Second hand book trading project idea: use information difference to earn 100+!


Today, I would like to share a second-hand book trading project to teach you how to make 100 dollars by making use of information difference.

Second hand book trading project idea: use information difference to earn 100+!

First, the mode of making money

1. The no supply mode means that there is no need to stock up and take no risks. The profit is low, about 10 dollars. It goes from finding books to selling them in the Old Book Street to earn the differenceSome people place orders from Pinduoduo, and then send them to users. The whole process is distributed by Pinduoduo merchants.

2. There is a supply mode. Buy books at a low price from the Duozhuyu platform, and then put them on the shelves of Confucius Old Books. Then sell them at a higher price. After someone pays, they contact the logistics department for delivery. The whole process is so simple.

secondIndividual and platform advantages

1. The platform endorses that Confucius Old Book Website is a relatively small brand. Many people who do not read or buy books do not know about it. Although small, it is a very old website. It can be said that it is the king in the field of secondary book segmentation. It started almost the same time as a treasure and has a history of more than ten years.

2. As for the type of books, choosing the out of print book project is also a relatively high-end group. Many people are willing to pay for the out of print high priced books. They have strong purchasing power and high quality. The price of the same book is 22.4. The lowest price on Confucius Old Book Website is 130 dollars. Why can it be sold at a high price on Confucius Old Book Website.

Third, operation steps

First, we mainly buy and sell books. We need to know the family background, where the goods come from and where they come from. To buy books, we need to register the Duozhuyu account first. It only has the official account and applet on the WeChat side, that is, one WeChat can register an account, click “Buy Books”, and select the books to buy to join the purchaseThe goods cart is OK. When the desired book is out of stock, you need to click the “arrival reminder”.

The second step is to register Confucius Old Book Website. Because we want to sell books here eventually, one mobile phone number can be used to register one account. If we open stores in batches, we need multiple mobile phone numbers and ID cards. After registration, we click“”Seller Center” and then click “Free Bookstall”. Do not choose “Open Shop”. You need business license and publishing qualification deposit.

There is no need for business license and deposit to open a bookstall, but 5% commission charge will be charged for selling to the platform, and no commission charge will be charged for freight. After the store is opened, the products will be put on the shelves on Confucius Old BooksIt is very simple to transfer the product. Just scan the QR code on the back of the book and all the information of the book will come out, which will be automatically filled in the information column of the book. Fill in three information: the actual picture of the book, the price and the appearance.

Third, the selection method of second-hand out of print books 1. Find out the peers selling out of print books on Confucius Old Book Website, and see the good onesWe will purchase the books of our peers that sell well. First, we will look for stores based on the books, find an out of print book, and then search on Confucius Old Book Website to find many stores with a unit price of more than dozens. If the sales of some books are good, we will go to catch more fish and search to see if they are out of print books. If the above two conditions are met, thenThe shop is a peer that can be referred to.

2. Look at the latest list of books on the shelves of peers, and there must be a market and profit in choosing this book to go on the shelves.

3. The latest transaction price and transaction time of a book can be seen on Confucius Old Books. If you want to sell a book, but are not sure whether it will sell well, you can search for the success of the bookIf the transaction record of this book shows that the selling cycle is relatively short, you can choose

Choose this book. If the selling cycle is long, it is not recommended.

After we found the hot out of print books in the benchmarking shop, we went to Duozhuyu to buy them. The ISBN of Duozhuyu to search for books is equivalent to the ID card of the bookThe sign of regular book release is unique. Hot selling books may not be available immediately. Add these books to the “arrival reminder”, and be sure to find as many books as possible. If there is no book available for the time being, click the reminder. Add at least hundreds of arrival reminders, because even if there is an arrival, you will not be notified 100%, and more than one will be reminded, and the supply of goods is limited, so the official notice is a random reminder!

Fourth, precautions for book robbing

1. There are apps and small programs available for Duozhuyu. If you want to grab books quickly, you are suggested to download Duozhuyu App, which will have a much higher success rate.

2. And multiple multiple fish catching accounts should not be operated in one treeHanging from the tree, maybe this account has not been reminded, but that account has been reminded.

3. When robbing books from Duozhuyu, you should buy them anonymously. Otherwise, your peers will see that your books will imitate you and sell the same books as you. Anonymous purchase can also avoid platform detection.

Fifth, Precautions for shelf installation

1. Put on shelf toAfter the store, the book list should be updated regularly, and more books should be put on and off the shelves. Don’t keep several books on the shelf all the time, so it is difficult to order.

2. Make sure to photograph the books clearly. If there are traces such as lines on the books, explain them when they are put on the shelves to avoid disputes later.

3. The books that can’t be sold can be sold at a discount and a fair priceIf you can’t, you can resell it to Duozhuyu. The price depends on the platform detection. Sometimes, luckily, this book becomes out of print, but the price is much higher than when you bought it.

Sixth, after sales issues

The return postage is paid by the buyer himself. If the book has no problem, the buyer has the right to reject the return. It is not supported to return the book for seven days without reason. IfUsers can negotiate on the platform if they are unreasonable. The script is as follows: 9 new books will be sent to users. If users do not protect them, they will become 8 new or lower. Who will be responsible for the loss. These are only for buyers with bad attitude. If they have a good attitude and want to return for personal reasons, they can still return.

In terms of logistics, you need to use your own and local expressStanding talk, we can generally talk about the price between 4 and 6 dollars, which means that e-commerce has long been shipping goods. If you are really unwilling, you can deposit 50 bills in advance in the express delivery, so the probability of negotiation will be high. Logistics settings will have a freight template in the background of the business, and you can fill in the template directly. Generally, the postage is set at 8-12 dollars, remember to addExcept in remote areas.

Compared with no supply, the advantage of the supply mode is that the profit is high. Because most of the books we buy from Duozhuyu are out of print at low prices, we will sell them at a much higher price, with an average price difference of at least 50%. However, we need to stock, pack and ship the out of print booksIt is necessary to find enough out of print books to supply to your shop.

Second hand book trading project idea: use information difference to earn 100+!


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