The long-term stable wool collection project can earn 200 a day even if it is copied and pasted without thinking. It is recommended that the project be a first-hand source of goods!


I don’t know what’s going on. Recently, I’ve always been dragged into a group for no reason. I wanted to click Exit to leave, but the group leader launched a red envelope without saying a word. The administrator also playedRed envelope relay, I can’t bear to leave now. Who can’t live with money?

The long-term stable wool collection project can earn 200 a day even if it is copied and pasted without thinking. It is recommended that the project be a first-hand source of goods!

After receiving it, I thought, don’t wait to see what will happen next?

After about four or five rounds of red envelope relay, the group leader started to release the task. It’s all simple operations that can bring benefitsWool collection task

What to do, take a few minutes, and how much money you can earn, are clearly written.

If we do the task, the group leaders, as the superiors of the task, can alsoIf you earn money, you can earn more than 10% for some tasks. If there are 20 people doing the work every day, you can earn more than 200%, and you can operate stably for a long time

At this time, I remembered that when I went home for the Spring Festival, I talked with a friend. She had many such groups in her hands. Every day, she sent tasks, cash withdrawal maps, and sometimesWhen we see the platform to launch new activities, we can get four or five hundred in a day if there is a big reward.

How to operate this project as a group leader?

Solve two problems:

1. Get the thread report, update the wool thread report in the group, and withdraw the drawing

2. Private domain traffic group

How to obtain the information resources?

Mixed peer circle: Join the peer QQ group and watch them releaseTake out the subordinate links and give them to your subordinate operators.

Share two project task channels:

First connected to single network

You can see many task lists, which are basically products of big companies that are popular in the market.

Take orders

This platform also often releases popular projects, many first-hand itemsIt will be published and channels can be found here.

You can also go to some platforms for doing tasks, such asHelp others, earn money with leisure and rewardEtc.

How to establish your own private domain traffic group?

The groups we want to establish are also particular, and the following categories are the main ones that can achieve high conversion rates:

largeSome people save money through such activities;

A small number of people indulge in bargain hunting;

Some people make money with such activities;

Therefore, before setting up a traffic pool, we should be prepared. Not everyone is willing to do tasks. We can only transform some people.

In addition, pay attention to finding more accurate traffic.

How to do it?

Utilize existing capitalsource: Some small partners have hundreds of friends on WeChat itself. They can directly pull them into the group, and then imitate others. If they don’t know how to send information, they can directly search [Wool] related keywords in the QQ group, see the format of others, and then imitate the release themselves.

Transposition drainage: If you haveGroup, you can add others to change groups, ask which people have groups, and then change with them.

One group can change to 10 groups, or even more groups.

If there is no group, first add two people with a group, tell them you have a group change, let them lead you into the group first, and then pull them into each other’s group, so that white wolves will be trapped empty handedTwo groups.

In other people’s groups, let them add you by giving benefits and resources, and then guide them to download resources to further retain those who want to do tasks.

Second hand goods trading platform drainage: Most Second hand goods trading platform like to be greedy for bargains. They don’t have strong purchasing power. They also want to save money and make money, such as universitiesHealth, housewife, etc. So many people are releasing tasks here:

Look at how others operate, we can also imitate the operation. As long as there is no problem with the Second hand goods trading platform account, after the release of the baby, the platform will give us recommendations. Every day, the platform will make a firm bubble online to earn the Second hand goods trading platform, sign in and polish the baby, and wait for the order.

Bean curdflow: There are many posts on Douban that want to find sidelines, and there are also many peer posts that we can imitate.

Attention required: Many platforms, such as Douban, need to keep their accounts for about a week, and they will definitely be blocked when they post such posts on the platform, as do other platforms.

Then go to the group and read the post.

Which post tempts you? Copy it directlyPaste, simply modify and publish.

One account should not post more than three posts a day.

The three will also be released at intervals.

It is better to register more accounts, comment on each other and maintain each other’s number.

You can comment on your own without interruption after publishing, because your post will be refreshed in this group only when there are new commentsGo to the home page or top, the same as the post bar.

Partners interested in douban can click on these two articles

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With the flow and the line report, what should be done every dayThe thing is to copy, paste and distribute the task continuously. After the subordinates do it, they will lie down and collect the money.

Finally, what are the long-term profitable projects?

This is a long-term profitable project. If the product is stable, the flow is stable, and the order is stable, you can make long-term profits.

Many small partners focus on finding projects. In fact, there are many projectsAny product seen on the Internet is a project, such as clothes, pants, sneakers, watches, scar removal, weight loss products, etc. Real experts never worry about projects, but only focus on traffic. As long as there is traffic, they are qualified to talk about cooperation with anyone who has projects!

The long-term stable wool collection project can earn 200 a day even if it is copied and pasted without thinking. It is recommended that the project be a first-hand source of goods!


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