No drainage, no brain operation, 10000 sideline projects per month


There are three important reasons why it is difficult to make money: 1. Insufficient information; 2. Poor integration ability; 3. Lack of execution

No drainage, no brain operation, 10000 sideline projects per month

Today, I pretend to be starting a business and share with you a way to make money without any drainage.

I believe that people often buy things online. When you buy something, your money will be spent. And some people make money when they buy things。

A few days ago, some friends came to our company to make tea. One of them is engaged in e-commerce. People really have a way to make money.

Briefly introduce the following steps:

1. Go to major e-commerce platforms to find low-cost goods that can be ordered. The lower the price, the better. Because the lower the price, the greater the profit margin.

As shown in the figure below, a treasureDuoduo, search a lot.

Contact the merchant directly to see which express is sent, and write down the merchant and the corresponding delivery company.

Many people don’t understand this step. Don’t worry. Let’s continue.

2. Take the type of express you have collected and find the corresponding express warehouse (not the express station) offlinePerson in charge or courier.

Then he said to him: Hello, boss, follow the delivery of cigarettes, buy better cigarettes and package yourself.

“I came here today to discuss something with you.”

Stop and wait for the other party to respond. The other party will basically ask something, and then tell the other party that they have a lot of small goods hereThe quantity is very large. There are thousands of orders every day, and they need to be sent.

Then he directly asked him how much the rebate was. Our margin is 80 cents, which should be different in each region.

Don’t beat about the bush and ask directly.

Generally speaking, we talk with him about 7 of us and 1 of him. The reason is that there are many people sending the mail to me, andEach commodity has a cost, which is about 5-6 cents.

Or you can show him a product with a price of more than 60 cents. You can see that such a product costs more than 60 cents. I need a few cents to earn 10 cents.

Almost 99% of them will agree. Don’t be so sure, because every express delivery of my friendI’ve talked about everything, everything is OK.

According to the above general script mode, you can finish all the express delivery types recorded in your notebook in 2 days.

3. Open the profit-making mode

a. It would be better to place an order for goods that are lower than your own points, use multiple numbers, and use all of your friends and relatives, or get some numbers in batches.

Don’t use software to place orders. It is safer to operate manually. Because this is a normal transaction, not an illegal operation.

b. Adopt the mode of recycling low price goods, calculate the share ratio by yourself, and recycle the whole network. How do you do it? For example, go to a fish second-hand trading platform to search for recycling and see how others operate.

c. TrainingTraining fees. As long as a project is successful, it can be taken in immediately.

They set their own prices and charge fees. If others don’t want to talk to the express warehouse or the courier, you can ask him to deliver the goods to you. If you pay for the recovery, he just needs to place an order.

For points b and c above, it is recommended to decide how many bills to recycle, such as 100Single settlement.

Of course, there are two details. First of all, there is advance payment in this way, because the express rebate is settled on the last day at the end of the month.

If you operate, you will have advance money.

But simply using the recycling and training model does not exist.

The whole process was first completed by myselfYes, in the process of massive copying, we also need to close the relationship between express rebates. After all, we need to work together to make money.

Does anyone here have questions?

Although we make money, those goods will be wasted if we put them away?

This is combined with the most popular games at the moment, and blind boxes are set up$Or 2$Feel free to smoke.

Other people’s way is OKThe essence is that I don’t earn product price difference, but I earn postage. It’s a diversion.

Later, I carefully thought about this set of money making logic. It was a little like being an Second hand goods trading platform when I graduated, but I had forgotten it for too many years.

More than 1000 words have been typed by hand, but they are all our loyal fans. Here we will give youMore cases:

I have also talked about how to make free fish before.

A few years ago, I sold intelligent robots, which sold very well. At least 3 to 10 orders a day. 50 to 200 profit per order.

Robots are mainly my profit products.

Then I also make some drainage products, such as some household practical daily necessitiesIt could have been two or three$, better may be 5 to 6$

Then on the merchant platform, I will 0$Free, or set one$Money.

0$What’s more, there is a point exchange on the platform. Here comes the point, which is equivalent to that the customer can buy something for free, but for something for free, you can get a postage.

I willGeneral quotation 10$The distance is 15.

We usually remember a lot. We can talk about the price with the express station, at least 2-3$

An acquaintance happens to be the express station, so I ask him to send it$

So 10-3-2=5. (Cost of goods 3$, postage cost 2$

In this way, you can earn 5$Yes, the customer is happy to get free goods, and doesn’t have to worry about returning them.

Because you don’t want to pay for your goods, if you return them, the customer will have to pay the postage, and he won’t be worth it.

It’s easy to earn 500 to 1000 dollars a day after 100 or 200 dollars a day.

All right, that’s it

No drainage, no brain operation, 10000 sideline projects per month


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