It is easy to share three zero cost entrepreneurship projects and make tens of thousands of dollars a month if you do well


Share three projects that can start businesses at zero cost, and make tens of thousands a month$It’s easy. Please read it carefully, because it may change your life…

It is easy to share three zero cost entrepreneurship projects and make tens of thousands of dollars a month if you do well

The first way: to make headlines today, we media can earn 1000 a day by starting businesses at home+

Do you know that you can make money only by sending videos? No fansDon’t shoot, don’t edit, don’t write, and can make money by making short video We Media, do you know? We often like to brush Tiktok videos when we are free, but you may not know that you are actually making money for others when you brush videos. When we play Tiktok, we just need to join the Tiktok video programSo the videos we release will be profitable as long as they are played. Today’s Toutiao, Watermelon Video and Tiktok are three platforms of Washington ByteDance Company. As long as we create and publish articles or videos on today’s Toutiao, the platform will settle the revenue for us according to the number of plays, generally 20 to 200 for 10000 plays$Unequal income rewards. Here is my headline account for more than four months. The total income is 86000 dollars, and now the daily income is more than 1000 dollars!

Today, Toutiao has 600 million daily active users. In order to continuously push mass accurate content to these 600 million users, the platform needs to produce a large amount of content every day。 In order to encourage the authors under the platform to produce more high-quality content, the platform will give corresponding advertising revenue share to the authors according to the amount of reading or playing. You don’t need to have fans, 0 fans can start to create profits, and you can get a lot of reading or video playback by doing well in contentHow to do it?

First, we need to register a headline account today, and then do a good job of real name identity authentication of the account, and then enter the creation center. We can create by sending articles and videos. If you have certain writing ability, you can write articles. You can also use the electricity we usually watchThe video is recorded on the mobile phone, and then simply edited again to be published on today’s headline platform to earn playback revenue. If we can’t write, shoot or edit videos, we can go to the whole network to download various types of popular videos, and then use software to automatically edit videosAutomatic dubbing, automatic generation of subtitles, and one key batch synthesis of 800 original videos. Then the generated original videos will be released to today’s headlines and watermelon videos in batches. The videos released on the same day will have a playback volume, and the next day you can see the benefits on the platform

Because all the videos we download are popular on the whole networkAnd then add the software’s automatic editing, dubbing commentary and subtitles to become our own original works and then release them again, so there is a great probability that they will become popular again. Generally, the platform will give us 20-50 of the 10000 broadcast volume$As long as you publish your works, the headline will push your published content toFor interested users, we only need to publish works every day. If a new account is good, the daily income of a single account can reach 100% in seven days. It is not difficult to keep doing this for a few months. After doing this, you can also do multiple accounts, for example, one account earns 1000+a day500. The ten accounts will earn 5000 on the same day.

The second is to help the live broadcast platform to promote and earn points (if done well, the monthly income will be 100000 dollars)

This method I want to talk about does not require you to be a host, but also can achieve a monthly income of 100,000. It is guaranteed to be an unexpected method, subverting your traditional perception!

sinceSince ancient times, the industry of making huge profits has always centered on four areas: women love beauty, men are lustful, children should be smart, and the elderly should be healthy. Don’t the major online celebrity anchors earn tens of thousands of dollars a day on the money given by men as gifts? We also often see the news that someone has given an anchor a gift of xx million dollars,You can imagine how much money Red Net anchors make. If we are not handsome or beautiful enough to be anchors and have no financial strength to open a media company, how can we make 100000 dollars in the middle of the month?

The way is to cooperate with the live broadcast platform. We will help the live broadcast platform to promote. For example, after you cooperate with the platform, you can help PingTela new user registered. Today, this newly registered user swiped gifts and recharged 10000 when watching the live broadcast of the anchor on the platform$, the platform will give you 4000$Or five thousand$Share of. The following is the profit sharing we got from the cooperation with a live broadcast platform in March this year,The total commission for platform settlement is 340000 dollars

First, we need to find a live broadcast platform with this form of cooperation, and the platform must have formal official certification data, and the cooperation commission should be settled on a daily basis, so that we can work on this project in a long-term and stable way. The platform cannot be as flat as TiktokTaiwan, because you can’t get this cooperation channel on the big platform, even if you get it, you can’t promote it, because the market is full. There are still a few people in China who haven’t registered Tiktok, right? You don’t need to promote it. The platform can’t be too small or you haven’t heard of it before. This kind of fear will not last long. So we’re looking for thatA medium platform with a little strength, or a platform that has just been opened to make money online, such as Zanthoxylum bungeanum live broadcast. It’s easy to find this. When we search the live broadcast software in the application store, we can find many live broadcast platforms, and then find cooperation links on the live broadcast platform softwareIf you can’t find it, you can also contact me at the end of the article to recommend it to you.

Second, after we get the cooperation channel, we can help the platform to promote and promote new products. The promotion method should be very easy in today’s Internet era. I won’t tell you the specific method. If you want to learn, you can contact meNiu’s promotion methods and live broadcast platform will be shared with you. It is normal for many friends who have learned from us to earn tens of thousands a month.

The third method: selling second-hand goods in Second hand goods trading platform

It can be said that this project has almost no threshold and is suitable for anyone to operate. You can work as a sideline after workIt is still very easy to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. If you do well, you can also achieve more than 10000 dollars a month through full-time multi account operation, and achieve home light asset entrepreneurship. I believe you are familiar with salted fish APP and transfer APP. A second-hand trading platform with hundreds of millions of active users in the month of salted fishThere are a large number of users shopping for second-hand goods in Tiandu. If there is business, there is business opportunity. How can we make money by selling second-hand goods?

You may ask that you don’t have so many idle second-hand goods to sell. It doesn’t matter. If we want to sell second-hand mobile phones, we can go to Pinduoduo or a treasure searchFind second-hand mobile phones, and then we can find and save the pictures taken by others in the image evaluation below the product link. Then we can use these pictures to publish them to Zhuanzhuan and Salted Fish, two second-hand trading platforms, for sale. When a buyer places an order with us, we copy the buyer’s receiving address, and then go to us to findThe product link in the picture can be used to place an order and directly deliver the goods to the buyer’s receiving address, so we can earn the price difference in the middle.

Of course, if you want to do a good job in the project of salted fish, the most important thing is how to choose products and find low-cost second-hand sources. The sale of second-hand mobile phones I just mentioned is just an example. becauseThere are many people selling second-hand mobile phones on the second-hand trading platform. A novice may not be able to do it quickly. At first, it is better to do some cool blue ocean categories, so that it is easier to start.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. The three projects I shared are suitable for zero cost or low-cost implementationFor those who start businesses with light assets, if you find it useful and helpful, you should take action immediately. The key factor for the success of individual entrepreneurship is not the project itself, but the execution. If a good project gets ahead of you and you don’t take action, it’s useless. Successful entrepreneurs often find a good oneStart a business project, and then implement it ruthlessly. If you have a heart that will fight to the end and a belief that you will never return the property, there will be no bad project.

It is easy to share three zero cost entrepreneurship projects and make tens of thousands of dollars a month if you do well


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