A practical project of basics to get things out of the ordinary. Novice earns 300 dollars a day


When it comes to brick moving, the first thing that people think of is working on the construction site. In fact, there is another kind of brick moving called sneaker brick moving, which is to make money in this market segment in a form similar to brick moving. When it comes to the football shoes market, we have to talk about the head platform of “Dewu”. Today, Zhixingke would like to share some experience of moving bricks in Dewu.

A practical project of basics to get things out of the ordinary. Novice earns 300 dollars a day

onePlatform introduction

Since 2019, young people have been speculating more and more. With the help of the Internet and capital, sneakers have derived potential investment value. In this context, a platform for getting things came into being.

From single fashion shoes to everything, from e-commerce to community e-commerce, and from DU to Dewu, its valuation is more thanUS $1 billion$The growth method library has ideas for making money. Middle aged people speculate in stocks, young people speculate in shoes, and the things they get step on the tuyere of the shoes, relying on the tiger to develop rapidly.

With the emergence of fake sneakers, it is difficult to judge whether they are real or not, which has become the biggest pain point for buyers. Hupu aims at business opportunities and launches free identification services, as one of the earliest sports forums1、 The huge user group has laid a foundation for its promotion. The APP that created the sneaker trading platform is a typical C2B2C model. After the buyer places an order, the seller sends the goods to the platform, which will be sent to the buyer after the platform is verified, and the commission and verification fee will be charged.

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2. Principle of making money

The so-called “getting things to move bricks to make money” simply means that when we engage in activities on major e-commerce platforms, we can often get sneakers that are lower than the market price. After we buy these products, we can sell them at a slightly lower price than the normal market price on the “getting things to move bricks” platform, which results in a price difference, that isThe profit of our project.

In addition to moving bricks, you can also make money by taking advantage of the unique realization form of the platform, which will be discussed later.

The sneakers on the loot are still reliable, and the loot relies on high-end footwear transactions to maintain the brand image, and on low-end footwear transactions to earn huge profits.

3. Operating instructions

As an ordinary person, how to takeHow about getting on this bus? We need to understand the four realization channels of the platform:

① Grass planting reward

This income is average. It can be about 500-1200 a month. Decide whether to do this according to your own situation$

② Video rewards

This one$It is the main source of income of the project. It is recommended to focus on the following aspects:It can be operated according to the requirements of the platform.

③ Receive advertisements

The acquisition platform is used to subdivide fields, so it has strong verticality. At this time, there is a demand for advertising, and there are still many advertising businesses, basically helping to send a video advertisement with a revenue of 1000$About, according to the flow calculation, some even higher。

④ Product realization

Moving bricks and reselling is also a good way to realize money. You can focus on AA operations.

Specific operation process:

For example, we found a good sneaker product on JD. We found the product number on JD and entered the product details page to compare prices and sell. The first is deposit (direct lightning)The suggestion is to apply for the deposit of the money that can be deposited. This way, the handling fee is low, and it is also convenient to deposit. This is what we often call direct delivery.

After buying the goods, you can apply for a storage space. If the storage space is tight, it is recommended to apply in advance. If the goods arrive normally, you can apply.

Well, today’s project is disassembled toThis ends

A practical project of basics to get things out of the ordinary. Novice earns 300 dollars a day


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