The emoticon package project of the unpopular moneymaking project is in great demand and makes a lot of money!


At the end of the year, we have to spend more money. Only making money can cure everything. Many people begin to plan to do something next year to increase their income, but they have no place to start. Do you feel this way?

The emoticon package project of the unpopular moneymaking project is in great demand and makes a lot of money!

In fact, there are many opportunities to make money on the Internet. There are people digging for gold everywhere. Don’t look too big, look too small.

Bring a pair of money eyes:Be good at reverse thinking, avoid some hot industries, some obscure small projects, and many people are making a fortune silently. As long as you find out with your heart and find projects you are interested in, you can make money.

Today, I shared an unexpected small project, the facial expression package project. Although it is small, the demand is big and the money is very good.

We are chattingWhen we see the facial expression packets sent by others, we habitually want to save some beautiful facial expression packets. It is just such a requirement that someone has developed it into a project. In fact, this project has existed for a long time. The longer the project is, the more verified it is in the market, without doubt.

Why do I take it out todayYes, with the help of Tiktok and other short videos, this emoticon package project can actually be done very well, and it is simple and rude to make money online, without too much foundation. Tiktok searches for the keyword: emoticon package, a lot of them, all in daily life, making money all the time. In fact, you can also do what they do: take Tiktok as an example:

Next IWe talk about the project directly.

Project principle disassembly:

Through Tiktok, we released various interesting facial expression videos to attract customers to increase their popularity, and then diverted the public domain traffic to the private domain to clinch deals. Those who play hard can earn thousands a day, which is quite exaggerated. The following numbers are examples:

1、 Specific operation:

1. Account Registration

This is verySimple, follow the process, no need to say more. If there are old accounts and others have been issued, it is recommended to use a new number. The reason is to do vertical content. Second, the new number has traffic support.

If the mobile phone number is not enough, you can register again after 7 days. The new number has traffic support. At the beginning, raise the number as normalJust keep it for a few days.

Tiktok nickname:It should be easy to remember, with the keyword “expression pack”. Fans can see it at a glance. This is the sharing of expression packs.

Profile:It can not be written directly and will limit the flow of WeChat. They all use homophones, and fans like “Wei”, “V”, “Wei Xin”, “Princess”, “Zong Hao” can watchI understand. Needless to say, look at the picture. This is a real case:

Learn from the design of peers and operate it yourself. The homepage design of this number above is very good.

2. Production content:

The content of this kind of emoticon is generally the following two types:

Chat form: voice chat screenshot facial expression pack hotspot popular music

Second: The emoticon bag and the fight picture are combined with the live voice to make a joke.

3. Source of materials:

1. Pinduoduo, Amazon
2. On Weibo, search for expression packs
3. Peer purchase, direct use
4. Made by yourself (Google Search: Love FightsYou can use it directly.

2、 Attention details:

1. The expression pack is updated quickly, so we should follow the hot spots and hot topics to make the expression pack. The popular stems are integrated into the video. Like the Qixi Frog before, it is a powerful expression pack, which benefits a large wave of people to get rich.

2. The content should be specific and verticalStraight, don’t send others to confuse, let the platform be labeled, and can be recommended to accurate user groups. And fans also know that you are professional, which is easier to transform and pay attention to.

3. Insist on collecting every day, and gradually form your own style in the later stage. It is better to make a series.

That’s about it. Operationally, for this type ofTiktok is enough to imitate its peers. At first, it doesn’t need to pay much attention to its operation. It is just that it can be used many times. If one of them explodes, other works will also become popular.

3、 Realization method:

1. Sales number realization

Send videos, lead to WeChat, guide the attention of official account to get facial expression bag, and sell official account to cash in after its popularity increases. On A5It can be transacted and is officially transacted.

Although the facial expression pack is pink, a fan can also be worth nearly 1$It is still considerable. 30000 fans can sell for about 3w. This kind of fans is relatively attractive. Customers need to pay attention to get pictures, so the number of fans increases rapidly.

2. Accept apprentices and teach them to make money. Set a score in the early stage$A hundred is fine, it’s easy to receive, and you can increase the price later.

3. After being channeled to the official account, the “traffic owner” of the internal advertisement of the article can gain income.

4. Can receive Tiktok applet ads. (If there is a commission, it will be calculated according to the exposure.)

That’s about it. If you feel like doing it later, you canMake a series, make a small IP, do not consider these in the early stage.

4、 Thought extension:

One logic of Internet projects must be clarified, that is, the whole profit making system should be well thought out, from products, drainage to cash flow.

Why do some people have more than one hundred and two hundred thousand fans of Tiktok, but they don’t earn anythingHowever, some people earn tens of thousands of dollars per month for hundreds of basic traffic per video. The difference is in the establishment of the moneymaking system.

I just want to divert water, but I don’t want to convert it well. The flow is wasted, and what I earn is hard money.

At the beginning, think about conversion and realization, which can make every effort effective. The faster you realize, the moreEasy to operate successfully, from simple to complex, and fast iteration.

Therefore, the whole process of this small project is successful. As long as there is chat, there is always a market demand for facial expression packs. Whether you can make money depends on whether you want to do it or not, and also on your execution.

The emoticon package project of the unpopular moneymaking project is in great demand and makes a lot of money!


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