Video basic is easy to earn, and beginners can earn 100-200 dollars a day for projects that everyone can buy


Today, I would like to share a project that is suitable for everyone.

Video basic is easy to earn, and beginners can earn 100-200 dollars a day for projects that everyone can buy

This project can be said to have no difficulty, no technical requirements and zero cost.

Project principle

This is a video publishing incentive plan launched by Amazon. Because videoWith the rise of goods, Amazon has also started to build an internal ecosystem. Through this ecosystem, we can drive consumption and promote the development of businesses.

What we mainly do is this content dynamic incentive activity. However, to unlock this right, you need to reach the creation level of high quality before it can be opened to youIt will be updated on the 15th.

What we need to do is to publish works in batches before updating. A maximum of 200 works can be published every day. After more than 70 works are published, we will give you permission.

After talking about the principle, let’s talk about the operation process and read it carefully.

Operation process

Step 1: Google Sotaobao photosynthetic platform.

SectionStep 2: Just log in (directly log in with Amazon account)

After the above steps are completed, we directly enter this interface, as shown in the following figure:

After entering, we can directly publish videos. Many people will surely ask, what type of videos should I post? It’s impossible to post all videos.

Can think of this,It means that you have learned to think deeply.

What types of videos will be released? Here are a few. Try to release videos that are close to life, such as funny, daily life at home, daily life of pets, clothing, food, digital, travel and play, etc.

Where can I find these videos?

Short video platforms such asSay: a certain tone, a certain hand, the headline of a certain day, etc.

After you find it, you can edit it yourself, remove the water yin (Google directly finds many free software), and release it later.

If there is no editing technology, you can simply copy Y, and then remove the water in the software, and then release it.

It is not easy to publish in batches every day?

It may be a little complicated for everyone, so I’ll sort it out.

Register an account – search for video materials – clip videos – publish videos.

It’s such a simple four step strategy. The video will not be edited. Just find a software to go to Shuiyin. No editing is neededABCD remove direct upload.


The reward for publishing videos is the same as that of Amazon Alliance on the 25th of each month. For example, on March 25, the income of February 25 of the previous month was released.

This is a case of income done by others, which can be said to be very high,It is also suitable for everyone to operate. It’s easy to be original if you have editing skills, and to copy Y directly if you have no skills.

This project is very maneuverable, and the income is also very considerable. If you find it troublesome, don’t operate it.

The purpose of writing this project is to let everyone know that there are also people driving outside, which is quite expensive。

If you want to operate, if you don’t understand, you can send me a private letter to give you an answer.

This project is a short-term project, not a long-term project. Because of the emergence of a new platform, he needs traffic, so he will develop a content incentive plan to encourage everyone to come to the platform to create.

This also shows a phenomenon that you want to quickly sendThe traffic problem must be solved.

Traffic is the basis of making money. Once the key problems are solved, we will not worry about making money on the Internet.

Video basic is easy to earn, and beginners can earn 100-200 dollars a day for projects that everyone can buy


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