true for other products. You can basically find the products you want on Pinduoduo.

In this way, there is no need to stock up. The cost of investment only needs to show the cost of shooting live video.

hisWhat kind of nostalgic movies, nostalgic albums, nostalgic music, etc. does he have? Any nostalgic field subdivided by him is a good project.

Share an old game console project, which is highly replicable, with daily flow of 6000


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