Short link generation and promotion of unexpected projects can also realize passive benefits


Today I will give you an absolutely unexpected project, which is suitable for inexperienced networksNoviceZoom in operation.

Short link generation and promotion of unexpected projects can also realize passive benefits

Here’s the thing. A few days ago, I wanted to find several platforms to convert short links. The main reason was that the tail of the links I wanted to push was too long, for fear of affecting the user experience.

Therefore, in the process of searching for a short link generation platform, I accidentally found aA business intelligence that can make money.

I took a moment to study it and decided to release the information of this project.

1、 Short link generation principle

Before explaining this platform, let’s take a look at the following figure.

This is called short link generation project.

Briefly speaking, the game of this project follows three stepsWe can get the benefits.

Step 1: Create a website (easy to remember, good for publicity)

Step 2: Share the short address to others (for platforms with traffic, various groups can forward it)

Step 3: Short links are accessed by others to generate benefits. (150$/10,000 clicks)

I believe you haveI felt a little doorway.

I also want to share the specific platform directly – just a short time.

Search through Google“Just a short time”This keyword, and then find the first website.

How do I know this project can make money? The reason is that it has been tested in practice.

It is not difficult to test, as long as you have a group, whether it is WeChat group or QQGroups can be used as forwarding channels.

With good copywriting, some people will definitely click on this short link, so there will be benefits.

You don’t need to click in and place an order to generate revenue, just like selling goods. This saves the conversion operation.

The following figure shows the benefits generated after my testNext.

Maybe after you see it, you will think it is too little!

I want to explain that when you hold hundreds or thousands of groups, you know what it is.

2、 Details of benefits generated by short links

Now let’s talk about the short link generation project. How is the revenue calculated?

Many people are confused by the revenue billing method provided by the platform。

I will explain it clearly here.

It mainly involves several technical terms,That is, jump, direct display, star rate.

(1) Jump

The user clicks the jump page to display an advertising page, which needs to stay for 5 seconds before entering the target page. This click behavior is called jump mode.

(2) Direct display

Direct click inOn the target page, some advertisements are displayed. This click behavior is called direct display mode.

(3) Star rate

The star level can be understood as a level. At the beginning, it is 1 star. The change is based on the total income of the previous day. The level will be changed at 0 o’clock every day.

This settlement method is mainly reflected in that one IP can be clicked three times a day,Each time the revenue will be halved.

Therefore, it is meaningless to repeatedly click the same IP address. Real traffic is required. Of course, you can also try using the side door method. Don’t say I taught you to cheat clicking.

3、 Short link generation project operation process

1. Create a short address first

Click the second navigation page to enter, and it is time to create a short URL。

2. Fill in the short link information

The original address is the long link to be pushed for conversion.

A title is a title that is pushed synchronously with a link.

Content classification can be ignored or randomly selected.

When it comes to the income model, there are two types.

They are direct display mode and click jump mode.

These 2 modulesI have explained the difference of the formula above. If you don’t understand it, you can go back and read it again.

That is, do not choose the “non profit model”. When you choose to generate it by mistake, it will not generate any income if you promote it.

The content description is the promotion copy. I will teach you how to write the following operations.

3. Complete the creation of short links

TrueAfter recognition, the following page will pop up.

According to different promotion channels, copy the corresponding short link to start the operation.

4. Promotion skills

Give us some ideas to trigger traffic.

(1) Dry goods sharing

No one will refuse to read valuable content, but they will be very urgent to order it. What they want is this effect.

The idea is to combine the online disk operation, put the data into the online disk, and then add some industry groups.

In combination with people in different industries, find information with high demand for sharing within the group.

When you share, you win the recognition of your friends and make money silently at the same time.

Similar operations follow this modethat ‘s ok.

This is a promotion without a routine. In principle, it is not an advertisement, but a tutorial that others need. Therefore, there is no possibility to dislike or kick the crowd.

(2) Mixed into the black circle

The black circle doesn’t understand. What I define is to be a communication group in the hacker industry.

What’s the use of adding such groups?

I’ve added many such groups, many of themThe topic of discussion is how to blackmail XX station.

Or someone sends a website and asks the Great Hacker to help pay for it. From this behavior, we can also make hooks.

For example:Help the gods. This website is xxxxx. If I pay 100000 dollars, who can help me kill it!

When you do this, the hackers inside are bigWhen Niu sees 10W, he can’t help going to see what website it is.

After this step, it is the source of income.

This kind of play method is to compare the dog’s blood, but it can attract a large number of people, so as to achieve a good income.

(2) Other playing methods

You can also use some software, make some clicks.

Many people are playing this way in the market. Although I don’t advocate it, I still do not advocate it.

Final summary:

Everything can be realized, and sometimes the tuyere project may not be your opportunity.

On the contrary, it is a small, inconspicuous project that many people don’t like, and is picked up by some people in the commodity industry as a chance to make money.

thisThree short link playing methods can also be done together with the online disk, which was mentioned in the project written in the previous article.

Short link generation and promotion of unexpected projects can also realize passive benefits


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