Make money in the New Year, earn 2W per month, and do sideline projects online and offline


Maybe you didn’t make much money the year before last, but it has become a thing of the past.

Make money in the New Year, earn 2W per month, and do sideline projects online and offline

At this time, you may be thinking about what to do to increase your income this year.

But for a while, it seemed that I felt a little powerless, and I felt that I had no way to start. Just like these days, people always ask what projects can make money.

In fact, on the InternetThere are still many opportunities to make money. No matter how big or small the project is, there will be people making money. Just whether it is suitable for you, and whether you try to find, do, and take that step.

A video on DY tells a story about an interview. The question of the interview is how to sell cabbage at its own priceTimes. This is very similar to an example we often hear, which is how to sell wooden combs to monks.

We don’t lack these cases in daily life. Even though we can’t sell cabbages or wooden combs, this kind of money making thinking can show you how to enlarge its own value to make money.

Share items belowIt is suitable for online and offline.

Everyone has drunk Wang Laoji and Coke and knows how much a bottle costs. But have you ever thought that someone can sell Wang Laoji and Coke several times their own price.

Look at the sales volume above. The monthly sales volume is 20000 . If you don’t say more, you can earn 2% more by a bottle of Coke$For money, such aEach game can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month$Right.

You should know how to play this project, that is, to carve words on coke cans. Of course, it is not only cola pop can, but also Wang Laoji’s, Wangzai’s milk and so on.

There are many things that can be displayed and can be used in multiple scenariosIt is a customized gift for my husband’s birthday. Although the gifts are not tens of thousands, the intentions and friendship are full. When he goes home and asks him to open the refrigerator, I believe that he will feel warm even if he works hard and tired outside.

Inscriptions on cans were first made from DY and werePeople with money eyes see that business opportunities extend to a profitable project, which can be done not only online, but also offline. It is not limited to birthday wishes, but also can be romantic between couples, blessings between friends, company activities, etc.

This project is not difficult to operate and the investment is not large. Let’s take a look at this projectWhat needs to be prepared.

1. Equipment

The equipment is just a “laser printing and engraving machine”, which is found on a treasure. The price varies from several hundred at the beginning$It’s OK, as long as you can carve words on the can.

2. Good looking pop can

In addition to cola, there are many beverage cansFind something with beautiful appearance, and the effect will be better. Of course, it can also provide users with a variety of options.

3. Finished products

With equipment and cans, one person can operate them. Of course, it would be great if automatic operation could be realized. I want to avoid tens of thousands of orders every monthHow comfortable it is to automate single transaction.

4. Express logistics

The price of express delivery is different for each express company. It depends on the situation you talk about and your weight. Find more companies to talk about, and you will find the price you want. If you have acquaintances in the express company, that would be great.

5. Sales channels

This is basically sold on the e-commerce platform of a certain treasure and many others, and DY cars can also be hung. Of course, the market of your own city can’t be ignored. It’s also good to understand the local market and make deals on WeChat.

Getting customers is a difficult step in these links, except for the short vision platformIn addition to posting works, users can also be obtained through live broadcast on DY or a treasure. You can also post advertisements in Q groups or WeChat groups. For local users, we can cooperate with some local official account.

Today’s sharing comes from life. No matter whether you do it in the end, it should be said that no matter what kind of itemsNo matter how good the game is, it doesn’t matter whether you make money or not.

Make money in the New Year, earn 2W per month, and do sideline projects online and offline


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