Market segment profit making project: how to realize fear stories, come to understand


Projects on the Internet are changing with each passing day,

Market segment profit making project: how to realize fear stories, come to understand

Good projects must be adhered to,

Only by sticking to one thing, can we have the possibility of harvest.

This is also known as a dogged project,

Will the project be successful?

Of course not,

But it will greatly improve the probability of success!

Today, I would like to introduce a market segmentProject:

Fear story realization project,

How to operate? Let’s find out.

If you want to know whether a project is good or not, just look at the search volume with keywords, as shown in the following figure:

It can be seen that many people are interested in horror ghost stories.

Project prospect

Why do many friends like to watch scary ghost stories? becauseThis kind of story is very exciting. Many people are more scared and more scared and want to see it. They feel very happy. If they like it, they can make corresponding content to meet their needs.

Project operation process

1. If you can’t build a website, go to Amazon to find someone to operate it$The money will be settled。

2. Find material

(1) Tianya

You can directly search for ghost stories in Tianya. The original author of “Ghost Blows the Lamp”, Tianba Sing, updated the stories on Tianya. The stories on Tianya are very rich in content.

(2) We media platforms

For example, there are many materials in Quora, such as ghost story topics and supernatural thingsA topic and so on.

(3) Audio

The major audio platforms are also good sources of materials, among which the most famous one is “Zhang Zhen tells ghost stories”. The 368 million broadcast volume is used by people to drain, which is simply too hot.

Content Creation

In fact, the ghost stories are all similar. The key is to write something that people are afraid of and want to seeArticle, common methods:

(1) Learn from stories on other platforms and then adapt them.

(2) Reading the old magazine 20 years ago, the ghost stories can be carried directly.

Project realization

In the early stage, you can build your own website to update stories. If you don’t know how to build a website, you can go to Amazon to find someone to do it$Just money。

Analyze the long tail keywords of scary ghost stories, so that traffic can be made in a short time. We must insist on daily watch. It is better to experience more than three days a day. In the later stage, the website will attract accurate users by making online profits.

When there are precise users, they will start to guide the official account to conduct diversion and transformation, and realize realization:

1. Advertising Alliance

When the website has stable traffic, you can apply for an advertising alliance. one hundred$About income.

Although the commission of advertising alliance has decreased a lot in recent years, there is no need for active promotion, and the income is passive, which is still very good.

2. Official account

The realization method of official account is mainly flowThe quantity owner can also receive orders, as well as some reasoning and horror book advertisements. The conversion rate should be fairly good.

3. Knowledge planet

If a reader wants to see more chapters, he can design a process to let him see part of the content first, and then put the other part of the content in the knowledge planet, so as to form a complete closed loop, the price of the planet, do not set too high, 10$Money can attract people into the circle.


This is a project that needs to be executed. Skilled players can take a professional route: writing books, producing audio, and cashing in through royalties and copyrights. If it’s just a wild road, then build a website, conduct multi-channel drainage, and thenBall cashing is also a good way to play, and interested friends can seriously study it.

That’s all for this article

Market segment profit making project: how to realize fear stories, come to understand


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