Alipay Sesame Granules, a novice zero threshold long-term sideline, can be scaled up


Any project or sideline on the Internet is to solve people’s needs, satisfy people’s desires, and directly hit the pain point to get a certain income

Alipay Sesame Granules, a novice zero threshold long-term sideline, can be scaled up

Just today, a friend asked me if I had sesame seeds. I knew what he was going to do when I first came to ask him. I knew he must repair his credit

Because of the flowers and borrowings in AlipayThere are still a lot of people using it. Inevitably, many people have overdue behaviors for various reasons. As we all know, Huabei and Borrowing Baibei may be subject to credit investigation in the end when they are overdue. However, the overdue records can be repaired through the “sesame seed” in sesame credit, so the sesame seed market is still quite goodLarge

If there are many people using it, there will inevitably be many people overdue for various reasons. Then there will be a market for making money

Here is a picture of me in a treasure section

The monthly sales of 30000 units ranked first, and the monthly sales of 20000 units ranked second

Unit price 1$One. It usually takes 3 to repair one overdue record0, equivalent to 30 for each overdue record repair$Money, but this sesame seed can be obtained at zero cost

This store sells 30000 orders a month, and the profit is terrible. Although this sesame seed can be obtained for free, many people do not know about it, which leads to poor informationNow, information gap is also the best way to make money

So many people are selling this free sesame seed course, and this course is cost free, even the time cost is unnecessary

The following is also a picture I took in a treasure section. You can record a tutorial and sell it directly. You can directly setSet the store to automatically deliver goods without labor cost

The following figure shows some simple ways to obtain sesame seeds. There are still many channels to obtain sesame seeds. I won’t say much about it here. Here we mainly talk about how to make money with sesame seeds

The price of sesame seeds is generally at 2-2.5$Between, every day every monthMore than 15 sesame seeds can be sold. It is unrealistic to rely on our own account to make a lot of money

Two ways to make money:

1. Sell your sesame seeds to the owner of a certain treasure, Pdd, and leisure fish shop. The general recovery price is 1$1 capsule

Each Alipay account can sell a total of 3 per monthTimes, at most 5 sesame seeds can be boosted each time

2. Own a treasure shop and a leisure fish shop, selling sesame seeds

Although each date can only sell 15 sesame seeds per month, this is not a problem. Because sesame seeds have no great effect on many people, it is a better choice to sell them for cashYes, there are many people who want to sell sesame seeds, but they don’t have their own channels, so they have to sell them to the shopkeepers of a Baoxianyu store

Only 15 per month$Although the money seems to be very small, it is still enough for some student parties to have two meals early and middle, and there are not a few sellers. If someone wants to sell sesame seeds to you, you shouldGet him into a group, and then call them when there are orders

For those who are overdue, they can’t go to people one by one to buy sesame seeds. Their choice is to make more money and buy more at a treasure and leisure fish online. If you open a shop and rank it, weAs an intermediary, if someone wants to buy sesame seeds, we can just shout some in our own group

Like the shop ranking first in a treasure, the monthly sales volume is 30000 , the total flow is 60000, and 30000 sesame seeds are deducted$, net income of 30000 dollars$

What project can earn 30000 dollars per month$What about?

Of course, we don’t want so much,It’s enough for many people to earn only 7500 a month

No matter what project you do, you need to work hard for a long time. No one can achieve success at will, and no effort will be wasted. After long-term work, the harvest is ultimately yours

Alipay Sesame Granules, a novice zero threshold long-term sideline, can be scaled up


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