Sharing of old projects that make money: in leisure time, we can accurately channel and distribute lychee micro courses, and easily earn 3000 dollars a month



Sharing of old projects that make money: in leisure time, we can accurately channel and distribute lychee micro courses, and easily earn 3000 dollars a month

Here’s a piece of advice:

Do not follow the wind outlet when doing projects!

There are tuyere projects every year, but people’s energy is limited,

You can’t chase every air outlet,

Otherwise, you will lose all your money!!!

When doing a project, you must resist the temptation:

Only do what you are interested in;

Only do what you can understand;

Just be yourselfIt’s within my power!

As long as we can keep the above three bottom lines,

You will certainly avoid many detours!

Instead of chasing after everything, concentrate on subtraction,

Focus on what you do best,

If you persist for one year, you will find more!!!

Today, I’d like to introduce an old project:

Litchi Microclass DistributionCourses,

As long as you stick to the operation, you can earn as much money!!!

Litchi micro courses are a very stable platform, on which you can also earn profits. Of course, litchi micro courses are not just a way to make money. Today, I will tell you how to operate litchi micro courses in detail.

1. Start a course

It can be opened in lychee micro classFor courses, there are two ways to start the course:Live broadcast and recording broadcast,If it is a live class, the system will let you chooseClass time,Of course, the rest time of most people should be chosen, or the rest time of the target group should be determined according to the course content.

If it is recorded and broadcast, it will be distributedVideo recording and audio recording,thisIn either case, you should choose“Pay”This option, so that others can listen to your course, will have benefits.

2. Distribution courses

On lychee micro class, if you feel good after listening to the class, you can share the class with others. If someone buys the class through the link you sharedCheng, you will get a good margin! At present, a friend of mine is doing this. The income is really delicious, as shown below:

This project has zero investment and zero cost. It only needs a simple action, and it has a good income. It is especially suitable for office clusters, student party and housewife. There are many channels to share. WeChat, WeChat friends circle, QQ, microblog, etc.

The litchi micro class platform is also very considerate. It can automatically generate invitation cards. As long as you share the invitation cards or links, you can make money anytime and anywhere.

Distribution Skills

Of course, it is not necessary to let others buy courses from your sharingIt’s an easy thing, so how can we avoid arousing people’s dislike?

Never brush the screen, never brush the screen, never brush the screen!!!

The most important thing is to say it three times. Screen brushing is the most undesirable way. The final outcome is to be blacklisted!

We should do this:

1. Made fromPersonal image

In the daily sharing dynamics, we should erect our own image of love for learning, love for life, and vitality. We should have nothing to do with the books we read, what we learned, how the effect is, and what sports we have done recently, so as to create a positive image and pave the way for future sharing.

2. Elaborate promotion language

bestDon’t copy the system’s promotion language, because others won’t pay for your sudden sharing. We must let others know the value of this course. We should write the promotion language directly to the heart, so that learning this course is urgent and urgent. Let others feel that they can solve their own difficulties if they buy the course to learn。

In addition, the promotion language must be concise. Never make a long speech. No one will have patience to read it, so don’t exaggerate it or make false propaganda. This will lose the trust of others. You want to share the course with a helping heart, so that it will be more warm.

3. Multi channel sharing

Don’t limit to WeChat and WeChatIn fact, social platforms such as Bo and QQ can also establish their own distribution channels on other We Media platforms, such as Headlines. Of course, you can’t directly promote them on the Headlines. For example, if you want to promote a weight loss course, you can write an article on the Headlines about weight loss. Through a weight loss course, I will focus onThere are many articles of this kind on the Internet. You can copy them directly, and then add distribution links to the comments.

Of course, all distribution methods will not be effective in a short time. It will take a period of time to operate. As long as you have the executive power and stick to it, you will definitely get something!


Now it’s aIn the era of knowledge payment, this project has zero cost, zero threshold, and low trial and error cost. As long as you are willing to spend some time and energy in the early stage, you can make money in the later stage. Don’t always think about making fast money. Only by laying a solid foundation can you have a stable and long-term income. Those who are interested in it can go quicklyMove!

That’s all for this article

Sharing of old projects that make money: in leisure time, we can accurately channel and distribute lychee micro courses, and easily earn 3000 dollars a month


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