Analysis: One order cost is 200, profit is 1000 , and it is a partial door project that can be operated by novices


This afternoon, when I went to the Computer City to buy a computer, I met a friend who had been a second-hand computer for seven years. Because I hadn’t seen him for a long time, I invited him to lunch. We chatted at the table and asked him how his business was?

Analysis: One order cost is 200, profit is 1000 , and it is a partial door project that can be operated by novices

Very bad! This is an answer I got. But now many people think money is goodEarning, a lot of money making information is full of lying earning, simple, passive income, these keywords will bring illusion to the public as time goes by. Take my friend’s second-hand computer business, for example, some businesses on a certain voice are in full swing, and real businesses complain bitterly.

This is the status quo. I am not advocating anything, but the changes of the timesToo fast. I thought that the Internet era was the epitome of the real industry. With the emergence of various new tools, this kind of change is faster and faster, and will be left behind accidentally. Therefore, learning is the first productive force.

I have said so much nonsense again. Let’s get down to business. Today, I will share with you a project to fight for the sunset and make huge profitsThe cost of one order is 200, and the profit is at least 1000. The project is biased and only for sharing.

First of all, let me tell you the principle, which is based on the fact that you can pay 10% for the fake goods of the sunset. Next, I will demonstrate the whole process of this project with the operating steps. Many people sell 3888 outside, and I will share itI hope some people will be cut leeks.

1. Purchase specific goods

Take the ceiling lamp of Oupu Lighting as an example. Let’s go to Pinduoduo to find the goods, which are at least 50% lower than the official price. Then check whether there is a statement in the goods and services that “one for ten” is false, and then buy the specific products because they belong to the brandThe reason can issue a certificate for consumers free of charge.

2. Receiving shooting

When we receive the goods from the merchants, we must take an unpacking video to prepare for the follow-up. [You can ask me for the standard version of unpacking video]

3. Contact the official

We can directly contact the official customer service at WeChat search brand side, or directly search onlineThe customer service hotline of the brand asked to identify the goods, 95% of which were fake.

4. Contact Pinxixi customer service

Contact the customer service of Pinxixi. You can find it by phone or get a full set of tutorials from the end of the article. Connect the labor force and report the problem. According to the service requirements, make a compensation of ten for one fake.

5. Mailing products

officialThe customer service will ask you to send the products to the official headquarters after acceptance. Generally, the products will arrive at the account within 7-15 days without threshold vouchers.

The process is over. Many people are selling this project. They are actually cutting leeks with high profits as a gimmick.

Analysis: One order cost is 200, profit is 1000 , and it is a partial door project that can be operated by novices


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