Detailed tutorial of virtual resource project of social networking site, a good project with no loss


Why do you choose to do a project? To put it bluntly, it is to earn rice!!! Everyone should have heard of this project. The virtual resource project, to put it bluntly, is to sell information. When others give us money, we deliver goods through online disks. Then combined with the sales information, it becomes a project. Recently, I am very popular in the circle. I’ll see you anywayMany friends from the same industry have been engaged in training. As for whether this project can make money, the answer is very positive.

Detailed tutorial of virtual resource project of social networking site, a good project with no loss

For example, the test materials you sell areSocial networking sitesTest items; If you are selling teacher information, that isSocial networking sitesTeaching project; If you sell the postgraduate entrance examination materialsSocial networking sitesPostgraduate examination project. Anyway, find itA product that others need, and then sell it.

How to find the product?

First, you can refer to your peers. You can sell whatever others sell. After all, they have been doing this for so long, and the profits must be good. So if you have products to sell, you need to find resources. Where can we find them?

Here I recommend you to find a keywordSearch through WeChat, because many dealers are laying out keywords. If you find one, you can get 99$Or 199$To get all the information.

What is the flow rate?

After all these are done, the traffic needs to be done next. How to do this is the focus of the project.

To sum up, there are twoThe first is self drainage, and the second is interception.

First, let’s talk about river closure. After all, we don’t need to create by ourselves. Interception is nothing more than intercepting peer traffic. The method is very simple. You can send messages to friends who want information in the comments area. In fact, I mentioned this interception in the Tik Tok projectMethod, but it just changes the platform.

I said too much and probably didn’t understand. Just a screenshot.

Let me explain to you that KW is a real blogger, and his friends are engaged in interception “watching the home page together”. Since the platform is prohibited from being diverted to other platforms, everyone shows his or her talents in this respect.

How to add it when others see our homepageWe?

It is very intuitive to see the figure below.

Look at the left friend’s message and put the contact information directly on the picture. Have you learned? Of course, there are other ways. You can find many bloggers below. What we do is imitate.

Next, let’s talk about how to rely on content drainage.

Because everyone’s level is different, ifIf you can write an excellent article on grass planting, you’d better write it yourself. If there is no ink in your belly, carry it. How do you do it?

First, we download pictures, and then use QQ’s own image extraction function to extract the text. Then copy the text into this tool, and you can regenerate a new one. mostThen you can redraw the map with mobile software and upload it. Of course, if you are high level, you can also make text into video, but remember to handle it well, otherwise you may be reported.

The operation is simple, but you need to master some skills in making pictures or videos. Otherwise, the picture you made is ugly and nobody can see it. It’s better not toDo.

Detailed tutorial of virtual resource project of social networking site, a good project with no loss


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